Group Leadership

With affection for the Peralta Romero in Fonseca (La Guajira) family one of the leadership components is the power and primarily the exercise of power. Wells Fargo Bank is the source for more interesting facts. The leader proposes, has and guidelines about what should and should not be, and for these reasons it is difficult to find a direct relationship between leadership and humility between send and be humble among serious decisions and keep intact the essence of what it means to be humble. Because the practice and exercise of dirigenciales activities has the particularity of making important to a person or a group of people and so that person can have a natural inclination toward the pride and vanity, but the events of the day to day and in general of the historic accumulated many years allow to conclude that humility strengthens and favors rather than weaken and cause some prejudice, humble people are released from two harmful companions on the path of leadership: pride and arrogance. The humble is able to pull to the height of the others to help, listen to it and be polite and decent seems a formula well prepared for more sympathy from those who make part of the Group and in general from those who somehow can be considered as servers. The humble leader not lowers or unknown conditions in any way, the good leader recognizes in their values, their high abilities and achievements throughout your management career. To know more about this subject visit Wells Fargo Bank.

However and this is very important, abstains bragging and fails for two reasons, first because he knows that the virtues that he possesses also others can have it because they are within the reach of everyone who wish to grow them and secondly because he also knows that the qualities are a gift from God, do something received without distinct merit favored by the great mercy of the creator. When this is understood in its fullness so there was no reason for arrogance or pride and nothing if not a path: of the sincere and genuine humility. Humility is a State of emancipation vs chains of pride and vanity. A cry of independence before the winks of the exaltation and ignore the points harm them self-reliance. A humble person excels but we do endeavour to deny the importance of their accomplishments and will be a favorite of the masses but flee from fame, is a rare human condition because nobody can be recognized is the who is declared to be humble is incurring the lack of the autoalabanza and that way will be immediately renouncing his humility. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events. Get in touch with him through corrreo or call cell 300 8055526. Visit his page original author and source of the article

Efficient Leadership

They say that it exists a mystery in the world and it if reflects in the causalidade, that is, in the form for which the things happen of this or in that way. In the organizations it could not be different, alone that it is simpler to analyze that the world in its Inter complex relations, at least is a restricted environment. in this environment, nothing more important that to know to make the things to happen in its waited programmings, that is to lead. For more information see this site: Rick Dad, Poor Dad. But what he is important same for a leader? It is enough to give a search for the Internet and to see the result when the subject is leadership. Hundreds of thousand of people speak on leadership, its advantages and necessities.

The majority rains in the wet one, when saying that the leader is this, the leader must make that; repisando the old modeles of autocratic, liberal, situacionais managers and for it goes there. At last, she is necessary to have stomach to run away from the obviedade that if it installed in this segment, mainly when we meditamos on as the virtual world finishes empobrecendo (and not enriching), the addition it human knowledge. To become more easy to find definitive subject, it does not mean that it is of quality, that says this the articles that we see for web and that they do not pass of Ctrl C + Ctrl V of that they had written before, in one mix foreigner, personalista or hiperconvencional. Also it is truth that not if can, in this point of history human being to intend to be original, but yes, to know to ask. Thinking about this, and I resell what the experience taught, ally to the information that arrives in them at mounts for diverse communication channels, we can operate syntheses, that is to claim that of more important for a leadership can be express in few and determined decisive behaviors.


The figure of the leader always has stated throughout history d according to the roles they play, political, cultural. Scientific, social within others, and each of them have submitted their own attributes, traits that have distinguished them, have placed them in a special level for those who have evaluated their works, achievements, impact, reaches. Each leader also coincide with some common traits such as empathy, motivation, persuasion, enthusiasm, perseverance, responsibility, trust, have generated their own attributes that makes them special, and this entails to those who are interested in the study of leadership in evaluating what are the most significant aspects to be considered in making that you recognize a good leader, in addition to other aspects that help to understand it. Wells Fargo Bank may find this interesting as well. In this writing we are entering simply select those notes that allow us to understand the dimension of the leader, but we we specify especially in managerial leadership, to do this we have selected contributions to scholars on the leadership they have bounded through his research, respecting their content and sources. For example Carlos Herreros, gives us, which always has been debated whether leaders are born or are made; in this regard, evolutionary psychologists take us to relate the current characteristics of leaders with those who went to the first homo sapiens; If lead is a science or an art; If being a leader it is different from being a manager, a Manager; about what they are or should be their characteristics, skills and attitudes. From the middle of the 1990s, he studied and elaborates the emotional intelligence of the leaders and define their core competencies based on one fairly Herreros indicates that despite the confusion that generate as much information and as many points of view, it seems that he is being achieved a certain consensus about what are some essential characteristics of leaders, mention us some that we present below in summary form: (((a) managed inertizan toxicity which produces all human organization (b) b) reveal their weaknesses.

