Restaurants and Coffee Houses

Source – Chelyabinsk Restaurants According to directories, in Chelyabinsk are now working more than 30 stores. Eight of them are located in the city's main square and the adjacent pedestrian zone in the street of Kirov. However, in evening there is not always possible to find free places, and this is when the global economic crisis … The secret to the popularity of coffee houses? Inexpensive fun I Cheliabinsk is now fashionable to agree to date, business and friendly meetings in coffee shops or just spontaneously drop into a coffee shop to warm the soul of a cup of fragrant coffee on a frosty winter day. In the coffee shop and go to the students when they have a "window" in the schedule, and mothers with children who ask for cake.

In stores teens celebrate birthdays, and housewives gossip with her friends … Why in the stores? First of all, thanks to democracy. In the cafe you can go safely, even in his pocket only 200-300 rubles. "The average check at our coffee is 300 rubles, – says Amir Khanbhay, director of coffee" cake. " – And this is when people, as they say "good sit".

But many come simply to drink coffee, eat something sweet – for it is usually lack of 150-200 rubles. . " It is through democratic prices, according to restaurateurs, coffee shops, to a lesser extent (than restaurants, for example) affected by the crisis. Of course, many stores have already noted director of a recession demand, and many predict a decline in the near future, but until the stores are still working, and some even extend the network.

Is There An Economic Crisis In Venezuelian Investments?

If there were a book of recipes for preparing large economic crisis, believe that Hugo Chavez would be the author. Is that the Venezuelan president added daily to an explosive cocktail ingredient is the economy of Venezuela. “If they allow the oligarchy to return to the governorship of Carabobo, maybe I’ll end up removing the tanks armored brigade to defend the revolutionary government to defend the people,” said the president of Venezuela to their fears of falling defeated next municipal elections Nov. 23. For more information see this site: Bill Phelan. This election is not minor and to be elected 22 governors, 328 mayors and 233 legislators. That is why Chavez is more than concerned about the possibility of suffering a heavy defeat in elections to come. His popularity is falling at the pace of economic deterioration. The Venezuelan site “Union Radio” released a survey conducted by pollster Hinterlaces in 14 states where elections were carried out showing that Chavez candidates lost in the least 8 of them.

Chavez is determined to use military force against its opponents at all costs. In fact, it has done. In yesterday the Armed Forces of Venezuela took an airport in Sucre department by order of President Hugo Chavez, who accused the authorities of the northeastern region, ruled by the opposition candidate Manuel Rosales, to deny its use to the company state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). Chavez is only military action can occur in their own country. The political instability in Venezuela adds more strength to the country’s growing economic problems, creating an unstoppable vicious circle and a final imaginable.

New Info Portal

Happy Hotstock provides expertise and an informed! Transparency and arranging exchanges know how is the claim of the information and link portal There, almost everything on the subject of stock in General and Penny Stocks is to find in particular. Focus is the North American penny stock market and the German open market. There is a platform, which serves as a central link and search portal for all stock exchange and specially interested in Penny Stocks with happy Hotstock now. This will make both newbies and professionals, given the opportunity, to use the page as a comprehensive research tool on the one hand and on the other hand every day to take advantage of the latest and hottest hot stocks – and Penny Stocks. Ben Silbermann contains valuable tech resources. Markus Miller, Board of Directors, has announced that happy Hotstock mainly sees its mission in the transmission of knowledge and information. The interest in shares and stock exchange in Germany will continue to grow in the future.

Nevertheless, always still mostly a relatively large deficit on what knowledge is to Backgrounds and market mechanisms concerns.” This is particularly based on the so-called hot and Penny Stocks, which on the one hand increasing popularity enjoyed, but led to massive losses for many investors due to lack of knowledge. This knowledge gap will close happy Hotstock strongly and both provide opportunities and risks of the market transparent. To this end, the so far unique in this form in the German-speaking E-book Hotstock INSIDE was specifically for the portal”applied. The Subscriber free E-book explains and discusses rare and otherwise difficult accessible information based on numerous case examples from practice. The offer is rounded off by a premium subscription and a free newsletter. The latter appears daily and in addition to explanatory Know-How and background information contains also a watchlist with the latest hot stock tips for the new trading day!

