The Engine

On top of the chassis frame is inserted planer table and side table attached to the router and dolbezhnika. Surface gauge – an important part of the machine required in the manufacture of windows, doors and other woodwork where important pieces of the same size. Surface gauge function in the machine performs the planing shaft, which is located under the adjustable table. Harvesting of the table pressed against the two rubber rollers, taken from the squeezing device washing machine. Moves workpiece on the table manually, the mechanism for this, I did not, but if the tree does not put much effort tarry not. The main body of the machine table is set on four vertical rods, of the corner table, which come in four tight tubes, welded to the base. The hoisting mechanism – fixed table along with slides and screw four levers in the form of a letter V, the upper ends attached to the sled, and lower to the bottom of the machine. Milling planer table – also cooked in round and rectangular tubes.

It is installed shaft, front and rear table, as well as on two racks above the saw table is inserted. Shaft on three knives, length 25 cm, installed on the right saw (can be installed blade or cutter) on the left cutter head, conical or round sandpaper, drill, or bolt cutter. Planing table adjustable – rear with four bolts welded to the plate table, front – eccentrics. Unions, for lack of tokarki are made as follows: take two pieces of pipe with a fork bike. They inserted a smaller diameter trees to offset one side and tightly welded. On the tube sleeve dress with two rear wheel of a bicycle (ideal diameter), which are welded to the plate table. Shafts are inserted into sleeves, attached to the planer table and a bed between is connected to the levers and the traction. In order to ensure the parallelism of the front and rear traction table length is adjustable.

Also on the planer bed table has two clamping shaft surface gauge. Cutting table is welded from the corner and down on it on a sheet fastened rivets PCB 10 mm thick. On the machine it is installed by means of two vertical posts that are firmly fixed to the tubes and bolts for adjusting the height of lift (Released saws). In the raised position the table serves as a reflector chip for planing on a surface gauge. On the table provides the installation of a ruler and straightedge. The engine was originally from the old machine, but then it burned down and was replaced by a three-phase, 4 kW. 3000 rev / min. Connected via capacitors star.

Social Phobia

leaving personal liberty in the hands of others and no one knows better than you what you want, who you are and where you're headed. Breakage with yourself: Once these people go stuck in full society and other people's thoughts led attacks them the feeling of being lightheaded or dizzy, everything goes round and round. Why? Obviously, they have been around without imposing a single step of the initiative within, from one place to another to the floor dizzy. It leaves the feeling that you do not dictate your interior, in addition to this feeling, holding hands accompanies anger with himself or herself. Social rejection: Since being alone listen to our own opinion, to be alone for a long time we can have our views as the only true, it would be like having your ears filled with wax, not listening to others or even a constructive thought . Would be an error and the rejection of those people towards it.

What would make your mind willingly went mad not to have to live always with the same routine, she would flee sheltering in the madness. And once it gets to the madness … we would be at their mercy, again depending. Social Phobia: The sensation of burden that may produce is inexpressible, drowns you, makes you feel distant even from yourself, confusion with the environment, negative thoughts that affect our performance. Do you see now clear where the boundaries between social isolation and dependence? We find myself somewhere that anger because we are changing and changing needs are not always the same. In this section, and discover you do not want to contribute, I'll just tell you a little method: self-assessment and ask yourself. Do not want to make more simply because everyone must grow from there, as each has its limitations, his acquired knowledge and more or less readily to perform them.