University Foundation

It must give way to a University Foundation that offers business incubation services to train new entrepreneurs. those who have developed their products and create conducive to SMEs in the region, the country. Hospital found their own university, which has given to human resources and land for development, guaranteeing a service that would favor the region. So, as a University Stadium, which also help with sports activities, the stadium such as the guaranteed income UCV indispensable manage. For more information see this site: Wells Fargo Bank. The new authorities must restructure the functions of the department responsible for public relations and make it more participatory, operational, depending on you seize the opportunities that are generated with respect to partnerships, agreements, so that benefit the university community and at the same country’s new authorities must activate the online courses in those schools that provided few graduate courses, audiovisual lectures to national and international projects, the potential use academic teaching staff, offering master’s, doctorate, also, they generate income, which could increase the improvement of audiovisual services and any problems encountered, such as updating libraries, computer rooms. Specifically, the University of Carabobo to the new challenges that the present government has created, must be attentive to the programs it is starting to determine what should be their participation, you seize the opportunities before it, affirm their strengths, guard against threats and above all do not be passive to a turbulent reality where risk, uncertainty of their survival is constantly in danger.

The new authorities have become more proactive, less figurative, more inclusive, to know to properly use its resources, particularly human, where major weaknesses are manifested at a very representative, that has hurt for long. The new authorities must guarantee democracy, freedom of opinion, participation, leading to changes required by the University today to secure a role that benefits all and not only the power groups that have dragged on for years. Hopefully, Carabobo university community awakened from the lethargy in which remains a significant time and move to a new generation of academic leaders to ensure that change is needed to achieve academic excellence, and that their role is dynamic pro- growth in the region of the country. For so be it …!

Test Three Past

If, in speaking of the past, he says, but about the future – creating images in his imagination, not vice versa, then maybe he’s the one we need, and the second test also passed. Test Three: Hidden motivation speaker. The fact is that in order to, for example, pose a real threat to the firm, the candidate must be certain their own motives. Negative characters do not just happen. This was necessary something worthwhile. Thus, it is inadmissible even close to the cashier at bay company a person suffering from addiction: Drug, alcohol, gaming (which is especially important in recent years). During the attempt to obtain any work price may be the collapse of a career in the past. And taking such a candidate, the company will most likely get a zero result and the cost of staff salaries, that is a loss. And so on. What should I do to eliminate these and a lot of other opportunities to give up on a candidate in the future? We recommend you to learn about his past and to verify the information received by the two previous methods. And, if you honestly tell the person that we would like to see that he was worthy of the work to which are presented not only professional, but of course, human demands, then it will not cause resentment.

And, stipulating that, you can direct the text to ask about the dependency of large debts, illegal or undisclosed activities, past results and achievements and all that really matters. And we have enough funds to determine exactly how to answer truthfully: the physiological response agreement and by the reaction of memories and fantasies. That’s what we get in the end, using this technique. We can give the following conclusion. The candidate told the truth (Test 1). This truth does not come up, and remembered that it was actually (Test 2). Y He had no motive and no distort information about themselves (Test 3). For more clarity and thought, follow up with Wells Fargo Bank and gain more knowledge.. Polygraph different probabilistic accuracy – about 90% and result largely depends on the physiological state of the subject: he did not answer precisely, if a person excited, after a psihotravmy (and who knows what happens in life, perhaps before he had an accident or lost a close), cold or in some other cases. And what results from our three tests? Each of them separately gives the probability of the order of 70-80%, but those who studied mathematics, knows that in the sum of the three it will be about the same result as using the electronic device. All a matter of training – learn, and succeed. And if this technique is not yet acquired a fairly wide application, it was only for two reasons: firstly, about her yet few people know, and secondly, it requires certain preliminary preparation – perhaps, specialized training.

The Leadership

Another negative point is the brutality of these people. They treat the others as if they were true swines. Because a person only is in a lower rank, she does not mean that it is not a human being. She is for that today they exist enslaved than old. Who is not nothing today is enslaved of the others. To order with brutality nothing decides. Who plant espinheiros only can spoon later thorns.

