This must be one of the big questions that the strategists of the different signatures will be doing at the beginning of this new year. Buts if actually that is the question that are being made, then are in wrong. Many of the people that are promoted as market strategists, see it as one thing or the other. I.e., or these bonds or these actions and one decides on the basis that generate greater profitability in the future. Most of these people say them now that they have to be in the stock market by two aspects: 1) first of all there is to say that actions have gone through the worst decade of history and have lost approximately value for 10 years. In addition, one can assume that so long as this disastrous performances can come accompanied by a decline in earnings in the future.

Those were the patterns of the past year and it is very reasonable to think so. (2) Secondly, it must be said that the yields that are taking the bonds are low, which translated into a language of investors would be are too expensive and overvalued. Many do not think that it is a bad decision to invest in bonds with a return of 3% safe tending into account as they are volatile actions in the market. The year spent was really amazing the amount of bonds that were bought, but you have to know that usually when injected a large amount of money on a specific asset its performance in the long ends up not being desired. All sound like good theories, but let me tell you about another theory. Many of those who recommend them to buy shares today are those who in 1999 had also recommended them same thing. That is because in the 1990s instead of buying bonds with low interest rates downward not buy technological actions that was revolutionizing the world at that time?.

Malaga Outlet Stock Fair

? The Palace of fairs and Congress Center of Malaga will host the next 12 days and November 13, a new edition of the fair Outlet Stock.Returns to Malaga the fair Outlet Stock after the success achieved last year, which were held two editions, the same organizers have estimated that the formula is a success: offer garments and products of brands at prices discounted at least 50 per cent. The multisectoral nature of this event, which will occupy a space of more than 8,000 square meters, means that visitors can find just about everything, from leading brands in fashion, urban wear, children’s, sport, footwear, jewellery, optics, home, furniture, decoration, engine, this is complemented with an area of children’s entertainment (which will include performances by circus, globoflexia, games, children’s makeup), and a lounge area will turn this event into a unique event that no malagueno want to miss. Your accommodation to attend this fair can do perform in one of the hotels in Malaga with superior 4-star category, our Hotel Monte Malaga, that for this occasion offers rooms to attendees to this meeting. To make reservations at our hotel where we will apply you rate meetings/events with prices from 87 per room and night with breakfast buffet and taxes included, simply click on the following link: book room in the HOTEL MONTE MLAGA important: to qualify for this rate will be indispensable to present at the reception of the hotel updated documentation attesting to their attendance at the Congress/event/meeting.

Musicians Restaurants

Perhaps, above all, need to take care of the luxurious interior, inspiring the audience to visit your institution, the respect and admiration for the skilful designer? Or perhaps, most importantly, it is well-trained staff, perfectly knows all the subtleties of etiquette? Yes, this is certainly important, no doubt. But, believe me, there are things more important for this kind of business. Most importantly, what is valued any restaurant is the kitchen and music! Must be a great chef, and half the success you provided! Food – the most important thing, people go to a restaurant, first of all, eat. I think you will agree with me. Well, the second component of the success might not be so obvious, but this opinion erroneous.

Good music group that plays in your institution is able to raise its prestige and attract customers, there is no doubt. Music has a feature to create style, the atmosphere around it. People are like Typically, feel, and react accordingly. There are many cases when the change of music, the restaurant lost its clientele. Changes the internal atmosphere, people felt uncomfortable and left the usual places.

Choosing band, which will play such an important role in the prosperity of your business you need to think about everything: firstly, it must be professionals with high quality sound and good vocal. Secondly, Musicians restaurants must have a diverse repertoire and sense of taste. And, of course, very important style. After all, the style will give your institution that special atmosphere that is characteristic only of him. Jazz Musicians will make a note of respectability and conservatism. As a rule, the presence of people like brass section, and a musician playing the saxophone, looks fresh and original. In addition, jazz is very good as background music. Under it can be to converse, but you can dance. As good blues, but it is more democratic. If you play blues, the interior could be more simple and inexpensive. This is important when just starting their business. But the kitchen needs to be excellent, We have already talked about. If suddenly your chef Mexican, you probably will suit a band playing Latin tunes. These musical ensembles look very colorful, the audience comes to enthusiasm, Rock musicians – interesting choice. Style, proven over the years and beloved by many. Artfully selected repertoire can bring unprecedented success. The thing is sound quality and performance. Choice, as you see, is very broad, each style is good and interesting differently. Importantly, it must meet the goals and objectives that you would like to achieve. I purposely did not mention so common in restaurants chanson, for this reason. Too many of his not think I need more. It is better to try to do something interesting, what may appear individuality, a feature that will be characterized only by you and your institution. On the Internet many opportunities to choose music that would team for every taste. Site of musicians – a very handy thing, you'll get there with all the information you need. Think, look, and success will be your reward.


One way thrive in finances, but with risk, is to invest in the stock market in securities. This may perhaps seem something far to your possibilities or can even scare you. However, today entering the stock market is no stranger to the small investor.The bag is a market, which involves authorized intermediaries, where Exchange roles or values are involved where authorised intermediaries, which represent financial assets such as government securities, shares and bonds. If you want to enter this market must be very well informed and advised and know that what you decide always carries a risk, higher or lower, depending on the invested capital. Then I add some tips that can break many prejudices about investing in the stock market. 1. To invest in the stock market it is not necessary to have a lot of money. Previously the stockbrokers exigian a minimum amount high enough to start investments, however currently it is possible to do so with little capital.

In many investment web sites you can start to operate in bag with only $1000 (or even less in the case of bonds and stocks, because there is a minimum) 2 – is not difficult to invest in the stock market, what is complex is understanding how the assets in the stock market behave to minimize risks and maximize profits. With a high capital you can get a stock agent to manage your portfolio of shares and securities or securities, instead when you do it on your own you need to be well informed and updated on the development of operations, trends and perspectives that will be assuming the markets. 3. Currently small investors hold an indisputably important tool that can help you obtain the information needed to make good investments, which is access to the internet. In this way, you can get data about quotes in real time, companies and its projection on the market and trends that may influence the course of values. 4. The fear of losing: economic crises may eventually decrease your capital with unexpected movements in the markets but, generally speaking, unless the companies in which you own shares go into bankruptcy, After a while it is likely that the value of those roles will rise again. A widely used market strategy is diversification. You can you have actions of different companies and/or sectors and thereby decrease the risk.In another moment will discuss further details in this regard. Who leverage them and successes! Lic.

Organization Day

Then goals will be searched to meet according to the task of each one. Perhaps managers of deposit reward them is agreement to clean and tidy, the promptness of delivery, the reduction of defective goods, reduction of the missing stock and on stocks or whatever you deem fair and necessary. Another solution is to emotionally involve them with the members of the Organization telling them they must do, how they should do so and why they should do it. It is very important for people to understand the concept of service to internal customers, i.e. the idea that all members of an organization should serve those who serve. This concept has emerged as one of the most important principles of the concept of service management. If a security guard to understand that their role is not only to protect the belongings of your company but the ensuring the security and tranquillity of his co-workers so that they can better serve customers, it will surely pay more attention to his work than if it thinks that its function is standing beside the door 6 hours per day. You must encourage internal communication.

I see that there is a kind of taboo, it is thought that the co-workers are buddies for fun sharing experiences and activities do not work-related. It is as if talking about work-related things were bad vibes even during working hours! Every time I see more situations of employees talking 8 hours per day on any topic, from the outcome of a game to television programs and sentimental themes. When we do a meeting to evaluate a work situation is that they do not have the slightest idea of what made the other, that instructions received or which are the objectives to meet, despite working elbow to elbow all day. When internal communication fails and it is necessary to centralize to redistribute it without a doubt, we have a problem. I suggest that you go by gradually applying these concepts of business management, you will feel resistance in some people, those parasites that hide in anonymity. Well, it may also be time to discover them and remove them from your company, that the productive will motivate and mobilize to the indefinite. I hope your comments at the end of this article, I will personally answer them.