Eduardo Blanco

Is not good to submit to a negotiation where time plays against us, because the only thing you need to know the other party is just that, and from there to measure that delayed the negotiation have less ability to resist, our urgent conditions us and as time passes more what you must give up. Presented to a bargaining knowing exactly when we will have to give up and when not, it would be the ideal, but not always to maintain this position because this also depends on what you intend to respect the other party. Need to know that there are two things to which it is advisable to always be prepared 1) be prepared to leave, sometimes leaving the negotiating table is to get better terms for next time. (2) Be prepared to say NO. Finally, develop fully the subject of negotiation would require many articles where perfectly to deploy all components such as, type of negotiation, criteria, styles, advantages and disadvantages, times, methods of approach, dialogues, profits and losses, limitations, availability, etc.

To everything you learn in life and to also negotiate, the only drawback is that, generally, to know how to handle with ease and obtain satisfactory results, you must have gone through some negotiations without prior experience, so it will be probably touched you lose. Finally: the art of negotiation is very complex and know play it with skill, coolness and resolution is just that, an art. Although there are some who know very well what they do and are very safe when negotiating. Never forget that the most powerful tool in a negotiation is information, and essential, not always because it is negotiable should be negotiated a lot of luck! Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article

Cambio Materials

Or cases even more notorious as the cancellation of the time, as for more than 27 years and continuously came into the hands of readers, and that in December 2008 was suspended. Without saying of many others as the Colombian, who are conspicuous by their absence, silent disengagement and informative marginality into the newspapers both locally and nationally that scares; similar case with the seven or eight magazines and journals of major circulation which no missing on the shelves and that today are only part of the past, as National Geografic, week, Cambio 16, Diners, economy, very interesting, Motor, etc.. I know that just to that area of the newspaper they came every day and at different times over a collective grown from Avid for information Pereira and that now even put one foot in the building, however this be the raison d ‘ etre, the same object of the cultural establishment. And all this by simple and plain lack of management and discontinuity in the processes of this kind of agencies, and in the hands now of a professional on the right that apparently has the slogan reduce to the minimum spending at the expense of deterioration of materials for consultation and the decline in service, and where the low rates of customer little already interested. The fundamental activity of all contemporary library, in addition to excellence in care, lies in the continuous acquisition of reference materials and their physical treatment (in terms of their binding and other permanent conservation, cataloguing, classification and organization processes). But if administrative decisions are vested in the informative sidelining of the user, as a subsequent step for the cessation of the processes. Else may expect from the library? If up to rumored in the corridors and in the public gossip that has been contemplating the possibility of dispatching all the old paper, with more than three months of read, for recycling, and so have no that bind them.

Free Fall

After observing what was said by the Lord Manuel Saavedra Gerente de la Compania de Investigacion de Mercados (CPI) can give us account that Toledo is in free fall. Toledo asked Mr Saavedra, make a survey; but to pay him demanded him to publish what was confidential. And not content with this, he wanted to even manipulate it. The survey places it in the first place, and in a second possible turn with Keiko. You wanted to hide, however is that if you are going with Castaneda, this defeats him. Arrogance and impudence of Alejandro Toledo, it being launched into a free fall. And now? What do we do? Those who voted by Susana Villaran, no longer want to know nothing of it.

The evil is already done. The note today’s Express newspaper Monday 7 th March of the current year erroneously said that the triumph of Susana Villaran, was due to the tacha of the candidacy of Alex Kouri by the national jury of elections. Lie, because if a little look: its triumph occurred when Jaime Bayly got supporting Tongo in the D and of the population sector unfortunately a majority sector, with a low IQ and easy handling to then put them on head that Susan was the best option. And now we have to pay the consequences. Jaime doesn’t live with us. Population is undecided who to vote for Congress.

