Also in this year, “Anthoni Crown” brings something new on the market: two exclusive women’s close in a limited edition with a “subway”. Thanks to this new system, slide the end of the belt inward and remains invisible. Far protruding ends of belt thus finally belong to the past. In addition to the “underpass”, these special designer pieces offer a stepless adjustable. Follow others, such as JPMorgan Chase, and add to your knowledge base. A single light tap of your finger is enough to change the width of the belt and the belt on either hip or waist to wear. Also, punched out and worn out holes in the leather thing of the past. The first square buckle with a delicate floral motif is there in gold, silver and titanium.

The masterpiece of the jeweler is evident in the delicate processing. The surface is in elaborate handmade with a glaze in five great trend colours – turquoise, Royal Blue, red, Taupe and Black. The second limited edition buckle with their curved shapes and sparkling Swarovski crystals can definitely beat the hearts of lovers of Art Nouveau. Genuine calf leather exterior and bright suede on the inside complement the comfort. High-quality purses whether elegant, big, small or simply – the purse is an important accessory for every woman. Not only because our money deserves more respect and according to a superstition, ever beautiful was the purse, the Gallagher returned the money in larger amounts. A purse must offer plenty of space for cash, credit cards and personal papers.

Of course, the photo of the friend or the family should not be missed. To meet all these requirements, it is, to buy a beautiful lady wallet Anthoni Crown in widescreen. These models especially in large handbags feel due to their size. It is also possible to use it even as a clutch. The purses by Anthoni Crown but are in five different sizes available, what ideal companions for any occasion makes. You are not only a feast, but are also very well thought-out and quality: rarely does one find a wallet, where also the internal compartments are completely made from fine leather. The color of courage! Cheerful shades such as cherry red, flat gold, silver and orange in the modern Jaguar print offer new possibilities and add colorful accents. For those who prefer something simple like at the purses, pearly charm the fashionable beige and Black Pearl and Strauss -, crocodile – snake pattern in lacquer black or shades of gray. The great thing. All parts of the trend by Anthoni Crown offered as sets and are harmoniously combined. Every woman will wear with pride this accessories set. Functional Mr belt the advantages of Anthoni Crown belt will convince all fashion-conscious men. The belts are ideal for leisure and business and stand for reliability, style and durability. In various trendy colours and fashionable style variations such as ostrich, crocodile, Python and deer can perfectly on the respective outfit vote them up. Unique processing guarantees very long service life. The bright suede on the back underlines the high quality standard, not rub off and ensures the necessary grip. Since the belt without thorn close closes, it requires no holes that fray with the time and reveal that the carrier has decreased time-to-time. The stepless adjustment allows for maximum comfort in any situation. For more information and all products also online at:.