New Theme Park

Palm will have a new theme park image Flickr CC abrocke the City Council of Santa Cruz de La Palma will boost a new theme park; The Indian garden will be the name and will be devoted to the American flora. It will be located in the rear of the old house Hernandez, which is located in the District of San Sebastian. The Ministry of environment and Territorial Planning of the Canary Government has subsidized this project with a sum of 96,000 euros. Cleaning of the solar and the earthwork already started, arrangement of the old wall and gate surrounding the primitive Garden, the next step will be. Tourists wishing to visit the garden of the Indies will encounter a wide variety of flora, also fruit trees to ornamental plants. The central display will be species arrivals to the Canary Islands after the voyages of Cristobal Colon. With this new project, which the authorities intend to is that the former Casa Hernandez in the future hostel interpretation centre The Palma-america.

The Mayor of the town, Juan Ramon Felipe, said: the garden of Indias will entail the creation of an important green area in our city, in addition to becoming a point of reference to understand the relationships between Santa Cruz de La Palma and America. It also considers that this new Park, the San Sebastian area is transformed into a representative space for tourists. Tourists can choose between cheap, luxury hotels and hostels, to stay and not miss the wonders of this beautiful island. Source: Press release sent by jesseny.

Internet Server

Dedicated hosting plans are specially designed for the majority of web sites that consume many resources that’s why who often use their bandwidth for purposes such as video streaming / podcasts, upload large amounts of data to several thousands or hundreds of thousands of visitors per month, or even a very extensive operation and complex intranets for employees of large corporations. VPS hosting allows a certain margin of customization in terms of performance and safety. And like dedicated hosting plans, you have the ability to customize the firewall and even dictate to what IP addresses should have access, either important or confidential files and information. The resources available through VPS also allow greater speed and higher capacity server than shared servers. This is ideal for web sites with lots of traffic which also have bandwidth-intensive applications, but does not necessarily need or can afford all the characteristics associated with dedicated hosting plans.

Performance and the overall security of shared web hosting are best suited for the small site owner who does not anticipate a large growth of traffic or data transfer. The journey of e-mails and data is slower on servers shared versus dedicated servers or virtual private servers. Firewalls are not customizable and transfer your website or database to another server can often be slow and prone to error. Conclusion shared servers have long been a worthy choice for those looking for accommodation options that are economic, as well as, efficient in the capabilities of the user. It is recommended that you consult your hosting provider for specific information on the support and the conditions of service with regard to other users. VPS hosting is a more reliable option, however, for a business that wants to bring to its web hosting to the next level and needs of functionality and support to achieve that goal.

Finally, the dedicated hosting should be selection for any webmaster who need full rotation of features for server plan if the maximum personalization / data transfer / technical support, powerful options for customization of IP addresses, email server and firewalls and is willing to pay for them. offers the best servers for an optimum performance to develop your business on the Internet.

Right Center

Hiring more workers as part-and introducing more non-standard schedules such as the working week to four ten-hour shift, shift, break apart, etc., the company raised the level of use of its software services to 10%, and annual savings from innovation amounted to 25 million dollars. But few have a clear strategy and a strong infrastructure must also constantly monitor the call centers to work properly. To do this exercise right investment in human resources – for example, train oeratorov call centers, if necessary, and introduce a system of performance management that are financially stimulated to develop call center operators in the right direction. Do not neglect the training of all employees Every call center, on which depends the effectiveness of the call center, the most important role is played by the supervisor operator office – he just trains the call center operators. A good trainer supervisor to be easy, considering all amount of administrative work that he has to perform, and the fact that the learning of the call center in the firm's strategy is not given a decent place. Under the supervision of each of the supervisors, as a rule, is too many operators, and the time allocated to the company for training, too compressed. Ideally, 70% of the time supervisors should go for training call center, and the number of operators under the supervision of one person should be, depending on the role of the group range from 18 to 14. In the word 'education' we mean and supervise the work of the call center – to listen.

LDPE Packaging

Quality packaging products is an essential requirement of trade. Therefore, the entrepreneur comes the thought: "Buy in bulk packages. But where? What is the value package? "Today, most versatile, economical and beneficial way of packaging for each product are packing bags. Entrepreneurs, buying in bulk plastic bags, use them for packaging of various consumer goods and food, as in supermarkets, as well as in street vending from trays and tents. Polyethylene film bags well protect the product from external impact, moisture, damage and retain its original appearance and quality. They can be used for packing clothing, hygiene items, food, garbage, etc.

