Although metals hot welding is the most common method to join metals, often not there is indispensable welders or specific tools to carry them out. Another option are the glues or mastics, safe and easy to handle, with which it is possible to make solid joints is the so-called cold welding does not apply heat in some metals, like the pewter and lead, since they melt at very low temperatures. In addition, the torch damage the patina of many metal objects. Glues and putties, which substituted provisionally or definitively to welding heat can be used to repair them. The most useful are described below. Resin adhesives epoxy.

They consist of two elements which have to be mixed so that the welding hardens. When applied, can be covered with a plastic or a piece of aluminum foil so they don’t drip. They make very strong joints. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. Stick metal in a few seconds. They are suitable for repairing small surfaces.

Synthetic fillers consist of adhesive and a hardener, mixing equal parts with fingers to make a dough intended to fill cracks, cracks or defects in welding. Harden in cold, even with water, so it is also used to fix pipes and joints to pressure. If you add them metallic powders, improves the finish, although some already include them. How to glue two pieces of metal surfaces must be clean of rust, paint and grease. It is a break, not whether sanding the edges so the union conceals better. Mix and apply the adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and strengthen the union with tape or masking tape while adhesive dries. Repair holes and cracks in metal with epoxy resins synthetic putties parts are suitable to cover holes; they have the advantage of can be colored with pigment according to the tonality of the piece of metal. On the assumption that it is not easy to manipulate the PuTTY will be necessary to add kaolin to favour its denseness. You need to first plug the holes in one of the sides with plasticine, tape or clay that can serve as support to the implementation of the PuTTY. Apply the PuTTY with a putty knife, waits for it hardens and is then polished to smooth the surface. Indicate if you want to repair a valuable item, it is advisable to leave it in specialized hands since a misapplication of these products can cause irreversible damage to the workpiece. However, it is never more to consult a manual of appropriate for this DIY.