This norm requires that the organization: it establishes one appropriate ambient politics; it identifies the raised ambient aspects of the step of the organization, activities products and services existing or planned of form to determine the significance of the ambient impacts; it identifies the applicable legal requirements; it identifies priorities and it has adjusted to the objectives and appropriate ambient goals; it establishes the structure and programs to implement the politics, to reach the objectives and to find the goals; it facilitates the planning, it has controlled, monitoramento, corrective and preventive actions, auditorship and revises the activities to assure that as much the politics is in compliance with how much the system of ambient management remains appropriate, and either capable of if adapting the changes of circumstances (Queiroz, 2007). The first step in the implantation of the SGA is the sensitization and commitment of the high direction of the company, as well as the motivation of importance and benefits that this type of management can bring in the future (Matos, 2009). For Matos (2009) from Moreira (2006), the main motivations an organization to adopt a System of Ambient Management can be the requirement on the part of a significant customer or the matrix; I appeal marketing to keep or to extend markets (mainly the International); perspectives of profits for the institucional image; pressures of the community (reinvidicaes, claims, movements, manifestations for the media, legal actions proceeding from the community or ONG? s); possibility of reduction of wastefulnesses and costs of ambient controls; interest in stimulated financings; guarantee of the fulfilment of the environmental laws; perception of the world-wide trends. ISO 14001 (2004) defines the principles and lines of direction for implantation of a System of Ambient Management of form to search the maintenance and continuous improvement in the ambient control of the process. This procedure is suggested for the related norm, as diagram to follow: Figure 1: Model of System of the Ambient Management for Norm ISO 14001:2004 Source: 14001 ISO This norm are based on the methodology knowledge as PDCA (To plan, To develop, To check and To act). . Further details can be found at Wells Fargo Bank, an internet resource.