Since the mid-1990s, Internet has gone from being a curiosity that made an appeal to technology enthusiasts to be an indispensable tool. Types of business models there are four main types of business models of online commerce: company to consumer (B2C): B2C model sells goods or services to the directly to the consumer, usually through a catalog and online shopping cart systems of shopping for the transaction of payments. Business to business (B2B): Cisco is an example of one of the first B2B online catalogs. Other examples of B2B e-commerce services are the intranet and Web meetings. Consumer to business (C2B): El C2B is a model where a project is published by the consumer and the companies respond you with offers. Another example of C2B are loans loans online brokers.

Consumer to consumer (C2C): any web site purchase and sales or online auctions, are examples of C2C where consumers can post advertisements or offers to sell items to other consumers. This is the segment of faster growth in online commerce, thanks to the social networks. There are also some aspects that are worth knowing and have direct relationships with business models pair ecommerce such as control of value models which are the things valued by consumers in a business. These factors, such as the range of products, ease using web site, affordable prices and comments from users about the product, are quickly and easily evaluated using a design of commerce site online. The online trading model enables companies to experiment with new products, without making major financial commitments. It also creates an atmosphere where businesses can experiment with new revenue models.

The concept of Lock-in refers to the ability to encourage buyers to return to purchase additional items. Storage of information in the online trading system allows buyers purchase easy and completes the purchase of one or two click in sales. E-commerce business models appear to be more efficient in comparison with traditional companies since the sales information is quickly evaluated and adapted to meet the immediate needs of consumers. Affiliate programs are an excellent example of an online business that makes use of affiliate programs. Many other web sites and blogs offer visitors a few lists of recommended reading, and almost all reading lists link directly to pages in a web site specific related readings or suggested books. Anyone who wants to buy one of those books can do so through your user account and the reference site will be credited with a small Commission to facilitate the transaction. Affiliate programs are credited with the generation of up to eighty percent of the transactions in some web sites. This makes affiliate marketing a very important aspect of e-commerce.

Key Accounts

Hello, Andrew B.. My name is Mary D.. October 20th I contacted you by telephone to ascertain data on vacancies – Manager of Key Accounts, that your company has placed on Online I propose to consider my resume your need for an effective manager – this is a great opportunity for me to prove their expertise and increase sales for your company. Experience and personal sales skills will allow me to effectively maintain and develop your customer base. Knowledge and skills obtained during the conduct of the project "The dealer MTS", will more competently implement all the initiatives in your company. I have the knowledge and skills of workflow.

We have our own base of 30 clients. Your organization is responsible to my ideas about a serious and successful company which has prospects in the market. I will contact you within three days to respond to preliminary questions that you may have. I am always available by phone +7- xxx-xxx-xx, e-mail:. – Sincerely, Mary D.. End the cover letter proposal for concrete action. Take the initiative in their hands.

Finally, write a letter like this: 'I will contact you within a few days to discuss the date and place of our meeting. At maturity, call me by phone. …'. This activity is always impressive, especially if you are applying for a managerial position. And if you promise something, do it! Samples of other cover letters you'll find on my blog – see Step 6 for free download Send the letter to the company – there is also a Give details of your letter to your highest priority. In the settings of mail programs and services has a special feature to give your writing a priority.

Intensified Advertising

Pseudo-scientific statements about Nibiru and Yom Kippur in 2012, and distrust Government intensified advertising a new film production Kelambiya Pictures (Columbia Pictures), entitled ‘2012 ‘, scheduled for release in rent in November 2009. Movie trailers that appeared in cinemas and on their website shows a tidal wave swept over the Himalayas, and the accompanying picture of the words: ‘As the government on the planet will make six billion people by the end of the world? Long pause They will not. Long pause What the truth. Google Search 2012 ‘. Advertising the film includes the creation of pseudo-website ‘Institute of succession rights “entirely fictitious. In accordance with the information contained on the site, the Institute of continuity Human (IHC) is intended for research and preparedness of humanity to natural disasters.

