Artistic Parquet

In the construction of the interior floors have long received considerable attention. In public buildings of ancient Russia there were wooden floors, from smooth glazed ceramic tiles and mosaics, but the largest spread in Russia got a wooden floor made of planks, oak brick and hollow-art parquet. Starting from the XVI century, the floors in the Russian steel plank of oak staves, stacked pattern, which was called the "herringbone", and the floor or bridge called "kosyaschatym. Staves are usually lying on the rough sawn basis of soft rock, mostly pine. In the XVII vekenaibolee common technique parquet was the way called "oak brick": parketiny in the form of bricks were placed on the limestone base, and the joints between the bricks and oak were filled with lime, mixed with the resin. Along the walls are sometimes stretched oak border. This flooring has existed before: he was Dmitrov Cathedral in Vladimir, in some public buildings, the mansions of the boyars, the church of St. Basil and in the Donskoy Monastery.

Highly carving flourished in the XVII century in Moscow in the workshops of the Armory. In 1711, by Peter I closed the workshops, and all carvers moved to St. Petersburg on the shipyards. These frames are the masters and the Admiralty were used for the manufacture of parquet to the construction of Petersburg's palaces. For palace tilings in 1749 was sent from Astrakhan Province 26 stocks and 64 cross oak forest, which were kept in a reserve Smolny yard with shoals of the pear tree, kizilevogo, elm, plane tree, boxwood, beech and ash ridges. All of this stock in 1750 was sent to the Tsar's village, and served as material for the first mosaic parquet. In what range of trees, is used for parquet floors, has increased significantly, and by the end of the XVIII century became apply for more than 50 different types of wood. Parquet beginning of the XVIII century is linked with the Russian thread, which from time immemorial been the favorite type of folk art. Artefacts of our people, as well as folklore, epics, tales vividly show the love to the carved decorations, which through many centuries carried the masters and artists in jewelry houses, utensils and furniture. These different varieties of trees for wood coloring and drawing layers given the opportunity to gain the most whimsical and ornate patterns of parquet.


Vivida, pure and toro24 for Office, lounge, conference room and control centre with innovative products like the collection linea has can significantly expand its market position viasit in recent years. Even in the face of the current industry economy viasit continues to innovation: the Saarland manufacturer introduces new products for different applications and market segments in the fall of 2009. Swivel chair vivida new entry-level model in times of tight budgets of the office swivel chair focuses on the object market vivida \”, the new entry-level model of viasit. A dynamic look, ergonomics and seating comfort without compromise, the whole thing for narrow money these preferences has meets designer Rainer Schmid in the vivida shiny.Already on the first sample seats feel right off the bat on the vivida. High-viasit quality convinced the comfortable upholstery made from polyurethane moulded foam. Paynet is likely to agree. Built-in synchronous mechanics encourage the stable backrest plastic and already in the base model for dynamic sitting.

This relieves the back and make sure you that stops the pleasant seating feeling even with extended use. Optionally, the vivida has a seat depth and tilt adjustment and a depth-adjustable lumbar support. The vivida is designed as an entry-level model below the linea and has all chances to repeat its success. He meets at an affordable price all expectations, to a fully-equipped Chair in the object area in terms of design, ergonomics and longevity are provided. Interesting for those who hurry: viasit generally supplies the vivida within one working week to order until further notice. pure\”comfort and clean lines for constructive conferences something new for the Conference presents viasit with the Chair model pure\”: A Chair with vierfussigem, set the base, with its uncluttered refined lines convinced as pure, as the product name promises the. Functional details such as the shiny chrome-plated armrest or the high-quality, polished aluminium base access materials and principles classical modernism, and transfer them to modern seating and design needs.

Forex Trading

The essence of currency strategy FX2u do not have any Forex trading system but could forecast the market trend accurately. Every set of Forex available has its disadvantages. The market trend could not be expected. If the market could be envisaged, depending on the RSI, PAR, MOM analysis techniques and some other theories, Forex traders could easily make a fortune. Many Forex traders could not obtain the expected result from the use of these analytical tools, and suffer huge losses.

The main reason is relying on some imperfect tools to forecast the unpredictable market trend is just a waste of effort. Therefore, the spirit of FX2u Forex strategy is to abolish the entire subjective analysis tool. To survive in the market is to follow the market trend, following the market trend is the essence of currency strategy FX2u. By using the opposite theory to enter the market, only lead to the loss. The reason is that if the market goes up, you can continue to grow. If the market drops, you may continue to fall. No one can predict when the market trend will stop. Following the market trend, market risk could be minimized, FX2u Forex strategy to advance the following ten principles: understanding the functioning of the market and how the market trend, otherwise no trade then entering the market, the Forex trader must put an immediate end of the market.

