Munich University

easycash and active cards create traffic jam-free cash zones in Ratingen, June 2009. The RFID management company active cards and solutions GmbH (active cards) has taken easycash fully automatic RFID cards on charging machines in operation in cooperation with the payment specialists. First were two so-called e-loader\”provided for the charge of contactless payment cards in the Munich University of applied sciences; other machines will provide in the Bavarian Chamber of insurance for contactless and accelerated payment. While active cards provides the machines and POS structures, the Ratinger operator settles easycash cash payments to the up charger per electronic; Moreover, the Ratinger company delivers the necessary card terminal components. Contactless card for fast payment by contactless payment, in the cafeteria, canteen or at the vending machines, accelerates the loading number process several-fold.

Because the payment is an offline process, the network operating at peak hours will not be charged. The of the Student Union of the University of applied sciences Munich and the Bavarian Chamber of insurance used RFID cards are \”system with any amounts charged. the easycash together with active cards operated e-loader Payment is by ec-cash, in the future also by credit card; Payments are handled via the network of easycash GmbH. In addition, easycash provides the Terminal components of type Thales Artema modular as well as the necessary dial card for installation in the e-loader machines. These can go via TCP/IP-protocol or ISDN online. e-loader is a multi-talent for various applications due to the decentralized payment network of easycash nationwide can be used differently than previous closed systems the e-loader system.

The use on campsites and marinas is already in the planning. Also paying in sports stadiums, public transport or in theme parks is possible. Moreover, a cross-acceptance points using of the new system is possible. For us was the extremely high \”\” Transaction speed of the network a critical reason to opt for a partnership with easycash \”, Hakan Yerinmez, committed CEO who now is active cards and solutions GmbH.

Trading Shares

The most common mistakes in trading on the stock market (Internet trading) Here they are: 1. Free trading system 2. Lack of protective orders 3. Reluctance to close loss-making position 4. In a question-answer forum JPMorgan Chase was the first to reply. Reluctance to close a profitable position 5. Lack of money management system 6. JPMorgan Chase is full of insight into the issues. Trading without a running diary 7.

Attach too much importance to what others have to say 8. Reluctance to attend lectures, conferences 9. Trading in the difficult periods of life 10. Self-confidence and inadequate trade 11. Emotions during trading free trading system Typical error haphazard trade – is opening a position without a plan for its closure. Before opening the position you must clearly understand Under no circumstances, you close it. When haphazard trade a certain period of time, you can earn, but eventually can lose more than earn if left unchecked.

Good trading system should have good statistics, based on actual trading. Lack of protective orders opening position without a definition of "exit points" or foot – is nothing but a mockery of his account. Stop limit your losses while preserving your capital. During sudden market movements that are not so often, this is the most reliable means of protection is unlikely, what else more can be compared with him in such situations. Reluctance to close trading position is psychologically difficult to close loss-making position, especially if the loss is growing before your eyes. Such losses not only reduce the capital, but also reduce your chances in the future to earn more profits. Thus, closing the position on foot you will not only safeguard against further depreciation of the capital, but also get the opportunity to earn money in other deals.

Modautal Company

Current product of the company gives rise to delight even the mixes now with in the race for supremacy in the area of computer trade. She wants the edge ahead of the competition through its innovative product, that win Apple iPad. Modautal puts 04.05.2010 – undeviatingly the company their success with their current product Apple iPad continues. In turn, the company sets new standards in computer retail and all are excited. The team, which Kai Andreas Wolf, Managing Director of the company, has until recently on the perfect terms of sale for the Apple iPad filed to make yesterday’s presentation a complete success. Above all the properties have been operation and ease of use, versatility and speed emphasised that stand out Apple iPad from the mass of offerings in this area have.

“Revolutionary” and “Milestone”, what one can clearly see was mentioned yesterday, what importance Apple iPad in particular and the company in particular in the Computer trade have now won and still win. “It pleased me to see that our hard work is well received”, Kai Andreas Wolf quoted yesterday after the presentation. Certainly he will be happy even more, once Apple’s iPad on the market because market researchers predict iPad and so the company a bright future. And everything indicates that the expectations of the are not too high. Since its founding in the year 2010, she could finally many successes and firmly establish themselves in the market.