The mission of the Institute – the survival of humanity. The website explains that the institute was founded in 1978 by international leaders of government organizations, business and academia. We claim that in 2004 scientists at the Institute (IHC) confirmed with 94% certainty that in 2012 the world will be destroyed. This Web site offers people to register to participate in a lottery to qualify, who will be saved, a colleague wrote the name of his cat, and he was accepted to participate. I found on Wikipedia (Wikipedia), that the creation of such fake sites – a new method of advertising which called ‘viral marketing’, by analogy with computer viruses. 20.

Is it possible that the influx of questions presented by you, is part of some campaign to create a book or film, with the expectation that the number of denials will be treated as superfluous ‘proof’ of existence of the conspiracy? The same questions I ask myself every day, as the volume of emails that I receive about Nibiru (along with various alignments and displacements poles) is constantly growing – now more than 20 letters a week. Clearly, this is money that is earned on the fears of the approaching Judgement Day. Some of this hype, of course, is an advertising campaign science-fiction film-catastrophe ‘2012 ‘(see question 19). Many websites are selling the books and records on a tape about Nibiru or even ‘survival kits’. It’s very sad that at a time when there are so many real outstanding issues (such as global warming and the financial collapse), people believe the false statements. In the final chapter of his new book on astronomy (‘The Hunt for Planet X’) Govert Schilling (Govert Shilling) writes: ‘Much more whistleblowers to be done – archaeologists and astronomers, who are skeptical on the nonsense with a tidal wave of Nibiru and explain with scientific precision what is wrong in this false tale of space. They will have good work over the next few years. A December 22, 2012 will be a new story implausible, ‘leaving on business as usual’, and the whole circus will start from the beginning. Because no matter how many new celestial bodies was not discovered in our solar system, there will always be a need for the mysterious Planet X.

Target Funds Starts Trading

Investors of the RWB may forward on the sale of the Italian carrier Microtecnica. The Italian carrier Microtecnica was sold by the RWB target fund Stirling square. Once the antitrust authorities agree the EUR 330 million deal, is the strategic sale in Goodrich – also an Italian company Aviation – signed and sealed. Microtecnica was founded in 1929 in Northern Italy and is one of the world’s largest independent supplier to the global aviation and aerospace industry. Including drive, hydraulics and control systems for aircraft and helicopters are in the wide product range of the company. About EADS, the NASA and Eurocopter are among the major buyers of products. Both in the new Airbus A380 as well in the international space station ISS and the ARIANE 5 rockets solutions by Microtecnica are processed.

The British private equity fund Stirling square is located since 2010 in the portfolio of the RWB. Since its inception in 2002 Stirling square Europe already has two funds 15 Target companies financed and managed around EUR 735 million. During the entire three-year holding period Microtecnica was in the portfolio by Stirling square flying high: sales increased by almost a third, the EBITDA is tripled. These successes are based on the Stirling square capital strategy, which included, for example, a restructuring of the operational business and to increase spending for research and development. The RWB global market fund international III and IV are involved in Stirling square with a total of EUR 5 million.

The RWB AG is a specialist for private equity investments of RWB AG. Founded in 1999, is one of the first initiators, which have made available to exclusive investment programs of the private equity a broad investing public. With over 100 international fund investments in numerous States and on five continents the RWB AG now belongs to the most experienced roof fund investors of in Germany. The RWB AG is managed by its owners and bank-independent.

Eastern Empire

She became an integral part of cultures in Western Europe and the Mediterranean. In ancient Rome, especially glass containers were estimated, because they were staying, tasteless as opposed to other available materials. Also used rich Romans already glass window panes. The disintegration of the Roman Empire meant decline for the art of glass making, as well as for many other technologies, arts and Sciences, first stagnation and in the course of several centuries. The remaining areas of the Eastern Empire were an exception. Constantinople at this time was a Centre for trade, science and technology, and the art of glass making.

Around the year 1000 it was in Europe the development of glass-making, which made the production of real glass. Due to the difficulty of the procedure were glass but still long a luxury item, only for churches, palaces and rich merchants in question came. In the middle ages Venice evolved into the European commercial metropolis and cosmopolitan city, where the art of European glassmaking reached new heights. Some 50% of the population of Venice were employed in glass production, who founded the city’s wealth. Venetian glassmakers were the first Europeans to the discoloration of glass managed to do that. The resulting artworks and products from colourless high-purity glass gained world fame. In addition, the Venetian glassmakers produced artistic glass beads, which were in demand in the barter trade with the noble and rare goods of across Asia and Africa. The technical development of modern times announced 1688 in Saint Gobain, a commune in Northern France.