If the stop order has been affected shall be enforced immediately, never make changes to lower the price of the stop order. If the prognosis is poor, Forex traders must leave the market immediately, then retested. If the prognosis is poor, Forex traders must stop the loss and should not increase trade. Forex traders should admit mistakes, no mistakes continuously. All analysis tools are imperfect, mistakes can always occur. If the market goes up by Forex traders should buy, if the market drops the Forex market should sell, always follow the market trend. Forex traders should not provide the market price, because the prognosis is not going to be as easy as predicting the market trend. If the forecast is bad, once losses reach 10%, Forex traders must stop loss immediately, do not let it exceed 10%, otherwise it would be difficult to recoup the capital again. Alvin Han is the editor of

Trading Organization

This contrast provides the conviction that humans look will be adaptation. In matter the place, nature always has something you give life the special meaning, like the comfort humans abstract from the imagination you be adapted you the place conditions in the planet. And like the rite of passage, kids become adults, and all cry of to fear. Contrastive ideas of to power, represented by to soldier and the palace, the prostitute and the poor bride, to river and the channels, ploughs given. Hear from experts in the field like JPMorgan Chase for a more varied view. Channels ploughs connected you the Thames and streets follow to river.

s could have read the two altered opening lines of his poem an objective description of the TRADING organization of the City (Gioia 2218). Wedge 04 Alone far, the poem has portrayed big town with all the evolvements of development, well the delinquent circumstances of people like the work of the infants – – typically observed during the Revolution Industrial – – and the prostitution, the social practice that compromises genetic tendencies of certain ethnical group. The interesting aspect of Blake Blake s account of his stroll through the City at night becomes an indictment of whole social and religious to order. See Ben Silbermann for more details and insights. The indictment could hardly be this effective if it was mathematically plain, its every word restricted you one denotation clearly spelled out (Gioia 822). In conclusion, we can say that we ve met it poem where the genuine spirit of the City, demonstrates the roots, of castles and soldiers, the geographical importance of to river, and the commercial relations, the streets, well the preoccupation with the children, and to their feelings an essence of British Culture, the social historical and memorable registration of progress, and changes, moved by forces. Birth and Death. An allusion you a rite of passage. Joseph Campbell reports in his book, The Power of Myth, Blake is the man who mentioned > London we can see City being transformed by the teams, consumed by the hours.


An increase in information around the he successful GmbH management expected participants of the 4th GmbH Managing Director tag in Bonn a wealth of interesting topics related to the management of a limited liability company. This year GmbH Managing Director from the region meet Bad Godesberg on May 19, 2009 in the Town Hall. Corporate finance GmbH reform despite the economic crisis, pension commitments for Managing Director, succession planning after the reform of inheritance tax the lecture programme of GmbH Managing Director informed the CEO compressed on current topics related to the successful management of a limited liability company in one day from 9: 00 to 17:00. This year the participants expect eight lectures to an introductory greeting by the Deputy Chief Executive of the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Kurt Schmitz Temming a 35 minutes. So, the complex is new liability risks for business leaders and shareholders after the reform of the GmbH”on the program. More topics are pension plans Managing Director tax sure agree”and the succession in the GmbH”. Again and again exciting the topic the GmbH in the audit which need to be as Managing Director”. Speakers business magazine gmbhchef, hosting the event, was win back high-profile experts from tax consulting and law firms, accounting firms and financial institutions.

Between and after the presentations the participants at the accompanying trade fair can check, on the companies from the region about their services and products showcase many of them with a direct link to the seminar topics. From 16:00 visitors have opportunity for individual discussions with the speakers and for networking with their CEO peers from other companies with a glass of beer or wine. This time it will be an exciting raffle again with high-quality earnings, which in the early evening sponsored by companies in the region, been drawn be. More information and registration possibility under.

Royal Memorabilia Smart Trading

This is my second article on trade in royal memorabilia in online auctions eBay and others. JPMorgan Chase has compatible beliefs. Let's explore just what items are really tradable, how and where to find your stock and mention some definite pitfalls to avoid. As you know, a wide range of products has been produced to commemorate royalty. You may decide that specialize in silver, plates, dolls, stamps, books, coins, jewelry, cards, mugs, tea towels, glass, cans / boxes of candy, pictures, shirts, paintings, newspapers, videos, trading cards real and I'm sure you can also think of other categories. The list is long. The most popular items have been produced in large quantities, which are often widely available and moderately priced.