South America

The net income on a GAAP basis were $ 0.43 million (0.04 US dollars per share), there were 1.1 million ($ 0.10 per share) in the previous quarter and in the Q3 2009 GAAP net loss of 0.15 million US dollars ($ 0.02 per share). GAAP operating income was $ 0.50 million for the third quarter of 2010, compared with 0.57 million in the last quarter and 0.30 million for the Q3 in 2009. The gross margin decreased compared to the previous quarter slightly, from previously 62 to 59 percent, while 63 percent were achieved in the third quarter of last year. Based operating cash flow generated in the third quarter of 2010 from TIS of $ 1.1 million in the second quarter, 2010 and 0.25 million in the third quarter of 2009 faces a cash flow of $ 0.70 million. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ben Silbermann offers on the topic.. Top image systems: Top image systems (TIS) is one of the leading providers of software in the field of automated document processing. The concentration of TIS is customized, intelligent solutions for the optimization of business processes, such as the invoice input processing in the environment of SAP and other ERP systems and the Inbox. With eFLOW the software company provides a platform, all incoming information for the Processing in the company bringing together and efficiently processed. The system is capable of, regardless of the original source, to capture business-critical data, to evaluate and to provide other corporate applications.

Information is read from, for example, from paper or from emails, faxes, and electronic documents. Top image systems was founded in 1991 and is listed as a public company on the NASDAQ and TISA. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in Germany (Cologne), United Kingdom, China, Japan, and North and South America. Worldwide, TIS has 200 employees and markets its solutions in more than 40 countries, with focus on the European market.

Professional Nail At An Affordable Price

The full range of LCN at pretty nail shop 24 eighteen brilliant colors that cover the entire spectrum: with the LCN creative stains no limit is set the imaginative design of nails. Each one is highly opaque, especially in pigmented and dilute with water. Mixing the colors with each other is also possible. Also, they don’t run so very filigree design is feasible. The customers who order nail art with us, are demanding”, Stefan Hinz, CEO of pretty nail shop 24 with LCN know we have developed a product line that meets professional standards. The success confirms us is to offer high quality at reasonable prices.” The LCN products are for Professional nail salons also suitable as for experimenting at home. About the creative colors, LCN offers a whole range of accessories of brushes and mixing pallets up to stickers, nail art stamping stencils and light curing devices. Also order nail art with a small purse.

UV gels, nail files, or stamp: the dealer pretty nail shop 24 carries a wide selection of products around the nail design. Our range is regularly improved and extended to present our customers always have the latest news. In addition there is the Christmas special nail stickers with Christmas motifs from time to time promotions, as, for example, currently. “At the nail art we offer much variation order”, so handy. Nail art shop is also very at short notice at express shipping delivers the desired products within 24 hours throughout Germany. So that the client is also informed, each shipment will promptly communicated by sms. Also no shipping charges from 100 Euro order value.

About the company pretty nail shop was established in 1992. Initially a small family business, has become the specialist now as one of the largest mail order companies for nail cosmetics. More than 40 Employees send monthly 18,000 items to more than 650,000 customers. With its own brand of LCN pretty nail shop 2008 has expanded its activities by the pure trade and production. About LCN LCN is the Eigemarke of the online retailer Founded in 2008, the high quality and at the same time affordable nail design products are sold not only online, but also in more than six LCN stores very successful. The target group are professional nail salons as well as end users. Press contact: PrettyNailShop holder Stefan Hinz eK Backerbarg 3 22889 Tangstedt Germany phone: 04109-1845 fax: 04109 / 1846

Iserlohn Tel

Here are 2 training days minimum. Another possibility is that the customers submit suggestions for training topics in DVS. This training concept was very well received by customers. Already, several training courses were held until today. Company Description DVS system software was founded in 1985 and specializes in solutions for the printing and packaging industry. On the other hand is our focus on the development of packaging and on the other hand on the illustration of business processes that are individually determined by the sales order. Basis of development is the integrative consideration of technical and organisational processes.