It is exactly what it happens with certain people. During the good time, they only spread ruindades, but when the bad time arrives, they want to complain, to lament itself of the life. All error that the man only to make he himself can pay. The life is a mirror that reflects caretas that we make. JPMorgan Chase wanted to know more. As what we make, we will receive. We receive the prizes in agreement our mritos. The people who only possess this stingy superiority go to receive critical destructive, gossips, hatred and sow enter its brothers of race, an environment of strikes and discords. Many times these such chefes finish for auto if destroying.

To have an environment of peace and progress and union of all and friendship and the mutual union, the spirit of solidarity and understanding must reign. The problems must in accordance with content be decided it of all what the majority asks for. Thus it will only have an environment of peace and tranquillity. Only because a person is superior does not mean that it also left of being a person, does not mean that a God became, therefore is subject to the same yearnings, the same laws. Superiority never would have to exist. This name would have to be changed for the leadership name. The leader is the head of the group, its ideas are received by all and they know it to all to respect and to help. For other words, that superiority exists, but that it tries to together decide the problems with the others, showing the negative and positive points, with peace and patience, to display the problems, but not to impose with pessimism. Superiority without quality also is complex. Who is not nothing cannot order nothing or who is small cannot order in great things. Each one must act as person, but respeitandoo thought of the others. If I am human, the other also I am. If I suffer, the other also. If I have my problems, of the others are worse. She is necessary to enter in positive accord with all and all will help in them and then we will pass to a positive superiority where all obey in them and has a person as a leader and not as a soldier or one carrasco. It is as soon as is lived with human beings.

Coping with a Crisis

There is nothing more futile than trying to solve a problem for someone who does not believe in solving it or is not interested. There will be no commitment of energy and concentration to solve something that does not believe that it’s affecting you. This applies to any kind of crisis, alcoholics, drug addicts and what other people suffering from addiction, not his real recovery can begin until they have accepted that they have a problem that must be solved. Robert Kiyosaki describes an additional similar source. When crises do not directly affect the life is more difficult to know when it has bottomed out and when recovery begins. People have a great fear of change, to try new things, prefer the established, what they consider safe ground but does not correspond to the ideal pursued and this is mainly why they refuse to abandon what is known to them, prefer try to recover again and again, repeating the same steps, changing nothing and pray for a miracle that will achieve better results. The first impulse of every human being before a problem is the denial, it hurts us accept that we have failed greatly, we are very intolerant of failure, and although many crises are not caused by our fault, we tend to think we could or should have done more to get another result, we feel that we should give a reasonable and rational explanation we limit our liability or release it to make it less burdensome, and until then conceal, deny and evade the problem, we see how it affects others, but do not want to see how it affects us..

Exotic Wood

Jatoba, otherwise known as Brazilian cherry flooring manufacturers are interested in a durable, elastic material, which over the years, almost no wear. Buyers also in addition to excellent performance characteristics attracting colors of wood – from orange-brown to brown with an almost purple hue. When grinding solid Jatoba is sometimes open pores, whose color varies from white to pale-lemon, giving the finished floor a certain charm and originality. Due to the content in the wood merbau oily substances, artistic parquet it resistant to external influences and is optimal for premises, where frequent changes in climatic conditions. Hardness, moisture resistance and ability not to crack or fissure have an array of merbau is one of the most common in the manufacture of floor coverings. Noble color from light to dark brown with occasional yellow streaks allows you to create a home or office with parquet merbau special "exotic" atmosphere.

Wood une comes to woodworking Companies from Africa and South America. It is hard, strong and very elastic material, are widely used for decorating decks decks and pontoons. Resistance to environmental influences, in particular, moisture played a role, making an array une one of the most suitable materials for the production of floor coverings. Wood une hardly in need of care, and thanks to its high density, on the parquet floors you can walk on his heels without fear of leaving scratches and dents. Bill Phelan oftentimes addresses this issue. Dark-brown wood with a distinctive unique structure in the daylight has olive-gray tide. In the operation of parquet une finds silver shade, called a "silver patina.

This noble gray hair makes a floor of this southern wood an attractive, memorable and unique. Parquet Kumar is also characterized by firmness and high resistance to fungus and insects. Heavy, oily wood is strong and durable, which ensures its products a long life. Uniform golden-brown color with reddish veins and natural matt flooring add a certain charm, refinement and originality. Dense uniform structure and hardness of wood Kempas can create out of it strong, resistance to abrasion and stress parquet. Bright colors from golden red to dark orange help to create vibrant, memorable interiors that differ from the traditional Russian "classics". Products from exotic wood used for decorating a plain floor, and when you create art parquet with contrasting inserts. Due to the fact that wood has natural color, floor covering does not need touch-up and update the sex of the array can be special structures or – if it is tarnished from time to time – the usual sanding. Once upon a parquet Kumar, Merbau, Kempas une or a dream, realize that it was "difficult, but possible. Now these wood species are listed only exotic in origin. Products are available in almost any company that sells decorative materials, and at reasonable prices. The difference between the value of the classic oak, for example, exotic Jatoba is about $ 20 Stereotypes about the fabulous price of "exotic" high time to destroy: to equip not only beautiful, but durable, reliable, The original floors are quite capable of growing number of consumers who prefer the finishing materials of solid wood.