Buying in bulk packaging bags, the consumer puts forward special requirements: attractive appearance and high quality; hygiene; High strength; exclusion of access to the goods; Ensuring long term storage of products, edible; Fast and easy to use, especially when a large stream of buyers for example in supermarkets. Pouches are often used in shops for packaging cereals, sugar, pasta and non-food items. It is now well established manufacturing HDPE and Pouches Pouches PA. For the manufacture of HDPE packages using low-pressure polyethylene with suspenziyno-gas-phase method. Such a dense polyethylene, matte, durable and has a distinct rustling sound. Production package is of good quality products and high-speed manufacturing. Their value is not very high, the demand for HDPE bags is growing.

Due to the folds of the side bags HDPE roomy, comfortable and durable, it is allow them to use over and over again. Load capacity of this type of packages are sometimes as high as 20 pounds. Production of LDPE packages made of polyethylene granules of high pressure with different additives. For through the complex process of their production is more expensive. However, beautiful appearance, smooth and shiny surface, the possibility of applying the qualitative and full-color images using flexography All this will offset the high cost of production. Businesses and companies can buy in bulk packaging bags, ordered to apply your own logo. These packages are very attractive, and they can be used for gift packaging of expensive items. LDPE packages can be used for packaging liquid products, such as sour cream, yogurt and milk. People daily use plastic bags, as well as bags t-shirt. Modern manufacturers Pouches can offer any quality and thickness for all occasions. Widest range of filling packages will make any product a competitive and attractive to the most demanding customer. When using the text link to obligatory.

Uruguay Celebrates

It increases the misunderstanding of Messi with Argentina. There will be a few more painful scenarios for the flea to the night in Santa Fe. The albiceleste was eliminated that had to be his Cup in his own field, with Messi’s captain, no less than by Uruguay. It wasn’t guilt of Leo, who participated decisively in the goal of his team and transformed the corresponding penalty, but was responsible for the own Argentina, beaten by their lack of game and aiming in archery from Tevez, surpassed by the celestial, which forgave not one on the wheel of penalties and was more competitive that never in territory enemy. It already happened exactly 61 years ago, when he starred in the Maracanazo in the World Cup against Brazil. Last night he repeated in the America’s Cup at home in Argentina. Party responded to the end and after the status of classic of the Rio de la Plata, to the drama that is required to a race of this caliber, more than anything because there was an expelled by bando, the extension of medium, an outstanding performance by the two goalkeepers and the wave of the penalties as a final solution. Source of the news:: Uruguay celebrates the Maracanazo


Not wanting to lose the time you lose time and soul. You’re losing the pulley so much wanting to win it.Jose Bergamin. It is so short our traffic through this dimension that we must know to properly handle the work and not that this caught us and bring us until death ends. The Japanese call this karoshi. As reminds us, the most approximate to the Spanish translation would be death by overwork, an evil that produces more than 100 annual victims in Japan, despite the efforts of the Government to educate a society with an inflexible work culture. It is said, the first report of a case of karoshi dating back to 1969, when a 29-year-old man died exhausted in the dispatch of the largest newspaper in Tokyo area. However, the Japanese Ministry of labour recently began to compile statistics in 1987.

According to specialists, the medical causes of death by overwork (heart attack and stroke, the two most common) due to the long working hours that Japanese workers are subjected. In several cases, found that the victims were working around 3000 hours per year. In an informal calculation, if the Franks and holidays, are discounted workers completed hours of work between 11 and 12 hours. More than one hundred of Japanese, is calculated, die annually by karoshi. Concerned by these figures, the Government launched a prevention campaign. Among other measures, the Ministry of Labour promotes the respect of maternity leave and the use of teleconferencing as an alternative to the daily transfer to big cities.

So far, however, the results have not been too successful. In 2006, according to official data, 355 workers fell ill by work inordinately. Of them, 147 died. The figure represents an increase of nearly eight percent over the previous year. For Dr. Katsuo Nishiyama, Shiga University, in Kyoto, evil is due to the thoroughness of Japanese culture.

English Training Programs

It is absolutely proven fact because in 2007 a few of our students receive a 50% discount on training program in English. This means that the student pays for one semester and the second study free of charge. It is also possible to obtain a scholarship of $ 3,000 a year from the fund Lazarskogo Richard, the founder of this institution. In the LSC is still What nationality student, the main thing – it is the student's knowledge, and its ranking in the list of achievement of the institute. I want to mention the fact that Ukrainian students are on top of ratings performance in the LCS. – What kind of benefits package student receives? – First of all – it's discounts on transportation and insurance. Monthly travel on all modes of transport in Warsaw will cost 60 hryvnia.

That by Ukrainian standards is relatively cheap. Insurance will cost the student $ 120. Provides a wide range of recognized in Warsaw insurance agencies. – Students coming not only learn, but to live in Poland. Could you tell us about student leisure below the educational process? In his spare time student LSC gyms. There is also an Information Bureau, where you can learn about all the possibilities of leisure activities for students.

