Natures Values

Our mental life is valuable and we try to have positive thoughts, however, we are not thoughts, our true identity is not found in the nature of thoughts or mental life. Thoughts go and come, can be optimistic or pessimistic, but regardless of this being always remains what is. Education and spirituality I think up to this point we can have a little more clear the because we decided to first speak of spirituality. Spirituality has no owner, does not belong to any church, guru, or book. When spirituality is conceived as religious product with owner, obscures their enormous significance.

Spirituality as essential nature of the human being is the basis of all genuine education 5. We can have an understanding more clear when we define what can actually be or mean the concept of spirituality, although that take us a drafting much deeper which aims to this writing, for that single reason will be simple forms of representing the espiritualidad10: human values in education have been treated extensively, but have also sought in the wrong form. Has encouraged the student to make it competitive, successful, disciplinary, ambitious, aggressive, etc. All compatible with the society values scientific/industrial predatory, no way those behaviors can be considered as genuine human values, these can only come from a spiritual foundation. Spiritual consciousness 6 one nature, contains all the natures, a mere existence completely includes all stocks, a single Moon reflects in all waters, all the reflections of the moon on the water comes from a single moon.Yoka Daishi. New forms of life (styles), the rush, the restructuring faced by our societies, the loss of values, the commercialization, industrialization, etc.; they are very marked phenomena that we are living in this new century. That makes us reflect, and see the need that we have a new awareness, with a view of totality, integrity and spirituality, applied to all aspects of our lives.

Cosmetic Products and Sales

The experience and know-how of Nemesis the enterprise group with national international and dedicated presence from three decades in the manufacture and sale of 100% natural cosmetic products and appliances – gives a step further in its policy of expansion relying on the formula of the franchise under the brand name Eberlin. The symbiosis franchisee-dealer so things Eberlin begins its peculiar adventure looking for franquiciad@s by all Spain, and even in other countries, who want to obtain some interesting and attractive commissions in the emerging market of professional aesthetics.Our formulade franchise seeks entrepreneurs with eminently commercial profile and who want to be at the forefront of a business whose investment is already very small nonecesitan hire personnel.To develop the activity will be necessary local have of exhibition and training are being enough with 2 devices (the most demanded, explains Marta Ferrer Berenguer, Manager of Eberlin. We want franchisees covering any area of the Spanish territory except the provinces of Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Asturias and Granada as well as the autonomous community of Galicia, where we already have the service covered. It will aim the distribution in a large area of all our cosmetics and appliances. The end customer will always be the professional beautician, adds the directive. So things the requirements to be part of this network of franchises is as follows: u have a local at least 80 square meters for area sales, warehouse, room courses and demonstrations (although this can be decentralized) and clearance. u have a commercial profile, ability of organization, orientation to the client and taste for the world of aesthetics, being very valuable experience in that sector previously. This occupation is ideal for current representatives of aesthetic products, stressed Marta Ferrer Berenguer. What it costs: entry Canon: 6,000 furniture: 14,000 Machinery: 24,000 stocks: 6,000 computer equipment: 1,500 other initial expenses: 3,000 TOTAL estimated: 57,500 what is required: contract duration: 5 year renewal: if Canon entry: 6,000 Royalty exploitation: not Royalty advertising: 3,000 a year area exclusivity: Provincial formation: If who is Eberlin brand franchised and x nemesis, the Group of companies dedicated to the manufacture and sale of cosmetic products and appliances for almost three decades and with presence at national and international level. Its origins focused in phytotherapeutic products and nutritional supplements for herbalists, and today offer a wide variety of different cosmetic products. Nemesis has 30 employees and has the ISO 9001, as well as directors for areas of activity such as pharmaceutical or technical-aesthetic. Within the companies of the group are: Biocosmetics: they are the laboratories responsible for the manufacture of cosmetic products. Nemesis laboratories: equipment manufactures and markets products. The franchisee will aim the distribution in a large area of all these cosmetics and appliances. The end customer will always be the professional beautician.

