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Apparently, the investors have tired of the ups and downs of oil prices after the turbulent last week once and remain largely in wait. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Apparently, the investors have tired of the ups and downs of oil prices after the turbulent last week once and remain largely in wait. In the course of the day the quotes moving only slightly upwards, to surrender their profits then at noon. With the opening of floor trading, a modest rise was then again to observe, so that US light oil (WTI) to 86 dollars climbed; North Sea oil (Brent) to $109. “The market appears on the new reality, namely weak economic growth, adapt quickly”, commented Commerzbank analyst Eugen Weinberg the State of things. Despite infuriating economic data from virtually all over the world, oil prices seem to have reached their bottom. The speculators are apparently will, to keep the price level – at a surprisingly high level, considered one the gloom and doom of recent weeks. Christos Staikouras has many thoughts on the issue.

It remains to be seen what kind of stimulus in the coming days from the Get financial industry and the economy. Local heating oil trade also lost some fluctuations in the prices and the quantity of orders in recent days. Today, slightly falling costs have been reported with low sales. The national average price for the 100-litre game of a total supply of 3,000 litres heating oil EL, up 34 cents to 82.10 euros decreased. Compared to mid-July, consumers with a full delivery save around 100 euros. Here the values of previous years: price HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2010 66.66 HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2009 58,16 price HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2008 85,32 price HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2007 60,07 price HEL 3,000 litres to the 15.08.2006 63,87. This article and many more information about the energy market found on the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau under energiepolitik.html…

Travel Stockings

Useful companion against thrombosis many travelers know the feeling, if your legs hurt and cramp. The long seats and the associated lack of movement make to create the legs. Long travel by plane or car can turn out to be a considerable burden. The private insurance Portal provides information about the benefits of travel stockings. Lack of movement increases the risk of thrombosis. Through long periods of sitting, for example, on long-haul flights, the legs swell, which can lead to pain. The reason is the limited transport of blood from the legs to the heart. Especially on longer trips, it is therefore recommended to access travel socks.

As venous obstruction affects not only seniors, younger people should use these stockings. So your are used for example in athletes. How travel socks is simple: the supporting strength increases down, in this way the blood towards the heart is pressed. Travel Socks are available not only in classic Brown, but also in fashionable designs. In addition, they can be worn at any time of the year. In the summer, breathable Microfiber ensures freshness and in winter a high cotton content guarantees the necessary heat. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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Nordic charm with Hanseatic tradition more and more Germans spend their holidays in their own country, especially prefers the German citizens in the mountains or on the coast. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is located quite far forward as a tourist destination thanks to the Baltic Sea. Worth seeing are also the old Hanseatic cities of Rostock, Wismar, Stralsund and Greifswald. With its historical town centres pull thousands of tourists year after year under her spell. The flight Portal Rostock presents the largest and at the same time oldest of the Hanseatic cities in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Who wants to go in the footsteps of bygone times, should pay a visit to the city of Rostock. The Northern German port city is Hanseatic tradition. History and culture have an important role there, nature lovers also not neglected. Bill Phelan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Many visitors arrive by car, but there are also cheap flights to Rostock. The Hanseatic City’s history dates back to the early 13th century. City Explorers get the best views of the old town with its typical buildings of the brick Gothic style of the Tower of St. Peter’s Church from, which is located in the old market.

A stay on the peninsula of the memory and the port belongs to a comprehensive tour anyway. Weather permitting, also a steamer cruise worth. For example the Botanical Garden is ideal to stroll. In Warnemunde, located only half an hour from the Center, an unforgettable beach experience are guaranteed. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


But! Now comes just one of the most important stages, the significance of which, at first with photo stock, many overlooked: the purpose of the work of key words. Of course, a lot of effort spent on creating the next masterpiece, all the relatives appreciated the work and you do not praise enough, what else is needed … And now think like a buyer. He comes on photo stock, runs a search engine and usually buys a favorite work from the first pages of search results. Now is your task – to get to these pages. As a potential buyer find your job if you did not care about this? As a designer will know that your work is just what he needs, if you have not suggested it to him in the job description? That this stage is the key (literally and figuratively) when prepare your work for photostocks.