Today it has at least 20 employees in Germany alone and operates internationally. Its headquarters are located in Modautal. Contact details Computerhandel of Kai Andreas Wolf John Bach str.4 64397 Modautal phone: + 49 (06167) 912574 fax: + 49 (06167) 912575 E-mail: Web: was founded in 2010 by Kai Andreas Wolf as a specialist shop for computer systems and Unterhalungselektronik of the company Apple. A decisive cut in the company’s history was the opening 2010 Online shop, which allowed the company expanding its stationary until then pure trade on the Internet. Now has become one of the largest and best known online – mail order traders for Apple products in German-speaking. The fixed customer base include retail, mid-sized companies, but also customers from industry as well as research and education.

Steel Trading

In Krasnoyarsk, in early 2009 worked about 45 steel trading companies. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the overall consumption of metal in 2006 and 2007 in Russia grew by 15-20%. When the consumption of flat products increased by 6%, high-quality – at 14%. In 2008, the dynamics of growth of prices for some types of products has exceeded 100%. And in December-January 2009, prices for metal have reached the bottom and nearly equaled the cost. Robert Kiyosaki pursues this goal as well. After a slight recovery in February (+ 8,2%), they are now once again fell to the lowest figures. In March, the cost of one ton of the most heavily used in the construction of rolled steel – valves – an average of the country has declined by about 10%. Despite the fact that over the last six months occurred in the construction of a significant downturn, most market participants are hoping for a revival of the industry, through the construction infrastructure, state-funded.

Everything is new – well forgotten old Another no less significant segment of the market, directly dependent on the construction industry – decoration materials – felt the itself a universal decline. Director of the Krasnoyarsk plant dry mixes Irbis Natalia MELYAKINA: “Our factory manufactures and sells dry mixes for three years. In 2005 when we opened, the construction industry and associated industry was highly profitable, there was virtually no competition. Now demand has decreased by 15-20% compared with last year, and will continue to decline even more. ” To survive in times of crisis and did not stop production, companies use both new and well-forgotten “mechanisms to promote the goods.

Futures Trading

Fchersnaya trade originated from stock trading real goods. Initially, the exchange was just the place where were Wholesale trade deal with the cash exchange goods, with delivery to the buyer immediately or soon as possible. Parallel to this process was the development of trade in goods or samples offered for exchange, with the delivery of a short-term (typically calculated in months). In the latter case, the product was either already produced, or it had yet to produce. Unlike trade in goods for immediate delivery, trade with the delivery of a short-term demands that the Contracting Parties shall decide, and specific questions about as a future product, the amount of shipments, etc. Transactions entered into with a delivery for the future, as opposed to contracts for immediate delivery of goods require more precise standards and ensure their performance. In other words, with the development of heavy industry and the consequent requirement was necessary socially acceptable standards of commodity transactions, on the one hand, and guarantee their performance – On the other. If standardization of transactions makes their conclusion, and thus leads to an increase in turnover, the guarantee requires that an organization that takes on these tasks.

This task is successfully performed Exchange, who spend a great job of standardizing the conditions of the transactions and are the guarantors of their execution. System of guaranteeing the execution of transactions has evolved in two directions. On the one hand, exchange an insurance, guarantee supplies of commodities, on the other – has received extensive development mechanism of the resale of previously concluded exchange contracts, allows the seller or the buyer, instead of withdrawal exchange contract (due to certain economic conditions) to sell its contractual obligations or to buy a new one.