The vast majority have mistrust in candidates, and others do not know what the subject is. That’s why I still think that the congressmen should not be selected that way. To almost no one cares about having to choose them. I transcribe what briefly said thereon in my article Congress:-to summon the applicants to the Congress of the Republic, you must request, emplacement, require; the contest of professionals with master’s degrees and doctorates, in the various most important professions in the constitutional life of a country. (Doctors, lawyers, sociologists, anthropologists, engineers, constitutionalists, analysts) politicians, economicistas, etc.) Call for proposals, registration and necessary selection of candidates; you would be in charge of a suitable for the subject entity. Which could be the same constitutional court that they work in something or, if not, the same Congress, a dependency apart much is is talking currently on the damage that it causes the informal mining, however some presidential candidates, are suggesting nailing him more taxes on formal mining companies. This ahuyentaria them, and it would be encouraging more informality. One need not be an expert in economics to realize such that: if they are more formal enterprises which pay low taxes would be collected more than two or three who pay high taxes. But Alejandrito and Ollantita, think that this doesn’t work. In this presidential Marathon, the candidate who is in the tip already not pulled, and those who are in second and third place, it will begin to pass. All means of communication that supported it him are turning their backs after the barrabasada with Mr Saavedra. Even political analyst: Ricardo Vasquez Kunze, staunch defender of this pointer, today said he would not vote for him.

Trackback Promotes

Trackback is a system used for the associated messages in different blogs, in a sense more comprehensive, allows blogs to share readers. A simple example of how Trackback works here tuenes! If you just publish an article for example on the second Byrd Antarctic expedition, and then suddenly you realize that there is another similar or related post on another blog, you could use the trackback mechanism to notify of your post to another blog. When your notification trackback (which is the permalink to your post and, possibly, with some basic information about your blog) appears in the other blog post, where there are also readers, be notified that you have something to say on the subject and they can take a look. Everyone can have it, but not everyone has it! Some blogs have this capability built-in Trackback and not others but the good news is that you can get absolutely free the trackback feature all those who do not have it. If you are interested you can go to and sign up. Comment Trackbacks! Normally you will see an entry that has something to say and comment on it.

The use of a Trackback when you don’t have a related post is not an accepted practice. Known as trackback spammer sending trackbacks without relationship with each other can be banned between blogs. How does it work? Trackback works by sending a ping (electronic notification) of one blog to another to notify them your input. This ping also notifies your program of Trackback to your mailing list. Some bloggers moderated its trackbacks, i.e. each trackback notification and verifies that it is effectively a related post this avoids spam on your post. If the blogger considers it important to check your mail, you can allow trackback and then will be displayed as a trail back to another blog. The first step to create a trackback is to use Trackback URL of the post that you want to send your notification of Trackback.

The Strange Case Of The Hotel

At seven o’clock in the evening, when it introduced the key in the door lock, Ovid understood that something weird was going to happen to him. It contained breathing and turned his hand to the left as the waiter in the Hotel of Granada had taught him four days earlier when newly arrived to the city. He gently pushed the door, took a step forward and noted concerned and shocked the spectacle that was displayed before your eyes: the room was was almost empty. The bed of a single body, the bar fridge, TV, Dresser and Chair had disappeared along with his luggage, books and newspapers. On the wall next to the bathroom they had set a box which was a man of long beards crucified with his head down, full of blood and with a horrible gesture that betrayed the horrific pains suffered during his martyrdom. Looked everywhere but could not find any trace of furniture or personal items. He wanted to enter, to review with the hope of finding, bathroom to the less, shaving machine that give away you his son Pliny and his toothbrush, but a sense of fear invaded him suddenly and decided to leave it more that could quickly towards a safer place. When he was about to leave he threw a last look at the box.

His measures were two meters high by one twenty wide. The painter had used strong colors but, above all, the red and orange. The man in the picture was wrapped in a sheet and attached to two thick timbers cross by three overly large nails. Blood ran him from the feet to the head and had splashed the slats, the robe, beard and hair of the victim. Something in particular struck him and then his anguish was higher; He closed the door in a hurry and made an effort to convince themselves that it was not really what he had seen at the last moment: the drops of blood not only punctuated the bloodless face of the crucified; they not only staining his white raiment, not only is it colaba by his beard and his hair, but that he sprinkled the floor of the room.