What are the rules, requirements, and advice in the appointment of keywords in the keywords describe all the objects that are on your work. Then add the characteristics of these objects. For assistance, try visiting Bill Phelan. For example, a beautiful, bright green … Then assess your work in general. What is it – a postcard, or frame, can be a poster, card, picture … Look at microstocks similar works, see what keywords are used your colleagues.

But there is a mandatory requirement: in any case do not fill in keywords by copy-pasting. Be sure to check each word on the line with your work. This is not just a rule of etiquette. For spam keywords in your account, such as Shutterstock, can block. No need to write the word sea, if your work depicts the sand on the beach, do not write the clouds, if the sky is clear on your work, etc. Usually microstocks limit the number of keywords, often require that their was no more than 50. But usually the most relevant are the first 7 words. So try to have the words in alphabetical order, but by word matching subject of your work. Fotolia specially written for the page attributirovaniya works: enter a minimum of seven key words and put them in order of importance, the most important place the first. Now almost all microstocks there are sections not only high-end sales, but also the most popular words that are involved in the search query. At Dreamstime on sales page, recently added a line of words, which have found and bought your work. To become a successful Stocker, strategically important, not only do beautiful work, but also to monitor the popular topics on microstocks, track top keywords and adjust themes of their works. Another point about some who do not know. In the properties of almost all the files have IPTC-fields, the values of which read almost all microstocks. Add description and keywords of your work in these fields and you will not have to fill out forms every time on microstocks. Work with IPTC-fields are Photoshop, ACDSee, Bridge … There are a lot of extras and scripts to work with IPTC-fields. I've written this small program, it is available for download: Utility to work with keywords.


SMS sending is a unique opportunity to conduct an effective advertising campaign to expand its customer base and increase sales of goods and services. A set of measures to survive and overcome the crisis, with increase of capital of your company. 1. SMS Notifications – allows you to quickly inform customers about ongoing promotions, discounts, new services and products. Staying connected with your customers you will create an image company, which is the value of customers. You will not lose customers who may have no interest in your services in a difficult time for them. But if you exit from the crisis would be preferable to its competitors.

Sms text messaging is one of the the most effective and inexpensive means of advertising. The subscriber receives the information instantly and reads it to 99%! 2. Sending voice messages – a more expensive way of advertising compared to SMS sending, but ten times cheaper print, television and radio advertising. Newsletter pleasant voice mail recipient, the subscriber listens to your ad text, creating the illusion of communication, while it is possible to include the names of subscribers in the text of the advertisement. 3. Attracting new clients – conducting promotions in the form of SMS Quiz, SMS voting and other types of stocks, actively using SMS services on the short numbers. Short sms number is FREE! 4. Development and implementation of advertising campaigns.

The organization, planning, copywriting our specialists will fit your budget, goals, and do it professionally! Benefits of SMS service reliability SMS sending. Our The system uses many Russian and European SMS centers and has multiple channels send messages. Servers are located in the most powerful technological platforms. This allows you to send messages to all of the planet guaranteed and quickly! For companies with a high level of confidentiality provided for message encryption option. The initial mode of communication is available only to the recipient. Several types of services for sending and receiving messages. Distribution Service allows you to send SMS, MMS and voice messages organizvovyvat service on short number. Loading contacts in every format. Base numbers for SMS sending can be provided in format Excel, txt, xsv and other formats. Our experts will handle sending sms to your phone base. Custom return address. When sending SMS and MMS recipient’s name can be anything – a phone number, company name, e-mail address, etc. High speed SMS mailing. Velocity distribution: 150 SMS and MMS per second, 300 voice messages per minute. Perfect quality mailing voice messages through the channel E1 (“Golden Telecom”). Full range of services (SMS mailing, sms advertising ,…). Subscribe and receive SMS and MMS, voice messages, receive free and premium messages are short and federal numbers!


