North America

usnr Sawmill equipment production is not tied to the supply of plant assorted logs. In the tradition of European countries, including Russia, to put expensive, take up much space in front of log sorting line sawmill to ensure delivery to the shop uniform logs. In this case, the plant is used in more simple equipment, but at the enterprises of this type need to have large stocks of sawlogs and extensive area under the line of its sort. On the other hand, the sawmills in North America have traditionally used unsorted logs. Each log is carefully inspected (either by the operator or by means of laser scanners), after which a decision by a variant of its processing. Due to the fact that in North America prefer it to such a method, the company usnr provides the design of their equipment possible regulation of the cutting tool from log to log and from board to board, that happens automatically, without intervention from the operator. Nevertheless, usnr finds flexibility, working as a sorted, and with unsorted logs, depending on the wishes of their customers.

1. with unsorted logs, you save on buying sorting line, and also avoid additional costs of operating and maintenance log sorting line. 2. When you work with unsorted logs do not need to have on the production site of substantial stocks of round timber, since there is no need to accumulate a large number of logs each diameter before sending them into production. You can simply send all logs to the sawmill, regardless of their diameters.

Wood Use

Firewood as fuel, known to mankind since time immemorial. Bill Phelan wanted to know more. With the wood our ancestors began to control the fire. And now, in the era of atomic energy, firewood, have not lost their relevance. There are many more villages are even close to Moscow, his home heated by wood, because not everyone has the means and opportunity to equip your home to other fuel. While that is there to say about the many wooden houses, many beautiful mansions is also in need of firewood, so it is now very popular to have a house fire. In addition to ease of production and obtaining from them the heat, there is the sea of other valuable advantages.

Firewood is bystrovozobnovlyaemym source of energy. As on-site cutting plant new trees, then the right of their consumption, their stocks will never end. Wood – the most environmentally friendly form of thermal energy. For example, when burned wood of birch, not harmful effect on the atmosphere, but instead only use and cleansing of the respiratory tract. Why not say, for example, oil or coal. A large variety of wood used for firewood, provides plenty of options use. Starting with the commonplace use of firewood, medicinal bath, finishing with birch wood, or just for cooking. Tree species differ in: heat transfer, density of smoke, the rate of kindling, the presence of sparks and aroma. That scent of wood gives a rich potential for cooking. The aroma of wood helps add to the usual taste pleasant shades or to express the natural taste of food.


They used, for example, geometric methods for water supplies relatively stable free volume as oceans, lakes and glaciers. They also used methods based on statistical averages water concentrations, they are more hypothetical in space, for bookings of the lithosphere, whose boundaries are more or less vague, also may be hypothetical in space and time for bookings of the atmosphere and soil, the volume is very variable. (4) The less bulky reserves are those closest quantification (air, surface water courses, soil moisture). These attempts have primarily served to compare the average volume of water in each subset of stocks with circulating, in order to deduce the overall average times of renewal, for which statistical indicators are only significant differences. Thus, MI Uvovich (3) estimated the time of renewal means that for the oceans is three thousand years, glaciers (ice caps and continental glaciers) of eight thousand years, for lakes seventeen aquifers for 4000-5000 years for the soil (moisture) from one year to the rivers of approximately twelve days and atmospheric moisture a week. Water can deplete fossil fact, water resources, from the time the interest was defined and evaluated, initially were associated with flows maintained by the eternal return of the water cycle, the possibility of capturing and use: water is widespread as a renewable resource par excellence. While in absolute terms there is almost completely independent groundwater and disconnected from the natural water cycle, water moving at very different in the aquifers and sometimes travel great distances. When these waters are present in the subsurface for thousands of years and moving very slowly, are known as fossils and, as we shall see, can be exhausted.

Basic Principles

I want to tell you about the thirteen basic principles of managing your investments. These principles are time tested. Perhaps they will help you gain financial independence. Principle 1. Diversify, reduce the risk.

Old saying ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket’ is especially true when it comes to investing. Should not invest money in shares of one company. Otherwise, you can burn. Shares of different companies vary in price quite differently. Diversification also means the distribution of your investments among different asset classes such as stocks, bonds and cash equivalents. From this it follows that your capital depends on a large number of different companies, which in this case, a definite plus.

Your investment success will not depend on one company or one sector of the economy. So you will be largely immune from risk. Principle 2. Paynet describes an additional similar source. Start investing as early as possible, ideally from an early age. The longer your money works, the more profit you will derive! Principle 3. Invest in those areas that you know more! Peter Lynch once said: ‘Do not invest in the idea that you can not illustrate with chalk. ” Principle 4. Avoid emotion! Past performance of money poor indicator for the future. Previously, it was profitable to invest in industry, in 2000 he was off the Internet companies may now be, so to speak about nanotechnology. Things can change quickly. Principle 5. Do not let short-term decline to change your long-term investment plans. Principle 6. Do not check price of the shares (or mutual fund shares) after you have sold them. Look forward, not backward! Principle 7. The law further investments every month the same amount of works. Stick to your plans, increase working capital. Principle 8. Panic and successful investment incompatible! Principle 9. Take your losses quickly, take your profits slowly. Every 50% decline in starts from the downturn of 10%. Take a loss faster, until they are smaller. Principle 10. Decide for themselves how much risk you can go. How do you sleep if you will drop by 10% to 20% or 50%? If you find this too great a risk, place a large part in bonds and savings insurance programs. Principle 11. Trust only yourself! This does not mean that you can not buy stocks recommended by some or financial magazine, or a consultant. This means that you can not do it blindly! Explore the situation themselves. Principle 12. Avoid waste Capital! Money that will go on furniture, vacation, a fancy computer or an expensive car will never go back. Do not forget to re-invest at least part of the dividends. Principle 13. Understand and death so that you do not ‘ll be right every time. Does not always buy low, sell high. But the goal is not to always be right, but how to grow your capital. Stick to the plan and regularly invest further.