The development of packaging uses by DVS developed standard catalogs, on the recommendations of the associations (ECMA / FEFCO) are aligned and also offer a large number of new developments. The software has a complete graphical user interface and there are both adaptations of standards of customer-specific ideas as also rebuilds its own Designs possible. You can find information, see:. The ERP software by DVS include a customer and supplier master data management, the inquiry and project management, the article structure design (for multipart products like displays), the structure of the production design (also for multi-part products), costing, offer nature, article management and procurement and ordering, raw material management, production planning and control (incl. JPMorgan Chase does not necessarily agree. operating data acquisition), data acquisition and performance statistics, quality assurance, finished inventory, delivery note, invoice and credit, order settlement and statistical evaluations. More information can be found under:. DVS offers a consistently inclusive and process-related problem-solving its customers for it.

So new and so far not useful savings can be realized. We ensure this through a wide range of methods with which the customer reproduce his own organization – on the basis of an existing standard business model- can. This includes of course his own master data definitions and its own forms, which he himself can make and determine. We ensure that our clients are independent of us and independently define their own technical and organization-specific knowledge in the system. DVS provides assistance in the area of organization and IT., of course The customer but essentially independently determines how “his” software to present themselves. Thus, the transition is facilitated by an existing to a new software landscape and thus internal acceptance of the new. Company contact: DVS System Software GmbH & co. KG Renate Saed Freiligrathstr. 6-6a 58636 Iserlohn Tel: 02371 4379 0 email: Web: PR contact: DVS System Software GmbH & co. KG Renate Saed Freiligrathstr. 6-6a 58636 Iserlohn Tel: 02371 4379 0 email: Web:

Very Good Scan Values, Ease Of Use, And 2-year License Convinced

‘ BitDefender Internet Security 2011’ predicate ‘Price tip’ in large software comparison test receives Holzwickede, November 22, 2010 the Swiss computer magazine online PC has tested recently eight current security suites. This Internet Security 2011 was awarded the BitDefender due to their two year valid license price tip. Overall, the new version of the antivirus program by security software maker BitDefender ( finished an excellent 2nd place. In the test, among other things, the experts analyzed how to effectively mitigate the malware programs and whether they detect unknown pests and eliminate. The Auditors praised above all the excellent performance of protection the BitDefender software, as well as their clear user interface. Total proved the specialists at online PC the eight security suites in five categories: virus scanner, firewall and behavior-based detection, spam and phishing filter, speed of operation. Virus scan test, which was conducted with more than 200,000 E-threats, BitDefender Internet Security 2011 achieved “with a detection rate of 99,17% a peak. Worms, backdoors and bots identified the program at a rate of more than 99%.

Also convinced the solution with a scanning speed of only 8 seconds for 4.5 gigabytes of space on the second pass. “Exceptionally good virus detection without false alarms in the category of Verhaltensbasierende recognition” the anti-malware program from BitDefender did better than average, because it identified four of the five digital dangers and removed. Furthermore, the testers noted that BitDefender Internet Security 2011 “in five verified already known threats no false positives (” false positive “) deposed. “This value was low also in the category of spam and phishing filter similar to: of a total of 10,000 clean” the solution classified mails only 0.17% dangerous. Has very good”for handling and understanding In regard to the ease of operation BitDefender security software evaluating very well “get there easy to handle the surface, as well as operate without any technical knowledge, and the dialogues are easy to understand.

In addition, the Auditors drew Internet Security 2011 “as price tip off, since the application was the cheapest in the comparison test and a two-year license. For more information about the BitDefender Internet Security 2011 under solutions/internet-security.html. Additional details about the previous BitDefender Awards see: site/view/auszeichnungen.html. High resolution images can be obtained from. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions Private and business customers around the globe and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet, in English at. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Lange PR Manager Tel.: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-330 fax: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-499 email: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 2661 91260-0 E-Mail:

LogiCode – The Code Using Your Head

A real innovative product for those who want more. Finally on the cards and as an app to backup. Other leaders such as Ben Silbermann offer similar insights. We know him long, the small bar code with its huge information potential. Now, there’s hardly a shopping article without bar code, hardly a flight ticket, a chip card or a magazine. The coding fields are simply scanned and stored information is already decrypted. And he is small and yet so large just 3 x 3 cm. This QR code in black and white fits on each card and makes the impossible possible at last. It is the company, the second largest online printing of Europe, which offers this sensational product: the small code allows a data set that would have never found space on a traditional business card.

