How To Choose A Unique Ring: Tips And Tricks

We give presents to achieve varied goals. When we hand ring, this can only mean one thing – a declaration of his feelings, a declaration of love. After all, a gold ring is always a symbol of the bond of matrimony. Wedding rings help loving express feelings and eternal affection. Select your favorite person of all the jewelry ring, and you will not regret it! Gold – the most suitable metal for jewelry, which over time only gets the value and is always attractive. Everyone knows that the best and most pleasant gift is gold jewelry. Would you like to pay dear person their full attention? In this case, select jewelry amazing design, and your spouse will appreciate a gift with dignity. And maybe even decide to make a return gift! Of course, every girl is expecting a gift from a loved one gold ring, which once again shows love for darling. Engagement or wedding – a significant event in the life of every person, unlike the other aspects of life. It is therefore very important to properly prepare for such an event, and to do so is to special care. Find an unusual wedding ring of gold would not be so easy, because the ring of a copyrighted work hard to find in ordinary jewelry shop. And yet there is a solution! This ancient Japanese Mokume technique Ghana, through which are made incredible wedding ring in the original design. This technique uses different materials in specific, sometimes even be combined alloys. Products are original, because in the translation of this technique means “wood grain, shown on the metal.” Believe me! This is an unusual technique for making wedding rings. Because the product has no copies worldwide. For this purpose, before making the master must learn the owner for which is a ring. In addition, it serves as a talisman for the owner, as it is for a specific person. Masters say that the rings can preserve forever feelings! Each year, the popularity of technology Mokume Ghana is growing. Whatever was the original gift to bring joy to your loved one, especially when it is about engagement rings. Therefore, if you dream dear person to give a miracle, refer to Japanese technology and rest assured: this jewel you will not see anywhere else!


Haze provided the gray sky which weighed on the top of the Balkans. In the gorges fog, gardens, woods and villages in the valley of the Roses seemed to clouds, mist covered everywhere Bald Mountain, sharp outlines, among the surrounding peaks, then all the hidden We have not seen it. More light is timidly timidly penetrated to the east, where Skobelev already toured sheynovskoe field. Since the dawn rose soldiers on Imitli barely came crashing mountain guns, knocked on got stronger over night soil Suzdal Regiment was still in the Balkans, as well as all our artillery, except for batteries, armed with mining tools. There is still stuck infantry battalion and two squads of Bulgarian militia No sooner had the sun to rise as an army is – lined The soldiers were very lively, knowing their superstition, Skobelev, circling the series, saying: – Congratulations, well done! Today is a day just for the battlefield – the 28th number Remember, this twenty-eighth we took the Green Mountains, the twenty-eighth Plevna surrendered And today we take captive the last Turkish army! Take it? – Take Hurrah! – Sounded from the ranks of – Thank you in advance, my friends At ten o’clock the best position was already occupied by a detachment of Count Tolstoy, arrayed in battle formation. – Pull on a good rifle shot! – Ordered him Skobelev. The general himself was at the center. As usual, grouped around the orderlies behind him was deployed its icon, follow him anywhere: in the Ferghana, and , and Plevna.

Ibn Sina

Each area of Uzbekistan is characterized by its recipes pilaf: for example, in Ferghana prepare pilaf differently than in Samarkand, and Tashkent pilaf is very different from regular pilaf. Information about the Uzbek pilaf found in numerous sources. For example, in his book ‘The Tale of Abu Ali ibn Sina,’ along with a description of historical events refers to the existence of ‘royal pilaf’ rice ‘devzira’ with an amazing aroma, richly spiced oil sprinkle various spices and very tasty. In Uzbekistan, an ancient legend about the origin of the name ‘PALOV oshi’, it is associated with the name of Abu Ali Ibn Sina: Once long ago, the prince fell in love with a beautiful young girl from a wealthy family does not. He was very upset that he could not marry her. Prince began to fade, refused food and water. Then, his father sent for a famous healer, Abu Ali ibn Sina and asked to identify the cause of disease and cure his heir. Carefully inspect the prince, Ibn Sina discovered that the reason his illness – the love, and there are two ways to heal the heir to the sultan – is the hearts of two lovers, or feed the exhausted young body groom calories – ‘PALOV oui’, that is, a dish made from seven ingredients. Perhaps the obligatory presence of the national dish at wedding ceremonies connected with this legend. We now indicate the seven components necessary for the preparation of this Uzbek pilaf: the letter P – piez ‘bow’, A – aez ‘carrots, L – Bethlehem’ meat ‘, O – olie’ fat ‘, B – blows’ salt’, O – on the ‘water’, W – shawls’ rice ‘. And if you combine all these letters in one word, it turns out the name of this dish – ‘PALOV Osh. ” Most likely, this is just an old legend, but in reality Uzbek pilaf actually consists of these components. Over time, rice being improved, acquired, and some other ingredients: steel flavor add peas, pepper, cumin, barberry, raisins and a lot of a variety of other foods and spices. In one issue of the popular culinary tv show ‘Relish’ Uzbek pilaf cooked one of the famous Russian tennis players. It was very surprising that for the preparation of this dish it was enough just two carrots. In fact, this Uzbek pilaf differs significant amount of it is carrots, and more than it is present in pilaf, so delicious, fragrant and beautiful to be himself Uzbek pilaf. In Depending on what ingredients are chosen, if the meat – the lamb or beef is, if the carrots – it is a red or yellow, if that figure – how many species there is only him! Even the source of the fire, which prepares pilaf – all affect the taste and appearance of this wonderful national dishes. So, the Uzbek pilaf – the highest point of the national culinary arts. When preparing this dish is used and frying, and cooking, and evaporation. Therefore, there is a perception, if you are able to prepare the Uzbek pilaf, you can easily cope with the preparation of any other dishes of Uzbek cuisine. Over the long history of Uzbek cooking over creation of dishes, worked not only to professional chefs, but also its food producers – farmers, ranchers, gardeners, hunters, as well as folk healers, housewives, lovers, and culinary art.

New York

There was data published that were negative. USD / JPY improved, but finds resistance in the 99.00 area, maximum recorded in the area of 99.14 for some time and then the pair was trading at 98.50 at the beginning of the session in New York. In my view, what happened today in the market surprises, as it awaited more data published from the date today. It is estimated that the GDP figures will be negative, but the levels of resistance in the major currencies will result in a two-way trade. It is estimated that the greenback will maintain the current ranks. Have a good weekend. GBP / USD Resistance 3: 1.6830 Resistance 2: 1.6750 Resistance 1: 1.6680 New York: 1.6495 Support 1: 1.6350 Support 2: 1.6280 Support 3: 1.6150 Volatility is reduced slightly. The pair reached the retraction fibonacci and the area of resistance, so a reversal is likely.

You may even rebound, but queen high volatility. Aggressive traders can buy now, but high volatility is expected. Several traders took profits and sovereign states were on the scene, with respect to the pound and the euro. And above all operators in the Middle East. Friday: No publications EURO / USD Resistance 3: 1.3350 Resistance 2: 1.3300 Resistance 1: 1.3229/30 New York: 1.3066 Support 1: 1.2950 Support 2: 1.2880 Support 3: 1.2800 Comments The pair was around 1.3000, extending its range.

A pullback is likely, and may to reach the pair of the 1.2700 area. The improvement in the stock market helped boost the price of par. The pair came under pressure and it is advisable to buy. It is expected more volatility. The oil also added pressure, but the pair remained firm, if oil can be picked up that takes the pair with him. Double action is awaited. Traders note official names overnight this time. Several traders took profits despite the uncertainty in the market.