Possible Openers

New Dominican reinforcements, Ramon Ortiz by Caracas and Jose Valdez by the Magellan, are the possible serpentineros that would have responsibility as open the first final series. Ramon Ortiz, is an experienced 35 years right-handed thrower that comes from acting in the semi-final of the Dominican League with the club of the Tigres del Licey, where left foja of 1-1 with 1.93 effectiveness in 4 openings, accumulating 23.1 innings working more 14 strikeouts propinados and only 2 tickets granted. On the other hand the joint Buccaneer bypass to the right-handed pitcher also Cubs Jose Valdez, which similar to Ortiz comes from acting with the striped cats of the Licey, with a performance by 2 games disputed serving in work of short reliever, collecting 2.0 episodes worked with iuna immaculate effectiveness, without passports delivered and pair of batsmen abanicados. To fight with the reinforcements Los managers Dave Hudgens and Carlos Garcia in this final les are not more options that go out to the playing field to play them with reinforcements and replacements brought from different clubs already eliminated and up of the Caribbean leagues, due to the various important casualties who had original players from the team midway through the recently completed round robin, management both the capital and the Valencians have made every possible effort so this final series have the highest possible level and greater effort yet to engage the best team possible and get the so anhleado Championship. A few nights ago the shipowners reinforced its staff of pitchers with the firebreak sharks of the Guaira Francisco Rodriguez and star to the foreign opener since the aguilas del Zulia, Jim Brower, thus covering what is believed he could be the Achilles heel for them, after hearing the good news that the ligamayorista Elvis Andrus campocorto may act in this final instance. From the other side the hairy could become a first yielding bat services as shark Gregor Blanco, who expected can provide stability to the line up as opener, since the club has not one since the departure of the imported Jon Jay and Josh Thole. also adding two new faces for the bullpen from the already mentioned above Ramon Ortiz Caribbean and American Jason Stanridge from del Licey. Strategists with all this material obtained for this final part joined with the big leagues that already had hecharan rest to bring the highest award of the League and the long-awaited joy to fans..

Robert Walser

A genius cannot be great all the time, in the same way that a comedian can not be funny in every moment of his life. I say this because the book which occupies us, Fritz Kocher notebooks, is a sovereign stupidity. So he is so beginning to think that the stupid I am, that something escapes me.We talked about the first book published by Robert Walser. In the original edition his brother drawings illustrated it. This would justify the purchase of the book as a curiosity of collector refers to the path of the great writer, but I’m afraid that pre-Textos has not published the book with the included drawings, leaving bare, without support, the relationship of a child’s primary texts. Because that is this book, the recapitulation of imaginary newsrooms in a non-existent child who died before leaving the school.Maybe at the beginning of the 20th century it could mean something, perhaps.

Entered the 21st century this sympathetic book means nothing.Do not lose time and read other works of this author. Because it’s worth reading to Robert Walser. Fritz Kocher notebooks, of Robert Walser are He published in 1909. More than a hundred years ago.


We do not believe in the future in the same way, I think that things have been deteriorating more and more, and this has made us perhaps more insensitive. We walked through the streets of the city rightly obscured by some vile coins, i.e. we are traitors to our own human essence, without look around or at least without reacting according to circumstances, as nearby example, while there are hundreds of people who are sleeping in the streets or under a bridge, few of us raised our voice to cry out justice to our rulers. Is that the barbarity, in which the world is plunged, to reached critical levels. Every day we get news more and more disturbing facts that we should shudder but that, however, they slip on our skin as something that something unusual happens.