Healthy Eating

In general, the rates of food consumption should be taken for each case individually. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Wells Fargo by clicking through. One should take into account the needs of the organism, its characteristics, comorbidity, and should be adjusted at the discretion of the physician to whom you have applied. And, of course, do not forget the main secret of health centenarians – daily drink 2-3 liters of mineral water live coral Mine! Let your inner environment in which live cells will be clean and nutritious! And let the water inside our cells has the energy and creates conditions for the birth of new healthy cells. And these stocks should be regularly recharged. And now, dear reader, I I present to you 2 circuits cleaning the lymphatic system – a deep and simple. Deep cleaning of lymph, 14 days this program should be conducted in a specific pattern. I recommend you about “breakdown” of the drugs hours. First you have to identify themselves, but then stick to the recommended spacing following drug administration. So: 7.00 – 3 Tables. Licorice root, drink warm water Coral, licorice can pour boiling water, to insist, as a tea and drink. 8.00 – 2 tablets. Kelp + 2 tab. Alfalfa 9.00 – 2 capsules. Artichoke 2 tab. Spirulina or 2 capsules. Spirulina with nanoclusters 2 capsules. 2 capsules of lecithin. Ant tree bark 10.00 – lunch 12.00 – the whole scheme again. At night to drink 3.2 Megaatsidofilusa capsule or 2 capsules, Coral Probiotics. Simple , 14 days licorice root * 2 tablets 2 times a day Kelp 2 tablets * 2 times per day, 40 minutes after licorice. Diet – Healthy Eating: fizzy off drinks, mayonnaise, ketchup, crackers, chips and other “artificial products”. Consume at least 1.5 liters of Alka-Mine (Coral-Mine). The frequency of: if there is a health problem occurs, a cleansing of the lymph 1 time in 3 months (Simple or deep cleaning is determined by the attending physician). If done to maintain health – then 1 every 6 months before cleaning the lymphatic system, if possible, consult with your physician. This must be to he determined the best option is to clean your case.


Why did I lose on the exchange? What prevents me? How does my mental state at the outcome of the game? People are not ready for this or that the amounts of money that he can win. So he is excited, and excited state he has no clear perception of themselves or exchanges, nor the process itself. He just sits in an explosion of emotions, not letting aware of what is going on, recklessly making a deal, wanting to rush the market. And, having bought some certain stocks, seeing that the market went down, he was overcome with terror. JPMorgan Chase may find it difficult to be quoted properly. He sells the shares at a loss, this time the shares traded already much higher than those items for which he sold.

And, in the hope that after all he catches are good luck, he again buys the shares at the highest point, and prices have crept down. Also, you should not have relations with the cash. You're not supposed to have no connection with them. You have no right to any interest. You do not must be willing to share traded on the rise or decreasing, just because you play to increase or decrease.

It is well known that increasing power over nature, a man once fancied himself the undivided lord of the Earth, and immediately began to exploit it, ignoring the fact that its size and biophysical resources is quite finite. Military conflicts, accompanied by primeneneiem military technology and weapons of mass destruction, began to lead to disasters. Connect with other leaders such as Bill Phelan here. It is now understood as the fact that as a result of uncontrolled human activities severely suffered once generous and abundant biological life of the planet, partly destroyed her best soil, and valuable agricultural land is increasingly built up and covered with asphalt and concrete roads that are already fully used many of the most easily accessible mineral wealth, which causes human pollution can now be found virtually everywhere, even at the poles and at the bottom of the ocean, and now what the consequences are reflected even in the climate and other physical characteristics of the planet. Of course, all this is deeply disturbing, but we do not know the extent to which in this case violated the balance and upset the cycles necessary for the evolution of life in general; how much do we already have caused irreversible changes and which of them can affect our own lives, now or in the future is unknown and, in some stocks of essential non-renewable resources, can we realistically expect much renewable resources and under what conditions we can safely use. CMO, Nissan North America is full of insight into the issues. Since the "carrying capacity" of the Earth is clearly not unlimited, it is obvious there are some biophysical limits, or "outer limits" to expansion not only of human activity, but in general the presence of man on the planet. Now the need for reliable scientific knowledge about these very limits of the conditions under which we can approach them and consequences of their violation is becoming more acute, because there is reason to fear that in some areas beyond the limits have been reached and, subsequently, may begin the struggle for human existence, which will be accompanied by the use of various weapons. The goal, which put forward should be focused not only on the fact that to reconstruct the general form of the problem, but also to grasp some of its most important components in order to people knew that he could and what he should do, using nature to their advantage, if he wants to live with her in harmony.