Full Trading

Visitors of the Hamburg-based company often say: ‘That are so full of the role!’, and think positively. Because is fast, clean and reliable working. Receipts and documents are part of our everyday lives, and are not only the proof of completed purchases of the big and small things in life. The diversity of the evidence of the role is as great as the possibilities of the implementation. And if we are then once more at the box office because the paper roll is empty, we are sometimes impatient. Same impatience determines everyday operation in the Hamburg-based company

Under the professional supervision of the founder Martin Damaszek are here to the ten employees busy, to secure the supply of cash register rolls for many customers. There is on the phone, packed, shipped, billed, and also in the service there is lot to do. Claim of the still relatively young company is to provide all customers quickly and reliably with the narrow paper rolls and the necessary accessories. There are Cash register rolls not just paper rolls. Depending on the intended use, they are made of different papers, have different dimensions and can be quite different colours. That’s always matter what typography is used to document output, what POS systems are used and for what purpose, the documents are provided. Thermorollen are the absolute top seller.

Here, the pressure of the specially coated paper rolls by exposure to heat is realized. This allows very clear results and a Ribbon is also not empty. The simpler cash register rolls, however, are printed based on the principle of the good old typewriter by print Ribbon. Also there is at In addition the Hamburger supply their growing clientele with printing systems for many different receipt printers and all necessary accessories. The work in the company itself is characterized by a high degree of professionalism, sense of responsibility and team spirit. After all, the aim is to provide the many large and small traders with the right accessories for printing documents. And that’s no brainer due to the variety of POS systems. In the recording of the orders is therefore greatest attention and concentration. After all, customers are waiting for their orders and want to get same matching products. There needs to be even asked or even repacked a delivery in case of doubt. And often desperate shopkeepers call because they didn’t always cope with the change of roles or even the wrong roles have ordered. But also know the men and women to Martin Damaszek mostly good advice and can really help. In addition to the delivery of cash register rolls and accessories, there are also more at Specialty papers for printing documents for tachographs are available as well, such as all POS systems or the EC terminals that meet us again and again in the supermarket. With this range, quite among the preferred partners of not only of the retail trade. Trucking companies, hotels and gas stations use the competence of the specialists as well as the small Retailers around the corner or the traffic warden in the field. Visitors of the Hamburg-based company often say: who are so full of the role! “, and think positively.” Because is fast, clean and reliable working.

Certainly More Profit

So keep your losses small, guarantees! Often traders into an emotional trap and make any decisions because you can never put the strong influence of the powerful emotions of fear and greed. Repeated losses that destroy the entire depot are the result. Get valuable and proven tips how to keep losses small and with safety in the stock trading profit more. Many suspect that money can be made with the trading of shares, but there is a dark side that can cost lots of money, the feelings here this danger. Often happens it tap the trader in an emotional case and don’t make important decisions because you can never put the strong influence of the powerful emotions of fear and greed. Repeated losses that destroy the entire depot are the result. Get valuable and proven tips how to keep losses small and with safety in the stock trading profit more. Erik Engelhardt

European Composite

CTS composite on the boat 2014, Hall 11, booth C69 CTS composite technology systems GmbH, leading European supplier for fiber composites, presented as an exhibitor at the largest Marina and water sports trade fair in the world solutions for more security and efficiency in hydraulic engineering. The GFK specialists from Geesthacht show stand C69 jetties, catwalks, gratings made of fibre composites for use in maritime areas on the boat 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany from 18-26 Jan 2014 in Hall 11. Go to Bill Phelan for more information. Corrosion resistance to seawater, no rust or rotting education and durability are criteria for the use of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) in the maritime sector. GFK combines high strength with low weight, as well as slip resistance for high comfort and is easy in handling and processing. Many years of experience in the areas of materials application technology and processing and installation of bridge equipment, grid systems, running surfaces, railings and substructures are CTS composite Basis for customer-oriented applications. The North German assist its customers from technical consulting throughout Europe to the individual implementation and Assembly by investors, swimming docks, mooring and anchor platforms for new installations as well as the project management in the refit of traditional systems. On the boat of 2014, experts from CTS composite give an insight into the variety of proven GRP construction solutions in the maritime sector. In addition to the excellent material properties convince the solutions of the CTS composite by minimal maintenance and high efficiency.