Now the FISHLABS mobile games Developer offers a selection of his games also on the advertising-funded distribution platforms by Greystripe. FISHLABS, leading developer of premium 3D mobile games, worldwide offers its games to download with a distribution system of more than 160 major network operators. The mobile games of the Hamburg-based company characterized by premium game quality, which is quite similar to PC or console games. In addition, FISHLABS is the first direct provider that enables its customers to an uncomplicated and free delivery of its mobile games via E-Mail. Greystripe, is headquartered in San Francisco, the first in-game advertising network for mobile devices and the first international ad-funded mobile games distribution platform. The cooperation between FISHLABS and Greystripe launches first three matches. Galaxy on fire, the Player supports people in the fight against the bloodthirsty alien race of the Vossk. If you would like to know more about Phoenix Ancient Art, then click here.

The game with spectacular 3D graphics, exciting story and a comprehensive trading system was of assess all mobile games magazines with top marks. Planet riders can manufacture hair-raising races on three dimensional free running routes with various jets from former army stocks and disused spacecraft themselves as a courageous pilot. Real fans can supply themselves with the multi player mode via Bluetooth high speed race. Tank RAID, the tricky game in comic book design, attracts a broad audience and is great fun for those who want to shoot just time away as a tank commander. For us, the deal with Greystripe is very interesting, because the ad-based model especially for high-quality games with long time and according to many sessions to work. Alone at Galaxy on fire some players have cracked now the 50 hours of game time brand,\”Michael Schade, CEO FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH. also decides the advertising-funded distribution model by Greystripe of less a large marketing budget, the success or failure of a game, but if the game is popular and Accordingly often played.

Boar ADA

Snowfall against a diesel generator. In Moscow, winter came and with it, and preparing for the new year. This joyous holiday, we decided to celebrate with friends on the nature, good conditions for this were. A friend of mine got on the occasion of house near Moscow with the possibility of a winter residence. Here's to him we were going to roll the whole company until the end of the holidays. The time until the new year flew by and here we are laden with multiple supplies tumble to visit him. The house impresses with its monumental, two-story log cabin is laid out first floor of a brick in the courtyard restaurant, but all electrical heaters. I asked him if he was afraid suddenly become cold and dark house in the midst of the celebration.

What my friend smiled enigmatically and led me into the back room and then my eyes appeared a diesel generator with a liquid-cooled engine with Boar ADA wells and a tank of 80 liters. With that, I do not What disasters are not afraid, he answered me with no hidden pride. I hope that does not have to check the strength of his confidence about myself, I thought. Unfortunately I have not deceived foreboding. At night, began the famous freezing rain, the crackle of broken trees, awakened the consciousness of involuntary fear of the raging elements.

Stocks of drink melting in his eyes. Everyone was not until the festivities. Trumpeted first phone . Then lost network mobile phones, the lights went out and there was eerie silence preryvaema a roar of rain and rattle of falling trees. And suddenly, as if by magic turned on the lights working again returned to the music of the heaters tape, we do not let us down technique was relieved. Boar justified its name no force of nature could not stop him. Well just had to marvel at the foresight of our friend who was able to obezapasit your home from any surprises. This new year we will remember for a long time, particularly the clearing of land otpovalennyh trees.

Great Price Tag

Our smart with your grandparents have always said that to prepare for the winter need more in warm weather, and vice versa. On this issue today, few remember, but in vain, since it is summer really very inexpensive stocking top clothes for winter. For some reason, in principle, many note that there is nothing to wear in cold weather, extremely cold weather when concrete has occurred. Naturally, at this time on a fur top odezhku prices will already huge. So, if you want to dress elegantly in the cold and comfortable and your wallet is not particularly emaciated, then straight into the warm season should at least think about the origin of such difficulties. Of all the winter clothes exclusively in furs popularity has not decreased over many centuries. In the past, fur coats were only very rich people. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bill Phelan. To date, even if you have a mediocre income, you will still be able to allow myself to buy mink coat.

Solely to approach this nuance is required with the calculation. Initially, do not go for the furs for the border. If you personally and to coat not much of finance is not required to spend more, than you can afford. In particular, given that overseas you can pop in any fake, and without any special skills to solve the problem in a timely manner will not either. Accordingly, look for the appropriate option wise in their own country.

