These additional benefits include: – competitive advantages (low cost, better terms of delivery, quick service, etc.) – "secondary gain", which is achieved by getting the main benefit. For example, if you do some sport, you have the main goal of the perfect figure, but beyond that you also improve your health, although it was not your main purpose. By offering their products to man essentially you have to offer in a promotional offer benefits that he is a bear. And this should be done right from the beginning of the text. How best to do this? – Tell the reader to get this benefit. – Can be to offer the very benefits. – Tell us about how to obtain this benefit. – Ask the question: "He wanted to get these benefits?" – To tell how the other person has received such benefits.

– You can quote the words of another person about how he got benefit. – And so on Regardless of how this benefit will be provided, it must be explicitly told in the first few lines. And there – either in the same sentence, or the next – it is worth mentioning one or two additional benefits. When it comes to the qualitative benefits, it is worth talking about as soon as a result of which will receive or can get the client. The new status, a new profession, and transfer the additional benefits of this status.

When it comes to quantify benefits should talk about its value in concrete figures. Using keywords such as' how much ',' how many times "and" by what percentage. " Here are some examples of its use: – want to know how a couple of months to increase sales are five times? – After you use our cream a few weeks will look like 5 years younger! – Etc. To this article can not be for you only the bare theory, I suggest you try to write some options for advertising your titles of goods or services. Try before you write them yourself to give answers to such questions here. What is the main benefit from buying your product or service? What are the additional benefits? Write down everything you might have in mind the options and then play around with the text. Learning to write the correct advertising copy and headlines, you can increase sales of your products. Learn the basics of electronic commerce site RUCOMMERS.RU, and you can build a profitable online business. Articles in order for our site to solve many problems.

On Line Business Card

The new format of the advertisements, which the company E-OGO provides its customers can be called a revolutionary transformation of the advertising business. Now possible to greatly increase the effectiveness of your advertising, addressing her directly targeted audience, while still in a lot of time to reduce the financial cost of advertising. Biggest On Line Business Card" – a comprehensive advertising tool, essentially creative, not having analog format advertisements. Plays the role of an elite banner instantly redirected to your web-site of potential customers who are interested in the left "business card" information. During the 7 years of your advertising published continuously, bringing a steady stream of orders, and all of it every day, 24 hours a day.

"Business card" was created for people to search for products and services. You can be sure that customers are willing to make a purchase or use your services, get to your site and get the right information. Through the "cards" to your site will come only really interested buyers, rather than casual visitors. You do not have spend vast sums to give individual advertisements, which are forgotten the next day after the release. Not only will you save on the costs of the endless ads – the site offers a very special conditions of accommodation: a fixed rate does not depend on the number of hits and traffic! So, you ready for new beginning of revolutionary changes in the conduct of the advertising company? Place information about products or services you can, by scanning a business card or send it in an envelope by mail. Are you ready to send the application right now? Then you have a good chance to place your business card in the section on the first page of an advertising display, and output to first position is guaranteed for the duration of the contract. Today we stand at the threshold of an entirely new era in the advertising business. Hurry to register, and the first position in the advertising company nominated by your company to leadership position! Company E-OGO offer to make sure the first step to a bright future, and guarantees the protection and support along the way!

Hyundai Solaris-production And Prices

Hyundai Group continues to implement a plan to boost presence on Russian market. In late September, in St. Petersburg in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, hosted the opening ceremony of the new plant Concern Hyundai. In recent years, encouraged the construction of foreign plants cars and spare parts production in Russia. The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the concern Hyundai in connection with the fact that he continued to the project despite the recession. Hyundai Group said that the factory building at a cost of 654 million dollars, will create 5000 new jobs, of which 3,000 employees will be engaged in the production of parts. Sales of cars in Russia recently has declined steadily because of the global financial crisis and now seen the data recovery market.

After the presentation, the names of the car created by Koreans especially for Russia, as commodity name was chosen by Internet voting, which was attended by 27,000 people, Hyundai Solaris – the very popular sedan – was screened at the Moscow motor show as untitled Hyundai rb. Production subkompaktnogo family sedan Solaris is planned for the recently opened factory Hyundai near St. Petersburg. The plant operates in test mode, releasing the vehicles for demonstrations. Full-scale production of sedans will begin only in January. And in May, plans to collect a hatchback. Hyundai does not exclude the possibility that the Russian pipeline can get up and other models. Because of the 200 hectares allocated for business, yet mastered by only a third part.

Advertising on Billboards

Adding ads to free classifieds ads on your proposed product or service can be an effective way reklamy.Eto can only happen when the work is done by placing ads manually without using the software to automatically add obyavleniy.Pochemu Yes, because each site boards free ad placement obyavleniy.Dlya its rules to work effectively with boards, with placement is necessary to draw your attention to: Placing a link to your site from the ad – it is very important, correct choice of section headings, or bulletin boards, give preference to the thematic boards Ad Your ad should be on a separate page; Page ssylkna placement on a site should not be on the third page from the main; term accommodation .Vse these conditions are very important for efficient operation of your business ads. Since this is a condition for indexing pages with the announcement of the search sistemami.Nalichie links in your ad text – is a direct path to your site. Provided a link to a site not on the third page from the first pages of ads, allows you to index the page with the announcement of the search engines. At indexing time is necessary. Accommodation up to 7 days ineffective measure. Search engines need time to index the page with the ad. Place must be a rational srok.Esli these conditions are satisfied, then there is a link indexed by the search Systems page will be issued at the request of the user, for you are the target visitor who is looking for what you offer. In this case, the ad will work effectively for your business..

Creating the Right Ads

What else you should know you, or just to know in order to create the right ad to the exact selection of colors and background? The answer can be found in this article below. For proper advertising, you need to know absolutely everything that As kind of your activity and not only. What else you should know you, or just to know in order to create the right ad to the exact selection of colors and background? The answer can be found in this article below. If you have ads nature of the office, then you have in your advertising to dominate the strict and not bright colors. Background should be in bright colors, and the rest, everything can be in bright colors or dark colors, but legible.

When a person goes and sees your advertising, he has to see not just bright and colorful tone, but the text in it, as well as the picture itself! In some people, bright colors often cause irritation, which denies you to potential customers. You this from the ad, certainly not need! Should do advertising that will be pleasing to the eye of each of your client or customer. You can select and an ideal location for your advertisement to be able to see it all, who wants to. For my aunt, agree, you can create a bright advertising to please the eyes of your baby. The child should be on the desire to go into your store and purchase your purchase. To create a children's advertising suit and red, and blue and green color. And of course in this advertisement should be drawing.

Drawing can be a contented baby's face, to bring to you and the kids! Many things you see in the nature of your company, create your ad on a billboard, or somewhere else. Create advertising for your business can easily and without being told your friends and acquaintances. However, the best option is to appeal to professionals. After all, the designer knows best how to draw the attention consumer in one or another element of advertising, how to select the main message in your advertisement. And most importantly, how to make your advertising differs from other advertising companies, especially those who are your competitors. In Recently, in the outdoor advertising used for this custom designs, complex shapes, bulk items and a complex system of illumination. This kind of boards attract the most attention of passersby and passing by drivers.