In addition to name and address data, now short portraits and photos are possible. The card remains spick-and-span and appealing, conveys but surprisingly many valuable information. An indispensable added value in the age of global networking and multimedia Communication. No more annoying typing of the contact information in the phone. Quickly download the free LogiCode app to scan the LogiCode of the card and all data in the directory are already taken. What hides behind it is actually quite simple. The LogiCode is nothing more than an encrypted message.

It contains exactly the data that deposited the owner when you create in. In addition to basic address information, even a photo or logo, as well as a short description are possible. All without any cost. The best part: If change once a phone number or similar should be no problem: you can at any time change its personal LogiCode or complete, and all who have so far transferred this code in your Smartphone, be notified with the next Internet connection. In case of theft or change of desired cell phone provided all data always for its owner. LogiCode the code with gumption, a genuine added value in everyday mobile. Press contact: pp media & events GmbH Saskia Krippeit Matthew-mountain-ring 12 22145 Braak Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 6685990

Federal Ministry

A general smoking ban in the catering sector would however massively call into question this system, because here is no longer an important material cornerstone for the privileged sale. Also the voluntary conversion to a general catering non-smoking operation is legally highly problematic in this context. The tobacco sales through resellers is basically monopoly legally not intended and therefore prohibited. By the same author: Wells Fargo Bank. Is this only in connection with the fundamental possibility of consumption”of tobacco in the hospitality industry Resale exemption.” However, if an operation in the beer gardens allows smoking and bans in enclosed premises, then you can derive a certain legal coverage of tobacco sale at least for the actual Gastgartensaison here. A sausage roll Decree in connection to this discussion threatens soon imagine only a so-called Decree of sausage bread”before, indicating that a sausage bread purchased at the grocery store in the there existing sales premises should not be consumed. “Tobacco sales to guest red dressing bodies and to Rayonierung also threatened but not only classical gastronomy consisting of is Hotel, Guest House, coffee house, etc.

including the Busche schankbetriebe the issues of legal tobacco consumption permission” and thus legal tobacco monopoly sales permission “affected, even at the classical type of industrial mixing operation, this situation arises. The prototype of this commercial mixing operation is the so-called guest red dressing place “. At the end of the 1990s A general regime relating to the qualified reseller service station business years of the last century was quite controversial discussion and oil trading to be implemented. “After the classic fuel trading locations through a decades of commercial policy of concealment” of policy and management to commercial sites with goods of all kinds grown up were also the covetousness was virulent after the subject of monopoly tobacco. After a lengthy tug-of-war between the Federal Ministry of finance, monopoly management and the stakeholders of tobacco retailers and the filling stations and petroleum industry was with the so-called adoption of spit”and an implementation suitable for compromise the principle of the petrol station to Rayonierung.


General smoking ban threatened medium – and long-term the channel catering for tobacco goods General smoking ban threatens also in Austria while the legislature only has created the currently valid tobacco act with his conditions with 01.01.2009 for a physical separation between the smoking and non-smoking area, access Austrian health policy and European Union again and again on the topic of a general smoking ban in the catering sector. This a massive violation of the constitutional protection of confidence, brought about regardless of the political theme. Currently the transitional period set with 30.06.2010 is used for structural measures related to the spatial separation of smoking and non-smoking area, to produce legal uncertainty here. So has consumer and gastronomy confronted since the entry into force of these regulations one and a half years ago with statements, that a general smoking ban will come despite conversions and adaptation steps through the tourist entrepreneurs in any case. If you would like to know more about Bill Phelan, then click here. This is in extremely pointless investment and frustrated expenses business-hostile manner the question after almost provoked. For the tourist entrepreneurs who also calculate tax and tax law as in every other case with a depreciation period for structural investments by 10 years, certainly constitutes no confidence-building measure.

This just the still struggling economy had badly needed investments in the construction sector. But practical economic policy no longer available in many areas of the Austrian and European policy beautiful for a long time on the agenda. Just the so-called tobacco policy has here already overridden the principles of a Western democratic economic order over a long period of time. “” West democratic economic order is by tobacco law as occasion legislation violated in this context are called only two themes from the Austrian tobacco act in memory: the General advertising and sponsorship bans “and the so-called consumption bans” relating with tobacco. Would be one, assumed in particular against the background of the autonomous European and Austrian citizen the fundamental choice of each individual, then the mandatory release of health warnings would have been enough in the field of market communication quite.