More Green Power

German energy policy: zigzagging in promoting solar flow now over 20 percent renewable energy by German power grids more kilowatt hours than the remaining nuclear power plants produced in the last year. The solar power contributed 18 billion kilowatt hours and is mostly accepted by consumers. Despite this success stories, a political discussion on the solar promotion breaks loose now. The course was set only newly last year down to the full supply with renewables. But now the already moving train should be redirected again. In clear text: some politicians want to tilt the subsidy, although solar energy is already cheaper than household electricity for 2012. It seems that you will lose the long-term perspective of the eyes in this discussion.

The electricity prices rise due to high solar promotion on the contrary, with more green electricity prices will fall. Only in the summer the electricity price in trade fell as photovoltaics could cover almost the entire peak-load electricity. More green electricity leads to falling electricity prices on the stock exchange. According to a recent study by the Fraunhofer Institute ISE is always cheaper renewable electricity. For small photovoltaic systems, the researchers expect that this no later than 2030 to generate a kilowatt hour for 10 cents and are absolutely competitive against fossil fuels. Already in 2010 were lower electricity prices to nearly 3.1 billion euros. But consumers did not arrive this positive effect. On the contrary, increased electricity prices.

Because, despite high profits, continued high subsidies in the nuclear – and coal-based electricity flow four cents per kilowatt hour. A Greenpeace study showed that nuclear energy so far with more than 200 billion euros in Germany was State-funded. In contrast, 100 billion that flowed into the solar power available currently. Actually a kilowatt hour should cost around two euros nuclear power, so the Frauenhofer Institute. 2.70 euros per kilowatt hour would make to the consumer, if power plant operators would have to fully insure possible damage.

Potential Clients

We often receive this consultation of clients and potential clients who consult us about what are the most suitable marketing actions for each site. The reality is that product and sale plans defined in large part what is the most suitable marketing action. The reality is that you may not sell everything to everyone, for this reason, it is necessary to refer to the niche that we have chosen. It is from this notion that shall be defined the marketing actions that are most representative for each case. The possibilities are very extensive, but all have as common denominator that can be performed with a limited budget, its result is almost immediate, and Moreover it is possible to measure its effectiveness with great precision.

PPC campaigns pay per click. They are without doubt the most representative example when we think about online advertising. However, most of the times is not considered adequately its implementation. Launch a PPC campaign because we need to increase our sales, and only for this reason, and only often accompanied by this determination usually leave poor results. Ideally, the PPC campaign to accompany a series of actions, and that serves to promote very specific facts: a new service, an offer, or an online catalog that has been made for the occasion.

This leads us to the notion of landing page, i.e. the page where the user ends when you click our ads. If you think that it will have the same effect sent to the home of the company, which to a page designed for this specific campaign, think again. The chances that the user actually perform call to action (action proposed in advertising) will be greatly diminished if you cannot find a page prepared for this purpose. I.e., if you want that visitors buy, try a demo or download an e-book, the link that will take you to the desired result should be well visible, and not after several clicks. Make things simple for visitors is to have half the battle won. Email marketing. Like the PPC campaigns, they should accompany a series of concrete actions, in other words, simply with the premise visit our site which is very good, will lose valuable opportunities to close sales. Similarly, it is necessary to carry out landing pages receiving visitors who click on the links. The basic conceptual differences with PPC campaigns are that, firstly, who sent you the mail has already had some kind of contact with the company, why have your email. And, two, the email gives us many more possibilities to convince and attract as a sponsored link. As a result, take advantage of it. Affiliate campaigns. Some products and services adapted naturally to this type of promotion. Ideally, concerned with high profit margin enabling the payment of commissions to affiliates with comfort and popular products. Affiliate campaigns provide a high level of capillarity to marketing actions, allowing to reach new audiences, in the hands of affiliates. It is necessary to compare costs, results and ability to achieve the return of the investment to decide, although, ideally, it would be desirable to promote on several fronts. In this way we do not dependeriamos single-channel, also allowing messages to multiply and will boost each other.