In The ECM Market Migration

oii study: Over 40 percent of DMS/ECM users have for the near future a system change in sight in the German economy a wave of migration is imminent in the document management solutions apparently. Because according to a study of the digital intelligence institute (dii) are about 40 percent of the surveyed over 200 users to switch their DMS/ECM system in the near future. The main reasons include that the previously used solutions are outdated and too few users meet. The survey according to every fifth company already within the next twelve months a migration of DMS/ECM system to make, of which eight percent in the next half year plans. Another 15 percent have made while changing system firmly in their sights, but currently no specific termination. Another group of seven percent engaged in at the moment the idea of migration, without that it has yet to make a decision. As the most frequent motif, the companies, the investment in a new type Document management solution have their outdated technology. Three quarters of ECM users specify this for the planned modernisation.

Place two of the ranking of the reasons of migration, 72 percent call that their current system is too few users meet. For almost two-thirds also economic considerations play and for 58 per cent, a significant role changed requirements. Three out of five also specify also the dissatisfaction oii survey as crucial with motivation for migration with their current ECM manufacturer. As the most important criteria in evaluating the market for a new solution, 79 percent of the companies call the fast implement of the system followed by the future product strategy of the manufacturer. Economic characteristics and a good handling of the system for the employees also include the most important selection criteria. Interestingly the company but also attach great importance to that they cooperate with a software partner, who enjoys a good reputation in the market. 60 Percent the image of the manufacturers want to involve in the decisions. However, is the functionality of the solutions not at the forefront, but provided only by 57 percent in the foreground.

For Ayelt Komus, Scientific Director of the dii and at the same time professor for Business Informatics at the University of Koblenz, hides behind this result does not necessarily a surprise. The weighting of the selection criteria shifted increasingly in the direction of the simplicity of implementation, use and operation”, he reported from the customer contacts. The productivity-enhancing manageability has become more important as the one or the other additional features.” “He sees a significant change to previously only in one respect and is confirmed by the results of the survey: now more and more companies emphasize that the ECM solution is also available”, Komus stressed. This claim has over half of the respondents. At the same time interested in already 28 percent in addition to a Document management in the cloud-Variant.

The Nintendo

A life waiting for my Stud – a life for the horses as well as the training and horse care in my Stud for the horses”lots of strategic decisions on the player. Their task is to shine a dilapidated farm in new splendour. Actively, they go and get to work. After they renovate the barn, the riding Hall and the guest house where visitors can be accommodated. With them the, which immediately be plugged into the construction of a new breeding stable earnings. A short time later sweet foal circling on the pasture.

Trusted buyers can sell to them, they will lunge and trained to promising future champions. In addition to their large use on the farm, time remains the young Stud owners for their private pleasure. Prefer they spend their leisure time in the saddle. At lightning speed, it therefore goes beyond the nature where they recharge with rollicking rides and dared enjoy togetherness with her horse to the fullest. The Nintendo DS bundle 2 in 1: my Stud + my Stud – a life for the horses “is available now for 29.99 euros in trading.

Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi are trademarks of Nintendo. 2009 Nintendo. TREVA entertainment: TREVA Entertainment GmbH 2006 opened today’s business operations. Current issues for children, adolescents, young adults and families in the segments of console and PC games and online and mobile games are published. “” At the heart of the portfolio are the games of the internationally established, own series labels horse & pony”, ANIKIDS” classics to go “and J4G JUST FOR GIRLS”. But also stand alone titles like just SING! “, the world’s first karaoke game for Nintendo DSi, or dance!” It’s your stage”in cooperation with Detlef D! Samuel belong to the core business of TREVA.

Internet Portal

myCONTRACT24 at any time guarantees the maximum protection of personal data; a transfer to third parties thanks to virtual safe technology is through the individual encryption”excluded. Sensitive data can be in transit over the Internet do not improperly and changed. The use of myCONTRACT24 costs 10 EUR retail 1 EUR in the month and business customers a month. Founder and Commissioner-designate Board Member Stefan Holdt dealt for decades with professional contract management and sees enormous potential of myCONTRACT24: business models like GroupOn are extremely successful in the Internet. So also myCONTRACT24 by the buying power of our users will be in the medium term in the position agree with providers pricing models, the better than current market conditions are.”our portal addresses itself to all individuals and owners of smaller companies, which finally are their contracts averaging over 20 units right want to manage.