Ministerial World Conference

These days I have received lot of information measures and actions of good practices of public policies on road safety carried out in friends Espana.mis show jubilant these initiatives, in such a way that there, both the State and society has taken seriously the national road safety Plan, to the point that their concerns have crossed the European borders with initiatives, postulates and Ibero-American principles in defense of life.The proposal for the creation of the Iberoamerican Association of road safety that will be in force as from next February in Madrid, under the auspices of the Ibero-American General Secretariat and other institutions, brings with it new hope with the implementation of a regional strategic plan to encourage the heads of State and Government to put greater attention to this problem that significantly affects economies of the towns of low and middle-income.The Spanish Government recently ordered more than 1.2 billion euros in its consistent investment program in improvement and maintenance of the road infrastructure for the next three years.This decision is part of the European Regional Plan to reduce accident rates by circulation. So that not only the Iberian Peninsula, as recorded in Spain and Portugal, also all the countries of the old continent have as a priority, in particular in its road map, safety Vial.Prueba of which, will be convened soon in Russia, the so-called Ministerial World Conference on security in the Vias.entre actions entrusted to the Ministry of public works and the General Directorate of traffic of Spain, lists: correction of accident concentration sections; installation of new light networks; the reprogramming of existing traffic lights; placement in major signs of all kinds of safety barriers; until the rectification of dangerous curves in roads and implementation of a programme of illumination.Not be if in throughout the Spanish territory contemplates not build new roads in the coming years as it has occurred in some major provinces, but whether to invest in repair and recovery of existing routes, and especially in the improvement of the operation of the infrastructure; in audits of roads and on advances in management and traffic information.This information I bring to collation that serve as a reflection, and see the large significance which has the theme in recent times for Governments around the world.Dominican Republic does not escape these evils of transportation and vehicular traffic. .

Possible Reasons

If your statistic of visits begins to show a tendency the loss and your traffic by ricochet every time is greater, it is obvious that something negative is happening with your site. It is not easy to determine the exact causes of a loss in the preference of our users, but we must raise all the possibilities to us. The loss in the preference happens in line with sites with something of time, which in the case of the new sites serious a lack of initial acceptance, the majority of the reasons for which to your users they do not like your site can be applied to both cases. I invite you to that you read these 12 reasons for which to your users they do not like your Web you project, them and you apply in your particular case and, you examine the impact of the changes in your statistics of visits. Visual saturation of contents (texts, images, etc.) It is important that our sites are developed with structures ordinates and strategically thought for the optimal presentation of the contents, especially when we must show great amounts. The visual saturation of contents it can be reduced by means of the location of the contents in a structure of columns and symmetrical spaces (system of grillas), in order to create landlords of visual order necessary to facilitate the legibility and approach of attention of the users. Too many errors of design, product of the incompatibilidades of the navigator We know or it, the terrible thing that it is to try the complete compatibility of our sites with all the navigators (especially or we know who), nevertheless not to have these considerations would cause that many of our pages experiment in one or the other navigator, overlapped phase angles of design, contents, erroneous unfolding of images, superposed texts, etc.

Effective Ways

But hazlo thinking that in truth it is thus, if your you do not create it possible simply will not become, I do not commit the same error that I, who did not think that she could reconquer husband. When truly I thought that my marriage was recovered, the things began to change. First you must think before the things happen, this it is a very deep principle that I learned a long time ago and successfully applies that it in my marriage. It takes the initiative to solve the problems of your marriage, although everybody says to you that it is not worth the pain. If perseveras in the end you will leave victorious, that I guarantee it to you. 2. – Autoevaluate: After which already you feel of that your marriage this recovered, self-evaluation is something that you must do. It dates a solo time in a park, to meditate in which there is past, in the errors that both have committed and in that time of meditation it develops a strategy to improve your behavior, and mainly to avoid to make things that hurt to your husband.

In another article of title Like Saving my Marriage, 5 Effective Ways, it had mentioned to you that the worse thing than you can say to him to your husband, and who is equivalent to that him keys 10 knives in their heart are to compare it with another man who is but successful that. That would hurt much its heart, you do not do it and if you have done already it deals with not doing it but, by the good your marriage. 3. – It admires your Husband: After which already you made a self-analysis, it is hour to undertake the actions necessary To reconquer your husband, and first that you must do is to begin to admire it reason why it is, reason why it does.

