Empresa Venezolana Management And Competitiveness

Venezuela faces serious problems with respect to the operation of their enterprises, especially SMEs. This is an aspect that must be taken very seriously by the current government of President Hugo Chavez, if you really want to revive their economy and cause businesses a more proactive participation in foreign markets, but now that has given way to a new trade liberalization, with new alliances, agreements, has launched the new Foreign Trade Policy that seeks more participation, rapport in markets that benefit the country. The postgraduate program of product quality management and productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo, considers it very important that future specialists have the knowledge, tools, ensure that their contributions will be beneficial towards the operationalization of companies and that it also consolidated in passing new performances, functions that allow the human resources that form the company and give way to plans, actions, activities ensure competition by offering products, services according to needs, demands that the consumer requested pursuant to the requirements of international quality standards and productivity. We have already, deep in the XXI century is showing signs that proactive marketing, where increasingly apparent Globalization presents many opportunities and threats, and businesses play an important role towards the economies of their countries. Added to this is much liberalization of economies and also the competition, aspects that are very representative in the inexorable living environment for business. In this context, companies have to continue assuming their rightful role in contributing to growth and development of the country, achieving greater efficiency and providing quality products and services.

Freddy Leon Director

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