Modern Digital Technology

Even an experienced head office is difficult at times to navigate the fog in a sterile modern digital technology, and not so hyped brands, types, brands, product lines, models, and proposals are generally attractive and promising. A whole universe opens in front of him with his stars, planets and worlds – and not so famous, multi-color and black and white, suppressing a riot of colors and striking a thin (and sometimes even sophisticated) graphics is almost worthy of Japanese lithographs of the nineteenth century. When I was approached by a familiar office productivity guru and said he wanted to buy a monochrome MFPs, but does not know what to choose, I asked him: "What is the philosophy of your office? ". The return his look was more eloquent than any words. When he returned to his speech, he asked me in bewilderment: "The philosophy of what?" "Well, if in other words, how you come to a solution professional goals? May depend on the choice of office systems, including black and white MFP. If you prevail creative approach to problem solving, if you value the flexibility of configuration, not less than the flexibility of thought and multifunctionality is not less than the ability to generate ideas, then I can recommend to you something of the famous line of monochrome MFPs bizhub Konica Minolta. "And if you specifically?" "Let's order.

It all depends on what you looking for. What should be the parameters of your multi-function device? "" Office are not very large, so the MFP must be compact. " "All the monochrome MFP bizhub Konica Minolta compact enough, considering their professional opportunities. In this regard, I can advise bizhub MFP model 282. "But what it still is different?" "The remarkable quality monochrome printing with unparalleled playback tones and detail drawing – and all thanks MFP, and black and white multifunction devices. I can recommend the bizhub 751.

Very easy to use model, with a large color touch screen, with the powerful print, scan and copy. Speed machine, able to withstand heavy loads and meet the challenges of the wide range. Around the same characteristics and functionality has bizhub 601. This is a natural born office worker – a reliable, executive, industrious, with a creative streak. Your employees will get pleasure from communication with the machine that meets the highest standards of quality and does not require undue attention to itself. And it finishes possibilities are staggering. Separately, I will say about the models bizhub 361, bizhub 421 and bizhub 501. The high performance of these MFIs is combined with low cost of ownership, and broad finishing capabilities – with the ability to print quality, copying and scanning in multiple formats, at different speeds and media. These black-and-white MFP is perfect fit in the situation of contemporary middle-office or a large organization with an intense document. " "And what model do you recommend for a small office? "" Without a doubt, bizhub 163 / bizhub 211. These systems with flexible configuration that combines the features a printer, scanner, copier and fax can be used on the network and space is limited – the best choice for small offices and workgroups … "Office Guru interrupted me:" You hear so all of these models – a pure perfection. But all of them I just can not buy. " "You do not have. Buy one model – and your problems will be resolved. Your office will find the ideal employee, and your staff – responsive and trusted colleague, friend. " My last words seem to hit the office guru.

Fitness Business

Assuming that there is room in your property, prepare the following monthly expenses for maintaining your fitness business: equipment depreciation, utilities, taxes, advertising, operating costs and, of course, the salary of staff. In general, staff fitness club – it is a separate and very topical issue centers for beginners. Most clients come out of curiosity, would it go on instructor. n otomu of his professionalism and ability to communicate with customers depends largely on attendance of the fitness center, and therefore your direct earnings, a respected businessman. The conclusion is – for good instructors save not worth it. However, this does not mean that it is worth to write the "stars" of the Moscow fitness centers for fabulous sum (this is probably not pay off) – just need to carefully select instructors.

Walk around the other fitness rooms, look what they have staff. We are in no way encourage employees to entice (well, what if this instructor, and he wanted to leave, did you?). In general, if the issue has been resolved with an instructor, it's time to start cooking discovery. If your fitness center is located in a residential area, not too lazy to direct mail (pay the neighbor kids because they are scattered your flyer in the mailboxes in the district). Make friends with surrounding nearby shops and hairdressers – they hang at the entrance to their promotional poster. Do not forget to sign your own attractive – and enough to start (if we are talking about minimal advertising company). But If you are applying for a position among the elite clubs of the city and the global expansion plan – this is worth thinking about a major advertising campaign – however, I believe the majority of visitors to this site queries (and possible) is much more mundane and therefore restrict Economy option.

Well, actually, that's all. Let us summarize. The minimum starting investment in a small fitness room in the order of 10 000 dollars. At cost classes of 50 rubles. (Do not forget that you are still a small club) and the attendance of 50 people per day your investment will pay off in a year and a half. If you decide to open at an elite fitness club with the appropriate investment in and high cost of subscription – that you reference – the average return on the fitness business – 30%.

SharePoint Foundation

This (Fig. 2) will be look home site SharePoint Foundation 2010. Despite the obvious change of site design, SharePoint Foundation 2010 is not very much has changed in the field of functional, except for some fairly significant detaley.V free version of WSS 3.0 there was a definite limit on the number of items in lists. For example, a list of Notices could include no more than two hundred recordings, because of what had to break up the lists for more items. The new 2010 version of SharePoint Foundation is to limit the total size of the database content, not on the number of elements in spiske.Rabota with Web pages in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has become much more comfortable: to edit text and graphics can be placed directly in the browser without any additional tools. Professional development of the site based on SharePoint Foundation 2010 is using the new editor of SharePoint Designer 2010, whereas in the previous version of SharePoint Designer is used 2007.V new version adds support video using Microsoft Silverlight. SharePoint Foundation 2010, has other improvements, which in this article, we will leave unaddressed.

Figure 2. Glavnayastranitsasayta Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Collaborate Online SharePoint SharePoint – this is the best solution for collaboration, which allows you to create enterprise portals, ensuring the collective work of employees. In addition, each employee plays a role in creating the portal has authorized access to the portal, allowing view and / or edit any part of it. Thus, IT professionals are working on a portal itself, the editors are responsible for the content, and the managers – for updates of events, tasks, etc. Access rights and permissions are configured portal administrator. If necessary, you can open a portal for external users, configuring the passive access, where visitors can only browse the web, not avtoriziruyas on the site and respectively, not being able to make changes in content. Ease of use, integration platform, with applications Microsoft Office, which allows to import and export data, as well as the extensive functionality of SharePoint is attracting more companies.

In the West, already a huge number of organizations are using SharePoint, the same excitement on the introduction of this product, you can likely expect to be in Russia. Start using SharePoint In conclusion, we few words about the need to create a corporate portal environment. To install SharePoint platform server is required by the operating system Windows Server. If your organization has a server, install the platform can be simply downloading the installation package from the official SharePoint from Microsoft. However, do note the system requirements as for different versions of the platform they are different. If the server does not – can rent a ready solution. So, SharePoint Foundation 2010 – free set of components designed for building corporate portals, which provide a collective work of the organization. Professional tools for development is also free. Interestingly and that the flexibility of the system allows, if desired, to move to commercial solutions based on SharePoint Server at no additional cost.