Following Government

Rose considered the following example of this sort: ' ' … imagines a revolutionary whom it intends to knock down a regimen consisting of an aristocracy and that it wants to bring equality, a government of all. This revolutionary would conceive in the subjective reality, its conscience, a relation way-ends, I go to knock down the current government through the revolution (half) and to bring the freedom and the government of all (ends). Meanwhile, in the objective reality, the ends are logically associates to the ways, making the revolution (half); they knock down the government, however, they do not bring the government of all and yes a dictatorship or a new aristocracy (ends). Therefore, the two realities, in such a way objective how much subjective, it has logic.

What it makes of this algica action? It is the simple fact of the end logical of the subjective reality not to coincide with the end of the objective reality. The government of all and the government of new aristocracia' '. (PINK, 2005) Pareto if interests mainly for two sorts of not logical actions: as and the room sort. As if it relates to the ritual and symbolic acts, that do not possess an objective end, but yes a subjective purpose. In the room sort if they fit the resultant actions of scientific errors. ' ' The employed way produces one effective result in the plan of the reality, and was related with the ends in the conscience of the actor, but what it happens it does not reflect what it would have to occur, of conformity with the hopes or forecasts of the citizen that acts. The error takes the not-agreement of the objective relation and the relation subjetiva.' ' (ARON, 1982). In accordance with Pareto, the truth on the actions human beings only can be found in the biological conception of the man, and in the theories or ideas that this possesss or same it does not formulate to explain its action.

Ministry of Industry

In 1960 he realises his first trip by the communist countries. In 1961 Minister of Industry and in 1964 president of the Cuban delegation in the General Assembly of the United Nations is appointed. The Che made the phrase famous that directed to the guerrillas who prepared themselves in Cuba abrir new revolutionary centers: ” They do of account that is dead and that what they live now in more is prestado”. The 3 of October of 1965 Fidel Castro read, in the act of presentation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, the famous letter of goodbye of the Che, in whom it resigned to all his positions and the Cuban nationality and announced its game: ” Other territories of the world demand the contest of my modest efforts. I can do what she is denied to you by your responsibility to the front of Cuba and arrived the hour to separate to us In the new battlefields I will take the faith that you instilled to me, the revolutionary spirit of my town, the sensation to fulfill most sacred of the duties: to fight against imperialism wherever he is: this fully comforts and cures any tear That I do not leave to my children and my not at all material woman and does not cause sorrow to me: it cheers to me that thus he is Until the victory always. Mother country or death! ” After his possible participation in the guerrillas of the ex- Congo Belgian, in 1966, it penetrates in Bolivia, and it directs one of the two columns of the guerrilla detachment. The 8 of October of 1967, in the combat of the Gorge of the Yuro, the Che is hurt and fact prisoner by the Bolivian army in collaboration with the company On the following day is executed in the town of the Fig tree, by order of the company.

The 18 of October of 1967, in the Place of the Revolution, before means million of Cuban, Fidel Castro when informing into its death, said: ” You have disappeared physically, but your figure and your ideals follow and will continue being effective in us, because to those you they cannot kill with balas”. Between the most excellent titles of its work they are counted: Philosophical dictionary (1946-1957), Newspapers of motorcycle, the war of guerrilla (1960), Cuba in Punta del Este (1961), economic Plan, a law that will not be able to be violated (1961), the paper of the working class in the construction (y) Emulation, vital part work of the nation (1962), Passages of the revolutionary war (1963), the prophecy of the Che (1964), Letter of goodbye to Fidel Castro (1965), the Socialism and the man in Cuba (1967), the newspaper of the Che in Bolivia (1968), Works 1957-1967 (2 vols., 1970).

The Forums

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Penal Procedural Code

Of the norm anteladamente glossed, we see that in this opportunity the term to that we have come making reference, from this regulation, changes drastically and the one of 30 days settles down first of all, calendars, so that in their maximum end is the one of six months. Situation different from which previously came regulating. Before such situations it must indicate, that the mentioned norms, were dictated to the shelter and in the light of the use of the Penal Procedural Code of 1991, the same that kept silence on this respect. In so understood, and when entering use the Penal Procedural Code of 2004, tacitly has such standardisations voted and sanctioned prior to dacin of this Code, would have been countermanded tacitly, to the regulated being the matter (of the principle of opportunity and reparatorios agreements), by this one new norm (NCPP), and in addition when procedural existing an incongruity as far as the penal system that inspired to both procedural statutes (inquisitive Mixed System versus accusatory System with adversariales characteristics). However, of explicit way these norms have not been countermanded by the organ sent that them, but we understand that when entering use the NCPP, would have countermanded all those norms given prior to their entrance in use. Then, when affirming it has then that the norm that at the moment regulates the term for the payment of the civil repair (in the reparatorios application of the opportunity principle and agreements), it is the Penal Procedural Code of 2004, and like so, when indicating this one, in its numeral 03, that when the parts are not agreed with respect to the term of the payment of the civil repair, will be the Public prosecutor establishes that it, not exceeding the nine months; it must be included/understood on the other hand in interpretation, that if the parts reach an agreement with respect to the term of the payment of the repair of the damage, this one validly could exceed the nine months, being to freedom and criterion of the parts to establish this term. In that order of ideas, the parts or could decide a greater term to the nine months for the payment the RC, for example, 12 months or 18 months, being valid and legal this agreement. Since the will of the parts is superior to the established thing by the Public prosecutor, because of which if these in use of its faculties, going voluntarily to the call of the principle of opportunity or agreement reparatorio, they indicate his assent with respect to his content and term, the Public prosecutor CANNOT maintain that the maximum term to that they must arrive for the payment, is solely of NINE MONTHS, since if the will of the parts is to decide that it is pleased the civil repair in a greater term to the nine months, the Public prosecutor must respect this agreement meticulously. Finally and closing ideas, we will say that of normado by the literal article 02 03 of the Penal Procedural Code of 2004, it is inferred that when arriving the parts at an agreement with respect to the term of the payment of the repair of the caused damage (reparatorios Principle of Opportunity or agreements), this one good could exceed the nine months, in attention, as already has been indicated, to the will of the parts, which cannot be not known nor be avoided by the Public prosecutor.

Tener Success

Francisca said to me once: papa, I entered to a difficult university race; statistically at the end of the first year only it approves the 20% of which they entered, reason why the probability that I fail east year is of 80%. I said to him; you are not a statistic, are Francisca, the statistics do not decide what will happen in the future with you, speak of the past and the decisions that were taken in the past. Perhaps they are or for an historical description or a journalistic report and to consider information that allows to design the future, . Soon I added the following question: Francisca, what you would say to me if I ask to you which is the probability that you are within 20% that is successful? and it responds: is high that probability, because I am studious. Then the specific probability for Francisca to fail is not 80% because it depends than she does in future, not than it was made before, not of the statistic. The statistical information is merely referential and influence is so much more referential the more exerts our will in what it is tried to design.

The predictions or the prognoses – in as much they are affirmations whose veracity can verify only a time after the affirmation became, serve when we cannot have control on the events whose result is tried to foretell, but lack utility and they are transformed into a tie to obtain results when the motor of the S-events the human will, that is to say, when there is control of the events. In this case the predictions operate like inhibiting of the will. We can predict an eclipse tomorrow affirming for example will verify an eclipse of sun to the 10:23 A.M. , because we cannot influence in that event.