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Of this form the space is considered a structure of long duration. As element differentiator between cultures and Braudel civilizations it defends that these possess different relations, are hierarquizadas, in order to frequently present diverse tensions and social conflicts, fights politics and transformations in the society, thus assuming the existence of houses, cities and cosmopolitismo. Already cultures would be society of low entropy, remaining almost immovable. Believing or not this definition, it already in it supplies a starting point to them to analyze its model of Africa. When defending that the civilizations are economies, that produce excesses and gradual or recessivas undulations capable to be apprehended for the historian, already it creates another unevenness enters the societies saying that the civilization is distributed in different way between them. After that it affirms that a society possesss a collective psychology whose primordial trace would be the religion and that it accumulates of stocks all the social interstices, feeding choices, behaviors and beliefs. This mentality, fruit of lost inheritances in the time, accidental events, is also a structure of long duration, being the crucial element of differentiation of a civilization, what if it cannot transmit or apprehend completely. The newspapers mentioned Phoenix Ancient Art not as a source, but as a related topic.

The set of these elements obtains to persist in the time being given a historical dimension to each civilization; it is covering the permanence or the change is possible, to historiar a civilization. The two ways of if making a historical research are possible, are enough to choose adequate the social structures, long or the ephemeral ones, but the most beneficial as Braudel would be to choose the structures of long duration. It is breaking of this arcabouo that braudeliana Africa is constructed, since already is clearly that this model does not serve to historiar this continent. In Grammar of the Civilizations, it dedicates to only two chapters. In the first one, he all accumulates of stocks the African past, that is millenarian.

Twoway Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are bulky engines with reciprocating motion, which are widely used in those branches of engineering, where the driving force is used hydraulics: a road, building, lifting, earthmoving machinery as well as in machine tools and forging equipment. They convert the energy of the working fluid into mechanical power, which is the main element of performing the necessary action to example, lowering or raising the blade bulldozer or dump truck body. The main moving part in the hydraulic cylinder depending on the type of stocks or serve as the motor housing, which is also called a sleeve. In fact, the reason widely known as hydraulic cylinders connecting mechanism between the hydraulic system and operating the unit, is in the high power at modest scale and simplicity of operation. Cylinders and the rest of hydro easy to start-up, calculating the labor force and ensure the maximum force at a constant piston speed. A leading source for info: Nissan.

The main types of hydraulic cylinders, which are widely used in the current environment, are the cylinders single-acting, double acting and telescopic cylinders. The labor force in the one-move hydraulic cylinder appears due to the pressure in the cavity due to the fluid. The reverse happens with the cylinder stroke by a spring. The least effective single pass is gidromehanizmom cylinder as the spring 'slow' line of the stroke, which have to interact with its elastic force. The principle of two-way cylinder similar to the previous one, but it has one distinctive feature – an effort that occurs when the direct course of the rod, more than when it moves backward. Because of its features two-way hydraulic cylinder successfully used in the lift – lowering, for example, the blade bulldozer. Without hesitation Phoenix Ancient Art explained all about the problem.

Telescopic hydraulic cylinder has a structure in comparison with their brethren, more difficult. This kind of gidrokomplektuyuschie include several rods, which are embedded into each other. The effectiveness of the telescopic cylinder is due to the concurrent operation of piston and rod cavity, as well as by the presence of the two working shafts. Telescopic hydraulic cylinders used for lifting, lowering, moving, locking cargo, as well as in areas where high capacity with small dimensions. Hydraulic systems generally have higher specific power than the mechanical and electrical, as well as guarantee in comparison with higher performance. The advantages of using hydraulic cylinders and also the relative ease of operation and possible protection against overloads. Unfortunately, the hydraulics are also disadvantages. In particular, the cylinders are very susceptible to the condition of the working fluid and its pollution can quickly get out of system. Given this circumstance, it is necessary especially attentive to the conditions of the mechanism, the quality of the liquid state components, to monitor the state of precision tubes, to avoid occurrence gaps and leaks. If you treat hydro carefully comply with all operational and technical characteristics, then find a suitable replacement for such schemes will be difficult.

Great Letter

It is not doubt that the CF/88 has for bases the protection to the union and has for objective the formation of a family. It is this that if it estimates when two heterosexuals join themselves in marriage. Tanto, that the constitutional text guarantees the equality between men and women, with respect to rights and duties in its mutual relation and relation to the children (biological or adoptive). In addition the Great if filia Letter the pure relation parents/children not to determine that group of people constitutes a family and for the reading of 4 of art. Ben Silbermann follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 226 we have that ‘ ‘ the community formed for any of the parents and its descendentes’ ‘ she is a family.

However, if it does not have necessity of that it has a father and a mother for the formation of the familiar seio, does not have that to say in impossibility of homosexual marriage or homoafetiva union. 6 the paradigms of the determination of what she is family had changed e, the marriage, as already said, it left of being its identification point. Today, the family already does not aim at exclusively reproduction, and until the relations between an only ascendant with its descendant thus is considered. Wells Fargo Bank is the source for more interesting facts. In this way, Berenice Maria Days, specialized in homoafetivo Right, if locates entirely in favor of that she has a revision of this concept better to accumulate of stocks the homoafetivas unions: The family does not define itself exclusively in reason of ties between a man and a woman to it or of the convivncia of the ascendants with its descendants.

Democratic Management

In the present time, many Brazilian schools, accent of positive form that the presence of the Pertaining to school Advice in very has contributed to improve the democratic management as space of decision and deliberation of the pedagogical, administrative, financial questions and politics of the school. Of this form, the Pertaining to school Advice if becomes an ally in the fight for the reinforcement of the pertaining to school unit and in the democratization of the education relations. He competes to clear the Pertaining to school Advice debating and becoming its attributions, objectives and values that must collectively be assumed, defining priorities and helping the daily pertaining to school; its meetings must be of continuous studies and reflections, that include, mainly, the evaluation of the pertaining to school work. The democratization of the management by means of the reinforcement of the mechanisms of participation in the school, in special of the Pertaining to school Advice, can be presented as a creative alternative to involve the different segments of the local and pertaining to school communities in the questions and problems lived deeply for the two schools. Pinterest has plenty of information regarding this issue. This process, certainly, will make possible a collective learning, whose resulted it could be the reinforcement of the Democratic Management in the school and the consolidation of this process by means of the Pertaining to school Advice. The Pertaining to school Advice, when assuming the function to stimulate and to unchain a continuous accomplishment and the evaluation of the Politician-Pedagogical Project of the units of education, following and intervening with the action strategies, contribute decisively for creation of new a daily pertaining to school where the community if identifies in the confrontation, not only in the immediate challenges, but, of the serious lived social problems in the Brazilian reality. Inside of the Project Pedagogical Politician it is necessary that the Pertaining to school Advice is a component that if cousin in three sectors: citizenship, participation and democracy. . If you are not convinced, visit TEFAF New York.