Unwanted renewals and prices due to lack of competition a thing of the past. The market potential of our services is huge, because anyone can thousands euros with myCONTRACT24 the year save. “, explains Jorg Muller, Director of the company and thus gives an Outlook on the future development. Caption: The new consumer portal for professional contract management helps to save thousands of euros a year. MyCONTRACT24 myCONTRACT24 ( is an innovative Web-based portal for professional contract management. The consumer-oriented service aimed at households and small businesses that want to actively manage their contracts.

With myCONTRACT24, users can monitor its existing contracts, control contracts and anonymous price comparisons of the Providers in the market seek to insurance from telecommunications to energy. is completely independent and represents only the interests of its customers. Use costs 10 EUR for EUR 1 retail and business customers in the month. Operator of the portal is the publicly traded myCONTRACT24.

Stock Exchange

Many believe the success of a billion the company Facebook in the spring of next year on the stock exchange goes, seems virtually certain. Founder Mark sugar Castle promised a reward for their permanent use his investors and employees. According to forecasts $10 billion should be taken with the IPO of the social network what would raise the value of the company to a total of $100 billion. The Internet portal asked its users, what success they trust to the Internet company. Altogether, 272 votes were in the survey for the stock market.

The participants should estimate what Facebook could succeed with the IPO. Click Tim Sloan to learn more. The election were three reply options. Most of the survey participants were carefully with their forecast. At least 39 percent of men and women, that the social network when its going public 2012 would occupy more than Google account. The IPO of the search engine company of 2004 flushed $1.9 billion into the pockets of the company at that time. Something about one-third of respondents (35 percent), however, trusts the current estimates by experts.

These assume billion revenue in the lower double-digit. This would be a brilliant start for Facebook. According to the “Wall Street Journal”, so far only 13 companies have managed to crack the 10-billion hurdle in its IPO. Most successful was to date the agricultural Bank of China at 22.9 billion euros revenue. Facebook adjusts this record, 26 percent of survey participants believe.

Skane Day

Quick time over to Sweden! -Owned and operated by TT-Line celebrating twice this year: the 50th anniversary and the connection of Rostock-Trelleborg 20 years – convenient, fast, cheap up to three times a day with TT-Line () of Northeastern of Germany to Scandinavia – special offers: stay in selected hotels in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Berlin Hamburg/Travemunde, January 2012 why in the distance cast, if the good is so close? That’s right, for example Sweden. Because the cool Kingdom on the Baltic Sea is a splendid destination in every season and it can be reached from northern Germany out literally in his sleep. In just six hours, the cheapest ferry of TT-line from Rostock to Trelleborg Cross (Germany/ off Rostock /). So reaching Sweden comfortable even for a day or weekend trip. For example, in the vibrant design metropolis of Malmo, in the Wallander – and crime – capital of Ystad, a Moose Safari or gardens and Castles tour of Skane. 20 years from Rostock to Trelleborg in this year the TT-line shipping company celebrates its 50th anniversary ( 50 years). The connection from Rostock is for 20 years: 1992 was opened under the name TR-line (TT-line today) the new ferry line between Rostock and Trelleborg and operated successfully until today. “2001 took the two TT-Line ferries Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn” on their journey.

Up to three times daily put the TT-Line Ferry in Rostock. If you book the night journey, has a choice of spacious four-bed cabins with sea view, ideal for families with children or cosy two-bed inside- or outside cabins. TT-Line offers a comfort package for day departures”; It consists of a day cab, breakfast or lunch (dish), as well as two soft drinks per person. This free offer euros for two persons only 48 or for up to five people only 68 euros.

Canary Islands

Cheap car hire specials by Sunny Cars to the beginning of the year 2010 Munich, December 8, 2009 (w & p) – with a Sun trip ushering in the new year 2010: the car rental agent of Sunny Cars hung up on current price specials for the Canary Islands, one of the most popular winter destinations in the world. There are the holiday car for Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote in comparison to the previous week price up to 90 Euro cheaper, and that constant inclusive services for the travel period of 3 January to 24 March 2010. The car hire packages for the Canary Islands are available until March 24, 2010. In only five flight hours winter say goodbye: the Canary Islands from Germany are also in the cold winter months with an average temperature of 25 c ideal Sun destination. Even swimming in the Atlantic Ocean is in many places possible.