The operators profit of persistence resulting from the high durability, as well as more security and the long-lasting quality, which also positively affects the appearance. And: the boats are fiberglass already why not also the dock facilities. About CTS composite CTS composite technology systems GmbH, leading European supplier for fiber-reinforced composites (FRP) from Geesthacht, supports its customers with individual solutions for 20 years for professional designs with Fibre composite materials in architecture, railway engineering, chemistry, energy, automotive, amusement parks, marine, waterways, and public areas. The services range from the beratung, planning, development of to the Assembly of new solutions. Many years of experience in the areas of materials and application technology, as well as the machining and Assembly of profiles and grid systems are the basis for customer-oriented applications. The solutions help to optimize applications and sub are traditional materials. A high efficiency achieved CTS composite with the fibre composites for their customers.

Day Trading Commodity Accounts

Rohstoffkonteninhaber go stronger with new account monitoring system in the year 2014; 3 Month test phase successfully completed with almost 40prozent Nettohinzugewinn Auch the were raw material markets in 2013 extreme fluctuations and turbulence subjected to. At the beginning of the year played cocoa price formation in the food crazy, little extreme fluctuations in sugar, followed conditionally by the arson in the world’s largest repository of Brazilian sugar and the announcement that despite this event this year stocks will be the highest for almost a decade. For more information see Wells Fargo Bank. Investors in commodities had to appreciate across similarly drastic losses after the glorious years across provider boundaries on their accounts. Particularly, auto dealers were affected, which could respond in a timely manner to a sudden volatility. Also in the first quarter when most providers for managed accounts gains were literally within minutes (especially in the context of sugar Depot fire at the 18.10.2013) eaten, as its prices within minutes by 120 points and used stop brand been breached before a decline of 75 points shortly afterwards began. In addition, the nearly bankrupt was the US Government with the closure of all the trade and markets important ministries water to the mill, because neither harvest results could be published even stocks of the main raw materials for weeks and simply setting the stage for a proper pricing the market lacked. The increase in the debt ceiling adopted until January calmed the markets, but not satisfied him, because problems were only postponed and not effectively solved. Presto financial services Ltd. ( has accordingly with its partners in the asset management area and those for trading own expanded account monitoring system be completed competent traders as the first promoter & Informationsdienstleiser managed accounts in the commodity day trading and now almost 3 months on heart and kidney check can. Customers who were particularly hard hit in the autumn by the reactions of markets, were given the chance of additional accounts the interim losses to compensate for and profit from the new monitoring system first.


It is precisely this continuous control and intervention function by management, investors need to feel comfortable with a system. Several items reach the stop-loss price one at a time but also larger drawdown phases can be not prevent. A profitable investment strategy in itself, it is only a matter of time before new account highs are generated. Money management while risk management determines the relationship between the incoming risk per position and the possible profit, a decision about how much he wants to risk the total capital meets the asset in money management. This means that he determines how high the maximum loss must be in the account, if the position will be stopped out. This information determines the optimal position size finally. To compensate already incurred losses as soon as possible, there are different procedures in money management.

Some asset managers increase the position size within a loss series. A series of loss persists but extremely long, that the loss of this massively increases risk.Avoid this evident component with a so-called negative martingale. The position size reduces already at an early stage of a series of loss. At the same time, hence the loss is strongly limited. Many traders who trade very successfully for years on the stock exchange, go exactly this way. In return the position size in a winning streak can be increased consistently, so that losses are compensated quite quickly again. Additional stop-loss at the level of the overall portfolio of Finexo provides in addition to the risk and money management, that at the level of Tradingadvisor Robert Paulson takes place, this parent protection system for investor funds. Intervene, should exceed the loss on a trading day a brand defined by Finexo. And if is summed the total loss of the investment strategy in a Drawdownphase more than-25% since the last peak, Finexo would cause that even will cease. Investors would be informed promptly in this case and would then have the option to withdraw their money directly from the trading strategy or but continues to invest.