Human rights, as incomprehensible as egregious invasions occur one after another in the world and today just shakes our daily lives immersed in a reality distorted with television shows and games for violence-laden children. Perhaps we have not the long enough to consider that we are living in the 21st century, in the future of a transcendent generation itself. However this chaos of consciousness, this moral chaos, has a purpose. Although I know that somewhere in our consciousness there is the suspicion that there is something more behind this order of disorder, there are many who do not see it, or even warn him. Brutal wars against defenceless peoples, based on lies skillfully manipulated and orchestrated by tremendous advertising machinery, by the way, have a definite plan, dark maybe for us, but quite clear for those who planned it coldly. Maybe redundant to cite as an example the invasion of Iraq under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, great falsehood used to begin murdering an entire people and steal their wealth, in this case, oil, but is good to remember this type of employed fallacies so nefarious that somehow end up being unmasked, although perpetrators cynically and publicly acknowledge his crime purposes, they argue that it was a error of intelligence and not receive punishment any post which are the owners of international laws created by themselves.

Universal Declaration

In the net expensive friends, Wilileaks, prepare themselves to know the embroidery frames as never, he will be? The article 5 Caption of the Federal Constitution deals with the basic rights to the inherent life, freedom and equality to the human being. Thus, greater relevance today has the basic rights of the human being, with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen. The Holistic University is based on this, to watch over, to promote the humanismo between the men, is the life that is in game. McLuhan, theoretician of the mass communication, affirms that the way is the message. It is irrefutable that television is propayer of the mass culture, but it has that if to attempt against to the social phenomena that had come to tona in century XXI while source of what it is propagated to take care of to the hearing. Then, who was born first? It answers if it will be able. (PS: Love I You, the film, attend three times, ' ' valley the green penalty novo' '). As to structuralize the speed of the exacerbado evolucionismo seno for the preservation of the condition human being, materialize for the exerted social control through the state power. The life in inserted family in the educational bases for the practical one of the citizenship, the moral values need to be rescued, in view of that the financial profit, as well as the status, considered for the North American ideal of perfect life in American Pie they contradictate the image right, as well as the preservation of the dignity human being in the society contemporary.

Internet Aircraft

In this article, I will not intrude into the world of flying models (controlled, cord, etc.), and try to express, and who are interested in and discuss some of their thoughts about collectible scale models of aircraft (ie non-flying) in the First of all I would like to provide prefabricated model airplanes. Many remember that during Soviet times to sell these inexpensive plain naborchik as the Yak-18, IL-18, AN-24 and Tu-104, Mi-2 and other well-remembered landmark price of the Yak-40 – 40 kopecks naturally! Completely different look from the GDR model company "Plastikart" – the workmanship is a cut above. But we must honestly admit that they both provided a good creative school for many fans, and it is not surprising that until now these rarities are found on sale. Currently on the market of prefabricated models presented a wide range of both manufacturers and aircraft types. Rossi, the undisputed leader in these models enterprise is "The Star", and interestingly, produced range is regularly updated. Relatively recently, "experts" finally waited for the release of the Tu-154.

Eyes get from a lot of beautiful boxes that surround the store. But not every potential buyer realizes that the distance from the contents of the box to the image on the right side – a very, very big, and for many simply irresistible! In Internet is not difficult to find a professional photo (otherwise you will not tell) assembled models. Their resemblance to the original is simply amazing. If you look closely at these works, you realize how much work and soul man invest in their offspring. Therefore like to express gratitude to a true master, creating almost museum pieces and allow all of us to "attend" virtual online exhibition. The second largest group vintage airplane ready to create scale models of aircraft.

The overwhelming if they are made from quality materials, with good color, distinct representation of logos and signs, plus a harmonious stand. In stores such models are sold much less frequently. The main player in this area is the German firm HERPA, presented a wide range of passenger aircraft usually on a scale of 1:400, 1:500. We will not hide – naked glance they look too small and some chassis nepotnyatnye, and a distance meter or two they can not be overlooked. But that being said, for an amateur – a certain demand for them is. Firms offering ready-made model airplanes (ModelAVIA) fulfill orders on a larger scale: 1:200, 1:144, 1:122, 1:100, 1:72 and 1:48. This way the bird looks solid steel, and a favorite type of airplane you have to really be you cast a spell, delight, and just a delight. In conclusion I would like to make a suggestion (I think many would agree) – scale model aircraft to complement any office as well as living quarters, and no doubt will give one side an element of seriousness, and on the other accentuate your romance and, therefore, soulfulness.