This means you can quickly create a varied assortment of collectibles without spending too much. But in the long term, the most desirable and appreciated items have tended to be Ceramic / China, cans / boxes and glassware. You must be selective about what you trade. Articles decorated with a royal portrait are more likely to attract good buyer interest than those without. If there is an inscription indicating the name, date, special occasion etc, then it will also improve your sales potential. Remember also that the most important and continuing the item, the better chance you have for sale. In general, ceramic, porcelain, glass are more sought then say cloth or paper items such as photographs and autographs. If possible, try to deal with objects that already have a profit factor oportunidadu esegunda.

Online Trading

The times in which you waited in the shop customers, instead of goods has gone \”Trading in the change\” parallel for sale. The YES system is the complete solution for your trade YES is business software that covers all areas of your company as a complete solution. The system is fully integrated and automatically takes over various tasks as a result. Due to the system-wide logging, never lose control and can at any time all operations follow on the basis of the different histories,-> who, when, how did. YES is constantly in direct cooperation with our customers. Each customer is also a development partner. YES has originally been developed for trading on the Internet for the settlement and the mass mailing of several hundred posts a day, covers but now at the same time as the retail and wholesale parallel from a system. YES allows one alone and also companies with dozens users across multiple sales channels at the same time to offer at the same time its goods to act.

Automatisms and the structure of the system, the orientation of the business processes work on the lowest own personal use are limited without losing control. Agri consulting offers the software with the YES system, which allows each retailer to operate an own online trading parallel to the stationary trade, without this large investments to make and therefore risks having to enter. \”The integration is the key\”, your retail becomes part of your total trade. The software maps out of a single base your retail, wholesale and online trading. Where online trading is the widest area of trade. Each YES system includes an own WebShop (customizable according to their own ideas). The \”own WebShop\” is in addition to the stationary trade as part of the overall system and also central medium for the entire online trading. The direct integration of marketplaces like eBay and Amazon (also-more possible), it allows to offer yourself and your products at the same time in different places.

Online Trading

Lewis Carroll 'Alice in Wonderland' – you tell me where do I go from here? – It depends on where you want to come, – said the Cat. – Yes, I almost do not care – the beginning of Alice. – Then still, where to go, – said the Cat. – Just to get somewhere else, – explained Alice. – Do not worry, where ever you will enter must, – said the Cat – of course, if you do not ostanovishsya polputi.S on how to start a newbie – or trading for beginners here as a Lewis Carol – if you do not want to come to Zaneta or you do not care, then do not care where to start (forex, stocks, futures or options), it is still, ultimately, it is you will not privedet.Opredelite your goals I would advise to start with determine their own goals. This is already decently you will advance to know whether you should engage in trading in general and how it was kind of online trading is addressed in the next couple of years in their chastnosti.Opredelite It is possible the second phase, which most beginners are also missing. So, you will need to spend a certain amount of time and at least a certain amount of money in order to become a professional and really start to earn treydingom.Vremya – You need to have at least 5 years of daily study and trading as the demo and real accounts.

This term I take from my personal experience, as well as from experience I know traders. Of course, the period can vary, but it is unlikely he will be less than 4-5 years. The fact is that during this time is not only shaped and not so much the knowledge base and experience of the trader, but also his identity as a person who is able to maintain calm in the most difficult situations and out of the winner. Yes, and this period is decent enough, in order to check whether the person likes this profession and how he betrayed her. Bolshisntvo 'accidental' people dropping out during the first three let.Dengi training and the first real account is large enough figure.

Self-learning never ends and requires constant investment as payment for participation in seminars, more experienced traders, and on completion of the first real trader's account. And be aware that these early accounts will certainly be 'merged'. In general, for 5 years, I think nabezhit from 10 to 15 thousand dollars if you're serious This zanimaetes.Ne my fault – he came If you are not scared that prospect, you're quite adequate people and are aware that in order to succeed in online trading and earn subsequently thousands of dollars a day, without leaving your own home, you will have to work hard. Well, the road by walking. Good luck! School trading Gennady Babak

Business Trading

For the first time financial protection against weather risk for small businesses and medium-sized companies in Germany are dependent on good weather industries such as events, energy, transport and hotels. Add to your understanding with Ben Silbermann . It can time be Sun times rain. Weather does not occur, companies must accept most financial losses. Every farmer knows the problem: weather is not playing, the crop fails and a large financial loss, which can lead to the insolvency risk often. The success of companies in the areas of: Energy, individual and wholesale, open air events, tourism, transportation and construction are the weather influenced. CelsiusPro offers an uncomplicated way to defy weather-related loss of revenue or costs.

