Siberian Flies

In certain periods, for many miles Ob is empty. Fish migrate, leaving the most attractive-looking "flat", occupying not all forward-looking dots or patches. Very real all conscious life, with the ideal gear, fishing on the Ob and go without a catch. To catch something in our harsh on the river "Obum Lazarus, into the first place – it's like trying to shoot a rifle from a bear – with blindfolded in the middle of the Siberian taiga. Although it happens the other way, occasionally Ob dobreet. If at some ideal for fly fishing, small stream, some succeeding wind can change its entire inner life, then at Obi all globally, as its width, length, depth and flow velocity in the flood. All processes resulting in her firm and practiced for thousands of years.

For example, with the emergence of a huge number of fry, fingerlings, no predator she will not chase last year, nimble fry, with a developed sense of danger, and none of the "peaceful" fish will not bite their pharyngeal teeth "bekarasa (solid houses of caddis flies). In nature, all "tied" to the food and all follows the path of least resistance – all eat fingerlings. If, however, on the Ob caddis flies, for example, a large brown or , then saved out of it there is no people or equipment. Butterflies climb over the shirt collar, ears, nostrils and clog carburetors "Whirlwind". A cloud of white Ob mayflies are black and are buzzing like a swarm of bees.

Since high-voltage wires are buzzing in the wind. Well, what a typical predator, especially a "weak" perch not to get lost? Why would he chase fry, wasting energy? Given all the above features, at its own school emerged Obi spinning. For such fish as pike, perch, ide, bream, pike, dace and Sigma is completely formed. Y Ob flyfishing all Of course, in front and its development will be based in large part due to developments Ob spinning into account the differences in the supply of imitations. Soaking in recent history – the science, who do not like emotions and respecting dates, facts and figures without embellishment. Thus, Ob fly fishing – everything was really where it all began.

Choose Bed Linens

Selection of bed linen – the finishing touch to create a bedroom interior. On a beautiful bed linen and pleasant sleep, to the same colors can refresh interesting general atmosphere bedrooms. Materials. An important factor the selection of bed linen is the material of which it is sewn: currently growing demand sets of satin – a dense fabric that has at the same silkiness and softness. Satin does not sit down and do not fade during washing, and practically does not crumple, designed for prolonged use. Traditionally popular is silk bedding, cooling and warming in the heat in the cold, and when combined with bright or classic colors, it can be matched to any interior.

If you're a busy person, and you do not have enough time to do household chores, you can choose a set of headers, artificial silk or satin sheets as of these tissues is almost no need to iron after washing. They retain their shape well and permanently preserve the color. If you have enough time to household chores, you can choose from high quality bed linen sheeting, lawn, or damask. Such kits are practical and not less noble. Sizes. Manufacturers of bed linen are now offering products of any size: one and half, double (or euros) and family. It is also worth take into account that sometimes bed kit from different manufacturers can vary by a few centimeters in length and width. The reason is that in Turkey, Italy, Poland, China and Russia (the major supplier countries bedroom products) there are different standards.

For example, we have a double bed (duvet cover 170-215sm) and Euro-size (220cm quilt cover 200), while European brands for only a double (he is the euro). Therefore, before determine the set of bed linen – measure the size of blankets and pillows, as well as the mattress, not to be mistaken in size. Because disproportionate duvet and pillowcases will not allow you to fully enjoy their stay, violating the comfort of your sleep. The ideal option is to purchase products of one firm. However, most purchases are made in practice is chaotic in time and therefore require more care in choosing the size. On standard with bunk bed 160×200 cm when using one blanket is recommended to choose a double (or Euro-size) – a set with a sufficiently large sheet (about 240-260 cm) and duvet 200h220 or family size – as big sheets, duvet covers but for two small blankets 160h220. Please also note against the pillow cases and pillows used!