Spanish Tapas: Tradition

The tapas are a meal more features in the Spanish culinary culture. Some people say that the tapas were born centuries ago, when King Alfonso of Spain XX, known as the Sage, was forced to eat small snacks between meals due to illness. Although the theory more realistic near-and-mind that the caps appeared because many workers needed to take a bite at the mouth at midmorning, before lunch to better support the work day. The first tapas consisted of small slices of bread with which the guests covered their glasses of sherry in Andalusian taverns, tapas stem region. In this way, they avoided that fruit flies enter their sherry.

After a time, the ingenious bartenders small snacks served with bread and humble tapas (from the verb cover), became an item as important as the sherry. This Spanish culinary tradition has been popularized throughout the world, and many others countries have adopted the covers from your favorite dishes. The tapas bar has become the best formula for fast food for those who do not have enough time for lunch to enjoy a multi-course menu. Tapas can be eaten both lunch time, as the dinner, provided that the amount of food satisfies the appetite of the diner. But undoubtedly, the most singular of tapas is the ability to bring people from all walks before a bar to enjoy this informal ritual.

The art of eating standing up has become sacrosanct when it comes to tapas. The different tapas recipes vary according to the gastronomical traditions of each Spanish region. But the most common are olives, nuts, a variety of sausages, meats, fish and some vegetables. Bar Bar Tomas Tomas is one of the most popular bars in Barcelona. This is a place with authentic flavor which opened sixty years ago. It is very famous for its delicious patatas bravas and its refreshing beers. This local furnished to the former, this is a classic set in Sarria that no one should miss. If you have time and want to try the best rafting in the city, do not forget to visit this bar. It also offers a variety of tapas. Even the King Juan Carlos and many celebrities have tested the hard of Thomas! On Wednesday, when Thomas closes its doors, fill the Iborra duenon (a bar located right on the back of the legendary Thomas dIvorra street), which serves the same brave. To get there, take the Ferrocarriles Catalanes in Plaza Catalunya and get off at Sarria stop, then crosses the old green steel bridge linking the old with the new Sarria. Walk along the street for three blocks Jaume Piquet and Thomas suddenly appears before your eyes. Calls for joint and welcome to heaven! People often say that if God were a wild potato, the Bar would be a brave Thomas. Are you going to lose? Stay in and sample the delicious tapas Spain.

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