Lynn Alves

Remembering that the intention is to socialize readings and experiences, making possible the opening of new ways of pedagogical interaction with the environment. In addition, the Moodle is presented as a project of support to the social construtivismo in the education where pupil participates in the resolution of problems, using the thought criticizes on the activities of learning meaning the construction of its proper knowledge, already for the educator the paper is on account of facilitador, person who orientates, apprentice or tutor. I believe that tools as this, can revolutionize the education, therefore the young of the present time, is following the growth of the technologies and consequently they will find easinesses with the practical one of this platform. After to make the minute reading of this text called me the attention for says and-moderator concept of Salmon (2000, p.39) that it says that: ' ' the main paper of and-moderator consists of promoting the envolvement of the form participants that the knowledge for new them constructed either usable in and different situations, that is, colaborativas experiences of aprendizagens' '. It is of utmost importance to tell the quarrel of another one I capitulate of the Moodle book: pedagogical strategies and study of case, organized for Lynn Alves, Daniela Barros and Alexandra Okada, that it approached on: The interface glossary of the Moodle and interactive construction of contents opened in course online. After the minute reading of this I capitulate, I could perceive that, the professor can control the available information in the environment, selecting and disponibilizando material for the pupils, and that the quarrels allow that the professor knows that type of information the pupils are searching outside of the courses, for intellectual growth of the same ones. In accordance with the authors of this I capitulate, is important to have a tool glossary of verbetes, with real and subjective directions of the words, and in the context of the Education in the distance.

The Miracle

For many homes crisis it means distanciamento: of the spouse, of the brothers and the church? For the opposite during the crises the necessary couple if to join, to trace strategies and to face together, also in the crisis we need alianar in them with the body of Christ who will help in them to be successful mainly and, if becoming attached the God more. Some people if move away from the church in times of crises, made a mistake, when we come back toward the word of God are not few the reached miracles and blessing in the temple: In the temple Ana she received the miracle from Samuel; When running until Jesus next to multitude the woman was cured after 12 years; 3-Deliver and to give up itself to fight; 4-Lose the dreams? We can remember the history of a man who was blind and was the side of a road, it wise person that Jesus was passing, it wise person of the multitude, it was in crisis in its health, more cried out: JESUS DAVI SON HAS MERCY OF ME, it had not given up to dream and wise person very well what he wanted. Families in crises exist that already had lost the dream and if Jesus today asked: What you want? She went to answer: NOR I KNOW. What she comes after the crisis: 1-Tranquility the crisis is passenger, does not come to be, is lie of the devil that is thus same, the trend is to get worse nothing goes to move. If in its life it has blown very, is signal that exists a rain of blessings waiting for you. 2-Genesis 8:15 the 22 – the crisis takes in them to a new time? We can remember the history of Ne: It and its family had lived in a crisis time, the corrupted people, God ordered Noah to nail and nobody believed, exactly thus it remained itself integral, Noah passed inside for the crisis of a coffer, is not launched the crisis? GOD ALWAYS HAS A COFFER FOR US? coffer can mean God preserving our family, and, after the dilvio the coffer it stops in a mount and God orders: He leaves the coffer, a new place, a new time and a new intention; Long-range 3-Vision? After the crisis we enxergamos more far. 4-V 20? Noah built an altar, recognized that God exempted and preserved its life and its house; 5-God answered the obedience and gratitude of Noah with a signal, God also leaves its memorials GEN 09:12 and 13. I am certain that many families today are passing here for many crises in its family, more knows you passes for the way of it, as Noah passed among that one accumulated of waters, however, he had its preserved life and family. The crisis that you live deeply goes to pass and God goes to say: HE LEAVES THE COFFER; he knows new that I prepared for you, from above one of the mount where the coffer goes to stop you will sight pretty and green campinas and will know that it has new times and new intentions, then it makes an altar, it adores and it fulfills next to its family its call.