As each one must be a self-assessment and discover the same and of itself, as well as some paths to be marked. ''I do not mean to say that path you take, if I told you deviate one of selfishness, but each one is master of himself and has to do what he wants in his life. Each owns their feet and their steps. I can not give me the steps for you . So, what is said, go ahead with your projects. And much encouragement. Quierete, apreciated. Eduardo Rodriguez Liza


Consequence of the pressure of crystallization, are typically very loose / crumbling brick surface. When used on surfaces such exceptional measures to strengthen them, within a short period of time (several months) is observed to enhance the process of destruction. Conclusion: do not proceed without taking action to reduce salt deposits. Likelihood of success of standard methods to reduce salt deposits increased use demineralizer compress deliberately chosen curve screening, cellulosic fibers and absorbent clay mineral. Demineralizer wrap must comply with deliberately chosen recipe and related pore bases and their structure. In the near future you can expect to receive the results of research under the eu on the subject. UkreplenieRis. 4: Damaged brick surface Material Used Gamburg.Estestvennye processes fracture of brick, which, besides the already mentioned salt crystallization, include the impact of frost and give rise to the need to strengthen the structure of brick and shattered the surface (Fig.

4). When building brick, the same pattern as in the formulation of similar problems for the damaged surfaces of natural stone. Here we should mention two important points: You should always monitor strength increase from the level surface into the interior brick, ie, main parameter of evaluation – it is not an individual record, and the profile prochnosti.Danny profile strength should not cause large cracks in a small area. They are inevitable during the construction of spans and are associated with medium-term appearance of the crust. Basic reliable methods of strengthening the structure of brick are means based on a silicon efira.Ris.

Chimney Materials

Combination of elements lining with a supporting wall and a floor by means of molding plaster and hemp. Protection is provided by a wooden mantelpiece reinforced belt hardness of heat-resistant concrete based on cement, which should not come into contact with the iron furnace. 21.Vystupayuschie details veneer (wooden shelf, the belt stiffness) should be securely fastened to the wall. Cast iron fireplace installed on a concrete slab chimney lining. The minimum distance between the furnace and a fire protection wall, 10 cm Connection furnace with a chimney made using stainless steel pipes of diameter 230 or 200 mm. Places joint pipe to the chimney pipe furnace and hermetically sealed fire-resistant materials and refractory cement. 22.Zapreschaetsya use a cast-iron burner as a stand-alone heater (outside of the chimney cladding and jacket).

23.Kozhuh fireplace should be made of fireproof materials. Most often it is made of gypsum board attached to the rigid frame of metal profiles. The entire inside of the enclosure should be protected by special insulation. As a foil insulation can be used with one hand, a slab of basalt fiber, basalt fiber that is set aside gypsum board and aluminum foil – in the direction of the connecting pipe. 24.Vo inside of the casing at a distance of not less than 30 cm from the top of the shield is installed in non-combustible materials. In applying foil plates of basalt fiber nefolgirovannaya her side should be directed to the ceiling. The distance from the protective screen to the ceiling should be increased to 70 cm, if the ceiling is made of combustible or nonflammable materials and thus protected from fire.

Window Decoration

Present continuous ribbon glass windows – an occasion to pause and reflect. In our time, glazing of windows – this is one of the priorities of development. Modern architecture undergoes large cities changes. Along with the construction of new buildings are ergonomic reconstruction of old buildings. Such work would be infeasible without aluminum constructions, which provide almost unlimited possibilities designers. The system of aluminum structures is a collection of profiles of aluminum, connected with each other in certain ways.

For a particular type of design uses a special system of profiles, However, with its own personality, almost all systems are mutually compatible, which allows implement any projects. Step by step through quality control from production to installation gives to guarantee the stability of performance, reliability and durability of structures. Aluminum construction not only to emphasize the modernity of the building, making the windows in the binder-final elements of the structure, but also provide comfort and convenience inside the building. Aluminum construction reduces heat loss, saving energy costs. Balcony – a continuation of our apartments. Frameless cheap credit – is, above all, attempt to increase the living space of the apartment balcony and protect from harsh weather conditions.

Some want to turn your balcony into a great place to relax on their own. However, this task can not handle everyone. The right decision – is to seek assistance from qualified professionals. The most common today is glazing of balconies made of aluminum profile. Especially if your main objective – protection from the weather – in this case fits the cold glass.