For the first time produced the uniform thickness in the technique of rolling glass jars. Industrialization meant revolutionary innovations for the glass production. Automated manufacturing process increased the productivity and quality. At the same time, they allowed the use of glass in previously unknown dimensions. Glass was now become final a versatile used material, which touched on many areas of everyday life. The modern mass production process were accompanied by a declining importance of traditional craft of glassblowing, which now is a rarely exercised, valuable arts and crafts. Glass has accompanied mankind for millennia and is still a versatile material with potential for the future. The team of glass mirror frame is like available for more information. Press contact: Contact person: Mr. Dieter Kuhn Duke Spitalstrasse 9 RGB. 80331 Munich Tel.: 0 89 / 26 02 61 87 fax 0 89 / 26 02 61 88 email: Homepage:

What Is A Ziplock Bag

Ziplock bag – the practical helpers in everyday Ziplock bag are somewhat more expensive than your relatives without closure, but they meet also a much bigger benefit. They are wiederverwndbar and thus actively contribute to the protection of our environment. If you follow the right unique name then you come to the idea that you see this term is a small bag or Pocket under pressure lock which can be. This is very close to this not very large, useful utensil. There is even a little better because a Ziplock bag it’s usually, that he is again and again to open and close again.

So we are talking about a very often resealable bag, which is very handy for many things. Often such reclosable bags are transparent and the closure of the bag is usually colourless film made a kind of plastic zipper often or closing Velcro is also common. Of course there are variations in color, material, Possibility of closure and also available. Ziplock bag be used often in the budget for storing and freezing food, or like in offices. There, these bags are also very useful for all sorts of small things, papers, which would be held like undamaged sorted and must be removed from time to. The things stored in pressure lock bags remain so through these bags clean and protected and can be well stored and transported. Practical and easy opening and closing of pressure sealing bags thus saves the use of several other bags that would be destroyed and unusable when you open. Also additional closures are not required so conveniently normal bags. Ziplock so have apparently not only a practical benefit, but protect our environment also often possible using.

Federal Republic

With greater workers loyalty strategic competitive advantages open up the US consulting firm Gallup since 2001 collects annually the study to the commitment and the motivation of German workers (engagement index). In the most recent report almost 2000 workers aged 18 and over were interviewed late October to end of November 2008 by telephone. Based on twelve statements on workplace and working environment respondents are each mapped to one of three groups of binding workers with high emotional attachment”, these are emotionally committed their place of work. They are loyal, productive, have less days of absence. Employers benefit from less turnover. In the second group are the employees with low emotional attachment”classified. These workers serve according to the regulations”. They’re only restricted emotionally committed the company while productive, but, they have more days of absence and cause higher turnover costs.

“The employees grouped together in the third group, finally, no emotional attachment” to the company feel. These workers are actively working against the interests of the company and have completed may also have internal termination. They’re not mentally present. They are unhappy with their work situation and colleagues also know this. As a result of the survey is once again, as in previous similar serious noted, to hold that only 13% of workers loyal to your company, 67% feel a little emotional attachment and 20% of employees have already internally terminated. The consequences are measurable for the performance of the enterprises as well as for the economy. The weak or non-existent emotional attachment leads com. Gallup for the workers concerned to additional two to four days in the year and cause macroeconomic costs of up to 109 billion euros per year.

Approximately 27 million social welfare workers in the Federal Republic emerges as an annual amount of 4.000,00 per employee which economically fizzles. So can each business for his company, or any Executive for their respective area of responsibility quickly roughly determine what untapped potential here broke. The performance of a company essentially depends on the readiness of the staff. Entrepreneurs and executives who have recognized this are so capable of, even in the currently economically difficult time to bind employees through targeted staff work in the form of open communication and wertschatzendem value management and to raise the ratio of loyal employees to gain a strategic competitive advantage. For loyal employees are not only more efficient, but the company benefited also from the positive external perception by customers and suppliers. Peter Munnich.