To best explore the leisure activities offered are versatile, and holiday drive to be the beauty of the islands of eternal spring”. One of the famous dune landscape before the Playa de Ingles for example, in the South of Gran Canaria to the winter attractions. Tenerife offers visitors a fantastic nature park around Mount Teide, the highest mountain in the Canary Islands. Lanzarote also thrilled with his landscape and presents mobile traveller as a great desert of voided volcanic rock. And that takes the car from Sunny Cars for the winter holidays on the Canary Islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote to the beginning of the year 2010: the small car Toyota Aygo is offered to the weekly price from 137 euros, a nimble Renault Clio there from 155 euro per week, in the comfortable Fiat Croma 1.8 it goes from 355 euros on big island trip, and in the Renault Megane cabriolet blows the holidaymakers to the weekly price from 375 euro a warm airstream around the ears. All car models have air conditioning. In the sunny cars for the three Canary Islands cheap offers all important inclusive services are included: to do this, include unlimited mileage, fully comprehensive protection without excess (also for glass, tire, roof and underbody damage), a Liability insurance coverage amounting to over 7.5 million euros is a car-Diebstahlversiche-rung without excess, all local taxes, airport deployment and fees as well as a person personal accident insurance (PAI).

Are the Canary Islands specials by Sunny Cars at a travel agency, on or telephone 089 – 82 99 33 900th Company Description: Sunny Cars offers worldwide car rental at more than 5,000 resorts in over 90 countries and collaborates exclusively with partners that meet the high quality and standard of service by Sunny Cars. Holiday cars are sunny cars for untroubled holidays mood without surcharges, because the most important services are included in the rental price and guarantee a carefree driving pleasure.

Free Single Stock Exchanges

singleborse free how pointless life without love! But a large number of people don’t make it to meet your perfect partner in the cinema, at a club or at a party. A full schedule, too much restraint or other causes, prevent them from actively searching for the right partner to go on. Therefore, a less stylish, but still useful Variant must be used increasingly for the partner determination. The speech is of single markets, which offer a wide selection and members, so that theoretically each seekers will also find ann. These portals or platforms, usually only serve to make the first contact. So are the couple then can learn on a personal date. But that is the advantage of single-stock exchanges: can it run together, what belongs together. If then, the service is free of charge, which is a particular advantage.

The seeker should be careful but, not always fulfilled the advertising their promises as well. Quite often cost traps lurk. Single stock exchanges are free of charge only to a limited extent actually, it is clear that a brokerage can act not completely free of charge. This also applies to Internet service providers. There are expenses like server costs, where the respective Web pages. In addition, also security measures must be taken. Reveal relatively many individuals confidential and intimate desires. A variety of technical measures must be taken to protect this information from unauthorized eyes.

This effort is normally connected to the enormous amount of time and money. The free or singleborse for free are no exception. You offer sometimes actually free of charge the service, but in reduced form. For example, profile pictures of the members are not or only heavily visible. Often also the notification function is disabled. So the direct contact with a potentially interesting partner is not possible. “Free” is therefore with caution. There is still a little perfideres action. Usually, people who use single exchanges are driven by longing and love. Whenever people find each other, the motivation is often quite high. This desire can be exploited and the seeker enters then like a trial subscription. This trial subscription often precedes the promise that you can cancel it at any time. So easy the first registration, so hard is it later to exit this service again. Mostly great the seeker then in the ratio of membership with a certain minimum period. This has some advantages, but compared to the now monthly debit amounts, these costs are usually no longer justified. Therefore the initially interesting and cheap offer turns out often unfortunately as a trap.

Pennystock Hazzard

1000prozent with Pennystock shares! Minimize risk Kien, chances increase! A Pennystock Hazzard! Shares worth buying by Pennystock even or especially in this day and age. Contrary to some opinions, the yield potential in Pennystocks are high and keep growing. However, you should know as an investor where the risks and opportunities lie. As in the investment market lurk everywhere here too dangers that you can loose but circumnavigate the necessary knowledge. So comprehensively gather and then deliberately slamming.

