Civil Procedure

3) Aggregation processes (Art. 88, inc 3, CPC) .- In the meeting, or a combination of two or more processes, to avoid conflicting judgments. At the request of a party or ex officio, the judge has the power to order consolidation process. This kind of accumulation of processes provided for in Section 90 CPC case of the backlog of cases, the Code of Civil Procedure points out some important rules: The backlog of cases can only be ordered (assuming a viable order) before they have been sentenced, a request that prevents the issuance of the decision until it resolves the accumulation ultimately requested (Art. 90, first paragraph, CPC).

The backlog of cases is required before any judge, having attached a certified copy of the application and its response, if any. If the order is declared founded the new process builds up the process which has made the first location (Art 90, second paragraph, CPC) Understanding that refers to the process which has produced the first valid notice of demand, which is how the site is produced formally. It does not refer to the mere filing of the application or the date on which the order was issued admisorio instance. In the application for joinder is granted transfer to the opposing party for a period of three days, with his answer or not attending the court shall decide the merits of the evidence together with the order of accumulation (Art 90, third paragraph, CPC) , which must analyze the connection between procedural claim concerning each process and procedural avenue that are substantiated, the decision is appealable without suspensive effect (Art 90, fourth paragraph, CPC) The build will be declared automatically when processes are handled by the same court (Art 90, fourth paragraph, CPC), not discarding the possibility that interested parties upon request.

Alignment Equipment

Shaft alignment – is adjusting the relative position of two interconnected machines, such as motor and pump to the location of the geometric axes of the shafts in a straight line in the machines during normal operating temperature. Shaft alignment means such vertical and horizontal movement of the front and rear pairs of supports one izmashin, after which the trees will be centered with the specified tolerances. Method of measuring based on the principle of alignment by the inverse of indicators. In this case, instead of arrow indicators used by two laser beams. In contrast to the arrow indicators, laser beams deliberately straightforward, as provides vysokuyutochnost system. Fixturlaser system also has two measuring unit, but in this case, they are equipped with an electron-optical target and not the arrow indicators. They are grouped together with laser emitters in the two units, called blocks the radiator / sensor (TD-blocks).

To determine the required adjustments when using the standard method of measurement with analog indicator requires a visual reading results and calculations. If you are using Fixturlaser all this is done automatically. When you change the alignment of the machine are displayed in real time. You can watch the result immediately. Must certify professionals working with this machine in "Balteh>> (St. Petersburg for the course" Fundamentals centering MACHINES>> or "standard of reliability EQUIPMENT>>. Remember to secure alignment is necessary to use the calibrated plate series A, B, C, D or D, as well as tool kit "Quantum – Professional>> or long probes 200, 300mm.


Still need a small compressor for equalizing the pressure, a set of regular keys and special keys. Keys 17, 19, 22, 24 and 27 buy stronger. On the one hand they should be with collar, on the other carob. Cut them in half, insert tubes of 20-30 cm and weld. Get a key lever for greater efforts. Stands alignment optical and laser displays. They collapse to do for 40 minutes, while razvalytsik must have a great experience, because actually everything is done manually.

Highly not recommend to stop this option. More "advanced" design stands control setting angles – this cord model. In cord stands alignment between sensors strung measuring cords, and from the sensors stand up to the cables pass. At a higher level of cost infrared stands. In comparison with the cord they have a higher accuracy, and they are absent, connecting cables between the measuring heads. Radio channel (Bluetooth) stands similarity of the collapse – it is almost the same as the infrared, only the exchange between the sensors is on infrakanalu, and the central station data transmission – over the air. ZD-stands alignment – a separate conversation.

These stands are special cameras that remove the target, which are hung on the wheel. On the targets are the pictures that the camera and shoot. Principle measurement is based on the resizing of objects in their observation into perspective and foreshortening. Knowing the shape, the real and apparent size of the image to the target, we can calculate the distance to it and the angle at which it is rotated.