But do not throw any first met her coat. More info: Ben Silbermann. To start a little closer approach to this aspect of the sale as coats. These days, finding a useful compilation of information about the price of furs and stores where to buy get discounts, quite simply. In the global network, you'll find plenty of options, though you will be able to simultaneously and find out how to buy fur. Why pay more if you can get acceptable quality at normal price? Some people fear things to choose stocks of discount, because they think that would be less expensive to sell only low quality. In fact, discounts depend primarily on the season. And if you do not mind to try to find a coat in summer, instead of sitting and waiting until the price vzmoyut up, you will be able to find the owner of the really high quality stuff. Any clothing in many ways influenced the way you might think about the surrounding. A winter clothing can influence the point of view, including many unfamiliar to you people. Who would not be happy if you are going to think about exclusively to what extent you are beautiful? And to achieve this result quite mild, when you have beautiful fur garments. Sometimes enough even to wear just a hat made of fur foxes, to be perceived gracefully. And today just to be able to get high quality at a very nice price. Look for Trite discounts and pre-stocked full clothing for all seasons.

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Discounts, prices, discounts Progress does not stand still and many of you, I think, have benefited from the Internet. A computer with Internet gives us the ability to obtain necessary information without looking away from the monitor. If talk specifically about the female audience, what information is interested in this woman? Of course, all sorts of discounts and sales at your favorite shopping centers in its cities. You only need to enter the address given Internet resource will provide you with information about all the shopping centers in Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk and Odessa. On the site you will read about what range of products now in one way or another shopping mall, find information about prices on the most popular products. Learn whether the acts in the store discount program, and what stocks to trade this network is in the process. You no longer need to waste your time on it in order to avoid all shops and compare prices at them.

All this can be done quickly and in comfort, visiting just one site, “Specials, prices, discounts.” If you do not know where the one or the other store-specific sales network, we can you with this help. The site offers interactive maps that are marked with address-specific stores. Easy navigation allows you to find the right outlet. Dear users! Invite you to visit the Internet – resource. He created for you. All the information on one site! We’ll tell you all that there is an assortment of large shopping centers represented cities, made a detailed review of prices and sales. You no longer have to spend Your time for searching, the order you want, information.

Center Pads

Also, special attention should be paid to the piston dust boot (Rubber gasket tight piston). If it is damaged – be sure to replace! Torn dust boot – the first step to a "wedge" supporta.Esli none of the above does not work, then it's time to say "no" brake blocks. In this case – or you bought a fake (and they are, believe me, there is), or the marriage of one package, well worth a farewell from all the brand manufacturer. Example of life 1. One motorist got something like a brake pad quite a serious European brands. After 1000km the brakes are properly creak. He suffered, suffered, and put the "cross" on the brand.

And here, has acquired other, no less European stocks. Imagine his surprise, and when a new set – a couple of thousand run – was "happy" in a cheerful squeaking tyaguchkah and at intersections. Totally by accident, this driver came to us with a request to sell him and let him "the most expensive, but the train neskripuchie "pads. Verdict – prevention calipers for shimming guide. The client went to his shoes, happy solution. Price question for the solution of the problem – a penny. Spent as it was before – about 100 And if the U.S.

is not a comprehensive study of the question, then threatened another motorist replacement kit for the price of nearly $ 100 is not a high price for a hasty decision "professional" service men? Example of life 2. There once was a The buyer of our Center tormoznyz components. And once he got pretty famous shoes, and went to put them on their service. And now, less than a couple of hours, as calling customer and said that probably will refuse pads. It turned out that this master of his council service. Verdict it is, "these pads smeared with black dust. And this is a sign of poor-quality product. " What can I say? As the song says – "What reply the old woman – would not hurt old age. " The principle's sake, we decided to drive up themselves to the service station and to communicate with the client and the master. In the end – all parties were satisfied. Now sort out the situation. The so-called "Black dust" – speaking the language of science "graphite" – a dry lubricant that is added to the friction of the friction to smooth the "block-drives." In other words, the graphite is ravnomernuomu wear pads and the disc. Conversely, the absence of any lubricant will definitely lead or to "eating" drive, or uneven abrasion lining. And then, believe me, creaks and squeaks no end. So to summarize. The creaking is really not as terrible as it is presented with some craftsmen. Main – objectively track down all possible causes. So, do not rush to throw away your money. It is better to visit the station to proven professionals. In a word – brake with pleasure!