But in addition to entertainment, which provides institution, there is such a big city like Warsaw, which is itself replete with lots of clubs, bars and restaurants. An interesting point in the fact that Poland can meet famous people in the most ordinary places, even if a politician or star in show business. They can be seen in cafes or conventional supermarket on sale. In addition, LSC 3 times a year arranges a meeting with senior people. It is ministers, foreign representatives and heads of successful companies. Lazarski School of Commerce and Law, initially focused on upbringing of a successful person.

Sewing Machines

Many of us are going to store sewing equipment do not know exactly what model sewing machine, we're going to buy. Once in the store, we dipped into a wide range of equipment. Sewing machines – a very competitive field. To to make sure this will be enough to enter into a search engine phrase sewing equipment Kharkov and see the results. On the one hand, a wide range of products only work on the buyer's hand, but on the other hand, it significantly complicates the selection process. That is why we advise not to rush. Please read each model.

Ask the shop assistants about the reliability of a machine, about the function and other important parameters. Preferably before going to the store to decide which tasks will be to perform a new sewing machines and what its main purpose. Will depend on your choice further. For starters, it is best to buy household sewing machines and overlock machines. As for the seamstresses of professionals, you can choose the model and more complicated. Suitable for industrial purposes, industrial sewing machines and overlock machines. It should be noted that not only Overlock plays an important role, but simply necessary for the production of garments.

For those who wish to diversify their work and embroidery patterns, we recommend embroidery machines. However, be aware that this option will cost a little expensive. So, when you already know which model to choose, always make sense to compare the prices of goods. There are special sites. After visiting this resource, you will have enough information about what shops (or even online stores) offer the same model and what is its value. In this manner you will achieve the best possible result – the smallest cost. If you have decided on the typewriter and the store, then came it's time to make a choice! Good luck!

Juan Perez

It is basically a block of text between 5 and 7 lines. An example would be the following: Juan Perez is an expert in techniques of thinning has helped hundreds of people to maintain and restore the line. You can expand this information on its web site, the secrets to lose weight of Juan Perez, in You can find specific information for combating cellulite in – once it has your written article, make sure that he has played the points I wanted to try and review the article for possible errors of wording or spelling. Once you do this, your article will be ready to distribute. Distribute an article can be a task that consumes some time. Many delegates this work to third parties and pay for services Specialized.

Others do if same using programs that automate the process. You must nevertheless take into account that the best repositories, directories and articles banks do not accept items that are sent by automatic programs so manual sending your item to these sites is always the best choice.Your article must be distributed first nothing to articles directories, obviously we recommend that you start by Articulo.Org or Articulandia.Com. Unfortunately there are so many in Spanish as in English, but they are slowly proliferating. You need an article to be published in these directories?The article of no more than 750 palabrasUn title sugerenteUn subtitle (optional) your list of keywords (optional) (optional) web site emailSu essentially, you must visit these articles directories, open an account if necessary, enter therein and above data placed in a specially designed form. The vast majority of articles directories they approve the items manually, so it might take a week or more for which your article appeared in the same.Once sent her article to these directories, is recommended to circulate it also amongst the community of editors of newsletters related to your niche market. You can build your own database of these editors where to find them? Search the Internet for directories of ezines or electronic journals and newsletters.

Coach Training

Having worked closely for a long time with the organizers of open training sessions, I gathered the TOP-10 most common problems in preparing for training. 1. The main problem of the organizers of the various trainings is to choose Coaches and Coach Training topics should be chosen not from the principle that he likes you as a professional in person, but from the customers' needs. If you decide to organize the training, then you should already have some customer base, a corporate customer, or if we try to organize on their enthusiasm – can get a picture with a lamentable shortage of the group. 2.

Difficulties with organizational and legal issues and contracts Any agreements and arrangements for training to be recorded on paper, draw up a treaty, even without the organization of an LLC or PIs. Rider coaches usually registered in detail, but if it is too simple or no, it is necessary to clarify all the details orgprotsessa, especially its financial component. 3. The absence of a quick set of tools and algorithms for the promotion of training. In addition to understanding the purposes of training and its target audience, the organizer never hurts inside information about the content of the event, target audience and other nuances and details that can be used for sales training in a live conversation. In addition, useful to have a ready-made texts, sales letters and the compilation of articles on coach training. Coach is welcome, please consult the organizer in the way of sales promotion planned training. 4. The problem with the selection of advertising sites If you are organizing the arrival of a famous coach, the advertisement must begin with resources, is home to the target audience: its author's website, newsletter, Learn, groups in social networks, etc. More often possibility of advertising on these resources is available automatically after an agreement on the organization of your training, but if you do not provide it – ask! In addition, you can arrange with a trainer to he or his organization helped you in the promotion of the event: it's easy to do, especially under certain conditions.