A great historian devoted a lifetime to the study and recording of history from the beginning of civilization. Hear other arguments on the topic with Satya Nadella. He was questioned —” What was the most important thing you learned by studying in his life, all events most significant historical? ” I reply promptly — “The more obscure, the stars come” While your situation is difficult, an unemployed person must not be positioned as a victim. These days no one hires someone who needs help to fend for himself. The basic idea is to see unemployment as a permanent state but as a process of transition. And if the relocation strategy works for the better. What should you do? Decide: Do you want to relocate? or Do you want to form their own business.? a. – remount. Then do this: 1 .- Define Organize job search in which you want to work, taking into account your interests, knowledge, skills and experience.

2 .- Define where 2.1.-job search using different alternatives: Employment Exchanges the state, private employment agencies, consulting firms, cooperatives, and because Internet 2.2.-Media: Find out the days you can report in newspapers. 2.3 .- Personal Networking: The idea is to communicate openly with your friends and acquaintances who are looking for employment to inform them turn to their own contacts. 3 Make a Curriculum Vitae .- it hits. 4 .- To know the stages of a recruitment process 5 .- Learn how to manage evaluations: Evaluations seek to know if you present the characteristics required for the position so that the answers are neither right nor wrong. 6 .- Learn to handle a job interview b. – Want to be your own boss?. Then you should consider this: 1 .- Make a personal analysis of their strengths and weaknesses 2 .- Determine what is good? 3 .- Analyze the market. 4 .- Prepare a business plan (otherwise known as you can study the issue) 5 .- Study the basic elements of marketing, and sales costs. Finally: The important thing is that we look up to us how each situation ….. “How we respond to it.” Author’s website: