San Lorenzo Nobel

The Nobel Prize in economics Joseph Stiglitz participated Monday in the 1st Social Forum of 15-M held in the Parque del Retiro. A few students of a course in economic policy, which was held in San Lorenzo de El Escorial and sympathizers of the movement invited to Stiglitz to intervene in the match. The Nobel Prize delivered a speech of 12 minutes, shared with his translator, during the Committee on economy of the 15-M and then moved. But not before defending a regulation of markets and recognize that he likes the energy seen in the 15-M: motion the economic crisis has shown the current problems of capitalism with a few markets unregulated. The experience of the last three decades demonstrates that there is a necessity that Governments play an important role in regulating markets. Source of the news:: El Nobel Stiglitz participates by surprise in the Forum of 15-M

Business Online

The forums are virtual communities whose members have common characteristics, interests, tastes or hobbies in common. They are characterized for being a great source of learning and information on specific topics. Many users have access to them to solve problems. These forums can be used as one form of promotion, since through them you can demonstrate your expertise as a professional, and at the same time invite interested persons to receive more information. Since there are groups of the most diverse themes, you can go to very segmented audiences, among whom you begging which best suits your business. However, before launching you this type of promotion in forums, is necesariosaber act in this area, otherwise generate the opposite effect you want to achieve: rejection. In most of them, for example, is not tolerated explicit advertising nor indiscriminate, except those created expressly for that purpose. So your promotion should be more subtle.

Steps to follow to promote in forums * first as begging a forums site that has the widest possible audience. * Search the group or discussion that best suits your product or service. It must be updated, i.e. that this asset, with continuous new messages. * You must never make a direct sale in a forum; because that would be a mistake. Always you should first give quality information, which is useful to its members, to expose your level of knowledge. This will show you how you are expert on the subject, even if not so.

* At the end of your messages must always add your signature (at least your first name) and a link to your site. Ideally, make it an active link, although they are not allowed in some forums or they are not allowed after certain number of posted messages. * As an exception, it is possible to publicize your offer directly, always in when the topic is directly related to your products and your exposure is interesting for the community. In conclusion: promoting in forums is based mainly on providing quality information for exposing your knowledge and be seen as an expert. This positive image created is that will direct the qualified traffic to your site through the links that you will leave at the end of your messages. Through the forums not only you promocionaras and earn the trust of your potential customers, but you’re always up to date and constantly learn things of interest to your business. Even this source of study perhaps more important than use them as a means of promotion, even though perfectly both objectives can be achieved.

World Forum

Or I’m still moving in meditation and every time I have more control over my thoughts and emotions, though sporadically I lost concentration and I have to reassure me. I am halfway through the masters, two semesters have elapsed and remaining two others, I feel different to how I started, in fact to be doing this work the words flow more easily, there is much to tell, even without getting me with the great thinkers and enlightened that I have known through the readings of books and monographs. Significant experiences of the third semester will quote them below: or even when the topics are very important and of great relevance in this semester captivated me of education and spirituality, I feel that the spirituality that can take us up to the contemplation and enlightenment is an end to hopefully someday can be reached. Or the only new teacher I had that semester was Wences, for which talk of culture of peace has no comparison, teachers like him show us difficult topics there what then we are incapable teachers. Or in that semester I had the opportunity to review some short videos and other films in the company of my wife and my children and continue feeling that union and identification. It is amazing the sense of well-being that exists when there is harmony and understanding, concepts and principles that are in holistic education don’t lend themselves to ensure debate, only can be discussed, enriched, shared and I think that it is why that generates an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and love that only can generate happiness. Or I’m still practicing Yoga and increasingly is more beneficial to me, already not be impeded me both maintain concentration and calm the mind, is highly revitalizing and calming. Or it was this semester where I had the opportunity to attend the 12th World Forum of education holistic. .

Banking Activity

Scient. Proceedings. Vol 1: Problems and Prospects of contemporary Russian law (search for new ideas). Voronezh: Izd-vo Voronezh. Press, 1998.

P.56.). There is also the problem of the relation of bank secrecy with other kinds of secrets. AA Fatianov notes that on the one hand, banking secrecy – a special case of trade secrets, on the other – one of the faces ensure privacy, with a third – performs a protective function, providing the unavailability of financial position of businesses and individuals (Fatianov AA mystery as a social and legal phenomenon. Her views / / State of and pravo.1998. N6. P.12.). O. Oleinik said that, according to U.S.

experts, banking secrecy is related to 3 kinds pravotnosheny: between bank and client, between client and government, between government and the Bank (OA Oleinik Legal the problem of banking secrecy / Hawse-in and right. 1997. N6. P.134). Legal regulation of bank secrecy is being implemented regulations HA FZ "On Banks and Banking Activity in the RSFSR ', CC (Article 183), Art. 16 of the Customs Code, as well as a number of instructions of the Central Bank and tax authorities. It should be noted that between st.857 CC and Article 26 of the Federal Law 'On Banks …' There are a number of contradictions, which indicates AY Vikulin. (Vikulin AY bank secrecy as an object of legal regulation / / State of and right. 1998. N7. P.66.). In particular, the CC entity is obliged to keep secret, called the bank, whereas in the law – a credit institution in the GC, which relates to operations on the deposit, and the law – all of the operations.

Additional Income

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Cadiz Cruise Forum

It’s an event that will bring together in the capital to the most important national and international industries of cruisers, under the Organization of Cruises News Media Group, international consulting firm specializing in cruises.On 24 may be held I Cadiz Cruise Forum 2012 Edition will be on May 24, with the initiative of the city of Cadiz, the Autoridad Portuaria Bahia de Cadiz, Navantia and Gades-Port. Cadiz Cruise Forum 2012 will present all the business opportunities that can lead to cruise traffic to Cadiz and province. The discussion will focus on how to prepare port, the auxiliary industry, the destination itself and tourism services to guarantee the satisfaction of the new cruiser. Is an event aimed at professionals of the port sector, auxiliary industry, travel agencies, institutions related with the tourism promotion, as well as managers of hotel services, restaurants, museums, shops and in general services that can benefit from the arrival passengers at Cadiz. The event, which will be opened by the Mayor of Cadiz, Teofila Martinez, will count with the participation of the main shipping companies Royal Caribbean, Pullmantur, Iberocruceros and Oceania Cruises, ports such as Malaga, Motril and Lisbon representatives, executives and professionals from leading operators specialized in BC Tours and Intercruises cruise traffic. You can make your reservations if you want to attend this event in our Hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the hotels in Cadiz best located in the city. The event is organized in small introductory presentations that will talk about the economic impact of the cruise ships, the port promotion target, the new Atlantic route or how to strengthen the relationship with public administrations.

Social Forum

They will continue discussing the proposals that have been treated have been in common a great rear Assembly. Some of them, for example, included the reformulation of the Constitution on the basis of the concept that sovereignty belongs to the people; improved communication – internal – see faces, unless spokesmen and every one or two months and external, both very necessary; a decentralization that everything will not move in Madrid; etc. Much has been said also of the media and your general self-censorship and create an own news agency, as well as own means to inform, although all of these initiatives, simple sketches, are not developed and not consensual. Banners, backpacks and bicycles were the hand luggage of the outraged, some of whom have come accompanied by their dogs or carrying baby carts. An information booth was responsible for guiding the lost and another picked emails electronic assistants to perform a mapping to improve coordination. In the trees hung posters of mobilizations in the mountains of Leon or on the beach this summer. The megaphones, to lack of speakers and microphones, were returning to acquire protagonism.

The Assembly of strategies, part of the activities of this Sunday in retirement, began at 15 h, already with some television cameras present, on the basis of a concrete proposal from the city of Granada. A few thousand people have heard initiatives related to the system of decision-making in local assemblies or harmonization of protocols of mobilizations for the coming months and deal with the media. All the proposals that have not taken place due to the lack of time, will be Monday in the 1st Social Forum of 15-M. After the demonstration, hikers ahead them another night. Source of the news: indignant throughout Spain share their strategies before the demonstration in Madrid

Everyday Use Of The Internet

Nowadays, Internet has become a tool for use everyday and essential in the private and professional sphere. As we can see, are increasingly more applications that we give to the Internet, not only being a means of communication or finding information, but even to be a means to earn money, because investing in financial products like CFDs (contracts for difference), shares or futures, creating business, using media to earn money on facebook and other social networks, etc. Is also very widespread use of the Internet as entertainment, who does not see ever videos online of your favorite series, has a daughter who seeks videos de Patito Feo, communicates with his friends by courier, e-mail or social networks, continues the famous batalla de gallos of rap on the internet, plays online, etc. It is evident that increasingly the domain of tools that offers us Internet is necessary and even essential nowadays. So much so that because speaks of digital illiteracy or computer, comparing it with who didn’t read and write. Lack of this knowledge left in clear inferiority to any person, primarily in the workplace or when looking for work, because digital communications like email, share and send documents, downloading files and search for information on the network are very common activities in many jobs, not necessarily related to computing or the Internet. In any case, also in our personal and everyday lives, since many or all these tools often can save time and/or money in many of our usual activities.

AEMME With Micro-enterprises As Generators Of Employment

AEMME as multisectoral business employer of the Spanish microenterprises, want to bring and expose activities that has been conducting since 2004, the year of its Constitution, which has allowed and still allows, create economic activity, micro enterprises and employment self-employment. These activities are based on offer and participate in the information with entrepreneurs, and specific training Multisectorial, with special emphasis on those sectors that allow go giving form a: – a new model economic TIC, formation, environment – Third Sector foundations – Rural Sector, sustainability, recycling, energy and others. In the following link, you can download a summary of the historical AEMME activities, in this sense: AEMME also wants to bring the new model economic solidarity which, by its experience in direct and daily treatment with micro-enterprises of Spain, all sectors of economic activity, knows, and what may be the solutions from the point of view of this Business sector that accounts for over 95% of the total number of Spanish companies, among which are:-individual entrepreneurs (freelancers). -Corporate entrepreneurs (companies limited, usually). Also this whole business accounts for over 80% of GDP and it is possible that up to 60 / 70% of current employment. Also you can visit the following link, which provides that new model, from the point of view of Victor Delgado, President of AEMME AEMME, says this latest exhibition of proceedings implies a large investment in time and changes, trying to initiate the process to adapt our institutions and economic legal framework the situation of our current environment of the European Union and also internationally in United StatesEmerging countries and possible new global situation. More information: Spanish Multisectorial Association of microenterprise AEMME – C / ambassadors, 198, 1 C, 28045, Madrid Tels.: 917521036 / 650291524 Fax: 91 528 39 87 Email: Web: author: Pilar Esteban, responsible for communication ( about AEMME AEMME was founded in the year 2004, with the intention of providing service to a business activity that is more isolated because of their special characteristics and greater difficulties in integrating into collective: microenterprise. AEMME integrates individual, self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses in general: companies in the majority of family cases, with few employees and much daily effort.

10 Tips For The Car Rental

In this article we will tell you tips so that you take advantage of the coupons of rent of cars, best rates and hire special cars, we also make suggestions about policies and reservations to help you find a cheap car rental rate. 1 Reserve in advance your rental car if you can book your car rental with a week or more in advance, often get the best car rental deals. The reservation or rental cars during travel seasons heavy (such as the time of school holidays, for example) it will cost you more and will also have fewer choices of vehicles to choose. When you find a good price for the income you want, not afternoon you and reserve the rental car or the next time will not be available. 2. Find a car rental or discount discount code many programmes and business, sports associations, etc.

offer discounts for car rentals as part of their rewards or benefits for members. You can also put you in contact with the club’s frequent customers of the car rental agency. You can find coupons on car rentals or special car rental web sites. Please review the terms and conditions of these offers. Some car rental offering discounts cannot be used in conjunction with discount codes. Codes or car rental coupons are not always needed to save money.

3. The size makes a difference. According to the availability of rental cars you can get a free upgrade when collecting the car. Many cars car rental have excess of reservations in smaller cars, so if you are looking for a larger truck, ask at the car rental counter if there is free car hire upgrades. 4 Best price are generally on weekends. The highest percentage of rental car fleets are rented Monday through Friday for business trips. Tourists can often find best rental cars in discount during weekends, when the demand for some types of vehicles is not as high.