Movable Property

When using just the word “furniture” shall not included the money, credit, commercial paper, securities, jewelry, scientific or artistic collections, books, medals, weapons, apparel, horses or carriages and harness, grain stocks and commodities, or other things that have no main destination for furnishing rooms or jewelry, except the case that the context of the law or individual provision is clearly contrary. When Section 347 sale, bequest, gift or other provision is made reference to movable or immovable, is transferred possession or property with all that them are not included in the transmission means cash, securities, loans and shares whose papers are in the thing transferred, unless clearly stated the desire to extend the transmission to such values and rights. PART II. CHAPTER ONE property.

In general property Article 348 The property is the right to enjoy and dispose of a thing without other limitations than those established by law. The owner has an action against the holder and possessor of the thing to claim it. See art. 33.1 and 2 of the EC and the STC 149/1.991, July 4 (BOE of 29 July), on the social function of property and scope. Article 349 No person shall be deprived of his property except by competent authority for cause of public utility, subject always appropriate compensation.

If precediere this requirement, the Judges shall protect and, where applicable, reimbursed in possession to the expropriated. See art. 33.3 of the EC. Article 350 The owner of land owns the surface and what is below it, and can make it works, plantations and excavations that suit you, saving the easements, and subject to the provisions of Mines and Water laws and police regulations.