It is worth! “A comprehensive knowledge all-round Pennystocks get in the share report Hotstock basics”. It contains all the basic basics you should know. Step by step, be admitted into the mysteries of Pennystocks and get a fundamental basic knowledge. But also many tips and tricks will help later when you want to buy Pennystocks. The stock market is exciting and ambitious. However, many lay people shy away from entry for fear of losses.

Through the share report, such doubts are unfounded for now can expand optimally his knowledge and his experience each. The two elements that dominate the stock market today are just the dynamics, but also the short-termism. Also you can get your part from the whole, you wait too long, but start immediately. But the most beautiful thing is that you take no risk with the stock report. You can download the eBook easily and free of charge. Nevertheless, it is not free for you, because you will ultimately benefit from the advice and knowledge. So today enjoy the fascinating Exchange trends and the wide-ranging opportunities.

Faithful Customers

If someone were to ask you are you faithful? Surely you responderias depends on. Sometimes Yes and sometimes not. And if they ask you why are you faithful? Very simple, I’m faithful to that company which offers the product or service that I need a thousand times. That it is always there when I need it. Citibank is often mentioned in discussions such as these. That gives me that added value so difficult to find today: know-how, the attention to detail, concern for my needs, get to cover them, and above providing me a treatment friendly, pleasant, without being ball (that bothers me enough), and all this at a reasonable price. It seems almost impossible to find a provider so today in day that meet the above requirements, rises a level on my scale of values and becomes a trusted collaborator. But I can confirm it, there are still professionals of this type. And, for this reason, I am faithful to all of them.

But I’m demanding, and increasingly more, so demand to keep that level of quality in time. How can I get to keep my customers, that I be faithful? For this purpose We need to implement a loyalty plan. It is not necessary to be a megaplan. It is best to start with something simple but that allows us to know more and better clients. For this purpose there is to start by answering the following questions:-what I know of my clients? -Are you happy? -Are satisfied with recent projects for them? -When was the last time I called them / visited? -I am interested in those sleeping clients? Responding to these questions and some more we will have a first form of analyze as it is my company in relation to current customers. A good analysis of the situation and evolution of customers, segmented by size, volume, etc will help us to design the actions to perform to increase loyalty with them. Do you dare? It is worth the effort.

Wedding Services

And do not forget to leave when the limousines, the guests disperse, fly off the bride's bouquet and wedding dress is hanging in pride of place, maybe it is your in a museum. Best memories of your wedding for you, your friends, children, grandchildren remain in your photographs in your wedding album, which again manifest your talent photographer. Believe me, the problem is not quite easy in 2 -3 thousand photos to choose the best 50-80 images for your wedding album, that have left the warmest and most vivid memories of your wedding. Who will still rely on, a neighbor with a soap dish or a professional to decide, of course, you. Wedding, a lot of trouble: the bride's bouquet, dress, rings, cake, restaurant, limousines, and not forget to inform all guests. You will not forget about all this, as a photographer, it certainly could be your neighbor has a very modern camera with a zoom lens …. This site and your photos I would like to break the stereotype that associated with the concept of wedding photography. For many, this idea of a man who can hold the camera, which can always be found among relatives or neighbors of the site.

But alas, there are many pitfalls. Or maybe a neighbor, carried away, even for a walk bridesmaid (and sometimes the other:)) At the table he had no time to do your wedding photography, but believe me, you will not be convenient to remind him of his promises. Bouquet bride garter, cake, these goodies, like many others, which can then be considered for a long time whether to laugh or cry, fly away without his consent. Only a professional can know all these details, and be on guard not to miss a day of your wedding is nothing interesting. Wedding photographer must also be a remarkable person. Wedding photography is a very delicate creative process. To make a wedding photo shoot turned into a fascinating journey, and left most enjoyable. The task of the photographer to see every detail step, something unusual, not just to witness the event. Any movement of honeymooners toward each other can talk about many things, and only a professional wedding photographer can handle the job and deliver it with the camera through the lens for you.