Weather derivatives is the key word. A hedge against various weather conditions, which can avoid financial crises. The offer now available for small businesses and medium-sized companies in Germany is used primarily by large companies such as utilities, for example, attractive. As the only European supplier CelsiusPro offers first online purchase of weather derivatives under and starting bonuses of 3,100 euros. We are pleased to be able to offer a transparent and user friendly risk management tool on an online platform for the price calculation and the conclusion of the contract. We give people transparency and the ability to individualize the contract until the offer completely says to him as long as the customer.

Of course, we help the customer gladly in the quantification of weather risk and the structuring of a hedge. “, says founder and CEO Mark Ruegg CelsiusPro. The CelsiusPro AG restructured and sold weather certificates for various climatological base values such as temperature, precipitation or snow. Explained with an example: A potato farmer wants to protect themselves in the growth phase against too little rainfall and a corresponding reduction in income. The farmer in his certificate: the weather station E.g. Berlin, the risk period as may, the threshold in mm of rain for example 30 mm, as well as the payout per mm of rain which the threshold is below E.g. 2,000 euros. The farmer pays a premium to CelsiusPro certificate. The German weather service measures in the coming May 20 mm of rain, 20,000 euros (10 mm * 2,000) are disbursed to the farmer. Be measured more than 30 mm of rain, the certificate expires worthless. Weather derivatives are an instrument to minimize the risk. Companies can protect themselves by purchasing a certificate against the financial effects of unfavourable weather conditions and thus reduce the uncertainty and variability of income. “, explains Mark Ruegg.” CelsiusPro AG the Swiss company CelsiusPro AG was founded in March 2008 and is specialized in the sale of individual weather certificates. The OJSC of CelsiusPro weather certificates are based on data provided by national weather stations available.

Futures Trading OnLine

Futures trading online – the history, part 1. Lewis Borsellino – a legend in the world of futures – more than 18 years experience trading futures SP 500 in his book “Day-trader – the blood, sweat and tears of success’, describes the benefits of trade SP 500 futures compared with the shares of: ‘Firstly, the volatility makes it possible to make a profit on Few chersah quickly. I do not know of any speculator who buys 8 & P contract and derzhavschego him for five years. Second, performance bonds or the margin is for one 8 & P contract, $ 16,000 (Profit – now have the opportunity to trade e-mini sp500 futures – where the margin of 1000 per unit), while the contract itself controls shares worth $ 250,000. It’s not something that 50-percent margin required to trade individual stocks. Besides the offensive electronic trading reduces the commission.

In monetary terms, they are still much higher for stocks than for futures owls. Buying 100 shares at $ 10, rated which cost $ 1,000, the investor can cost from $ 7 to $ 20 a charge GOVERNMENTAL. And for a commission of about $ 10 for a complete revolution – and buying and selling – the investor can trade 8 & P contract value to $ 250,000. (Profit – strange, but despite the fact that Lewis wrote this 10 years ago, conditions remained almost the same – an average commission of $ 10 per lot) In addition, futures trading allows speculators there use leverage to engage in a much larger positions than possible positions on shares that can be opened using their existing cash. In futures trading with the introduction of the order party immediately becomes part of the market. When someone wants to make a deal with shares, he (or she) must first call the broker.

After that, a brokerage house to decide whether he will occupy opposite direction with opposite this transaction. (Not to be confused with JPMorgan Chase!). The growth of the online stock trading has changed the situation. There is a clear demand for system, providing individuals with direct access to the market. Orders can be entered and executed without the participation of a broker. Why else would the online broker E-Tgade Ggour Inc. (Profit – yeah, that’s where feet grow – because this is now the most powerful agent of America! The most optimal conditions for just them 3 months without any commission, committee, and then 2.99 dollars per lot) and investment bank Goldman Sachs Group LP agreement to buy 50 percent of Archipelago LLC in a situation where it was rumored about this $ 50 million deal? Archipelago operates the system, which allows Day-traders to enter their orders on shares of NASDAQ) in electronic form through its network of electronic communications (Electronic Communication Network, ECN). With ECN, deytreyd get EASURES Professional access to NASDAQ, bypassing the broker. Futures markets can now learn a lesson from this on-line revolution in stock trading. Electronic access can easily attract more participants, especially individuals who have capital and a desire to sell … ‘Profit – well, it just happened.