Remote Console

Headroom is a column for the efficient transfer of force from the overlying structures on the web. With free support beam usually put on the column. In this case, the headroom is composed of the base plate and the ribs supporting the slab and the load on the transmission shaft. The ends of the supporting ribs necessarily planed to provide a more dense adjacency to the stove flat top. Flat-edge always placed parallel to the edges of the reference beam. We expect a seam that secures the base plate to the edge. compute the estimated length of the seam, determine kf.

We expect a seam 2, is given and define kf lw. Hence hp = lw +1 cm and assortment. The thickness of the ribs TR prescribe conditions of shear and assortment. The base is used for efficient transfer of effort from the core columns on the foundation. The base of the column consists of a base plate, traverse, ribs and anchor bolts. When interfacing hinge bolts are put constructively to capture and attach directly to the base plate. When pairing a hard anchors are attached via special Remote Console and delayed effort, close to the calculated resistance. Pair with hinges – 20 …

30 mm with a hard 30 … 36. The size of the base plate – from the construction. considerations of the conditions of placement of the rod string at the plate with min 40 mm overhang. The base plate acts as a plate on an elastic foundation, bending resistance of the foundation. In this strain upward. Foundation pressure is taken evenly across the surface. Height traverse – the condition of the joint. The column operates at eccentric contraction. Estimated effort M, N, Q. In calculating the strength check, as well as general and local resistance elements. The cross section of the column is selected speed separately for the upper and lower sections. In the continuous columns since the upper part of the column is not directly exposed to dynamic loads, the calculation is made with the development of plastic deformations. In the cross-bar columns consist of two branches: the external and crane. Girders to take the''W''or''''. It is believed that the branches of the columns working on the central compression, while the whole column – on vnetsentr compression. From the condition of local stability of the wall is determined by the thickness of the wall (for welded channel bar). Lattice columns calculated on the maximum shear force. In the columns of constant cross section with small cranes are usually used single-console. With heavy-duty crane column perform seamless, and the console is arranged in the form of U-sections or I-beams strengthened. Given the possibility of non-uniform force transfer to the branch of the column, the efforts in each branch to increase by 20. For the eccentrically compressed base of the column will apply only to the crossarms. Constructive solution framework depends on the method of conjugation of the column to the foundation and can be rigid or swivel. In promzdaniyah columns have a hard pair of plane frames, and from the plane of the frame – swivel. There are two types of bases: general and separate. General framework used for continuous columns, as well as for cutting the columns and if hn