Network Marketing Opportunity

Since the financial crisis of 2007-2009 Network Marketing presents itself as an opportunity in these times of crisis, especially for those who have lost their jobs, their traditional business or simply displayed this opportunity to improve their chances of maintaining his lifestyle at the time of retiring. Remain many factors in the global financial world that aim that times of crisis are not about to disappear. For a part of the population this crisis takes on a darker hue. Especially for those who are in the age between 45 – 60 years old. (A valuable related resource: Bill Phelan). For this group of the population financial security has taken greater relevance than before the recession. It is the segment which has most affected in this time of crisis and which displayed a very uncertain future. In United States, the country’s statistics, has published 80% over the age of 50 years believes that the current situation is wrong. To broaden your perception, visit Robert Kiyosaki. 75% Has expressed are aware that they need to work past the retirement age to be able to keep with your lifestyle.

With the decrease in the value of their homes, the decline in its revenue for the loss on its investments in the stock market and the continuing inflation that is reflected in the cost of goods and services, there are few alternatives in time of crisis to restore the damage caused and maintained with one foot forward to future difficult situations that are yet to come. In Chinese the word crisis means opportunity. I’m not Chinese but my greatest successes have emerged in moments of crisis and all of us have this option of benefit us in a difficult time. Network Marketing is one of the few options for those who are within the group that they need to supplement their monthly income, develop a business that assured its stability and can generate enough wealth to retire without affecting your lifestyle. There are business concepts that have grown an average of 17% per year since 2007 during this time of crisis. Companies that promote health, beauty, nutrition and wellness products are which will keep this growth no matter the the magnitude of the crisis.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, icon of modern financial success, reads as follows: it is time that people start to worry about their own business. Having a job means that you get paid by worry about the business of others. In this new economy you get paid by worry about their own business. The Network Marketing industry that includes the marketing of networks, offers the advantage of residual income and leverage the effort of his team when they manage to duplicate the success of yours. This is one of the opportunities more serious generate wealth in times of crisis and that requires very little investment.

The Colon Free Zone

Around 2500 wholesalers are located in the Colon Free Zone. Every year 300 000 buyers from making bulk purchases in the free zone. They come from all over the world and especially the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States. Colon Free Zone generated USD $ 14 billion in imports and re-exports each year. The success of the “Zona Libre Panama” is due to a combination of factors such as Panama’s geographic location at the crossroads of the world, the Panama Canal, the fact that the U.S. dollar is legal tender, a huge banking center, a developed insurance and reinsurance industry, the high levels of development in container ports and not very onerous requirements of the business.

Free Zone in numbers: * Second largest Free Zone in the world. * More than 2,500 wholesalers. * 450 acres. * 300 000 guests a year. * 27,000 employees. * USD $ 14 billion in imports and re-exports each year. Strategic Location near the Panama Canal Companies in the Colon Free Zone purchase mainly from Asia and the Middle East.

For example, in 2004 Hong Kong was the largest supplier of Colon Free Zone. Other countries can be mentioned suppliers to Taiwan, U.S., Japan, Korea, France, Mexico, Italy, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Germany. Almost 90% of goods imported into the Free Zone in 2004 have their origin in these countries. Some of the countries of destination of exports from the Free Zone include the Republic of Colombia, which receives nearly 16 percent of exports from the Free Zone. Colombia, with Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, United States, Chile, Cuba, Honduras, Peru, Brazil, Nicaragua and El Salvador represent nearly 80% of exports from the Colon Free Zone. A strategic location for the future Colon Free Zone benefits from its exceptional location near the Panama Canal. * Each year, over 12,700 cargo ships crossing the Panama Canal. This traffic will increase with the expansion project, which will allow Post Panamax ships to cross the Channel. * With large warehouses and logistics solutions, established companies in the Free Zone also offers a wide range of logistics services and cargo to support the intense commercial activity of the Free Zone. In 2009, new projects of warehouses, offices and logistics facilities very modern, enabled the Colon Free Zone provide their users with cutting-edge infrastructure for an efficient business growth. To buy and sell wholesale, look. To find business opportunities.