Lobastov "buses for Russia. The Chinese are twisted to the Russians lights from their buses. Chinese manufacturer of passenger buses, the company 'Shuchi', began to fight for the Russian market in Europe 'for sale' and 'sale' for sale buses. Lightweight liners with a characteristic tapered cabin, and pronounced the windshield, giving a large radius Ferris, confidently go on tourist spaces of our country. Russian buyers like machines, despite the acknowledged stiffness of the loading compartment with an incomplete, attract low weight and therefore lower fuel consumption. True, it is for Russia vendors line the tourist and passenger Coach 'Shuchi' made some changes in the design of the machine: Replace 'outstanding' lights an unusual shape on the more familiar Russian passenger – the round.

However, its 'open', the result is due to several large windows, Buses still have not lost. Vendors of these machines, speaking about the advantages of 'large forehead' Chinese emphasize their affordability and safety. Keep in mind that shiny new machine in 2008 Assembly comes to a buyer at a price heavy b / y 'Europeans' (22 000 dollars). These buses are excellent show themselves to intra-tour routes from the ease of running, agility, and thanks to its small size (6 feet). Such machine is good at moving between the tourist centers of the famous paved highway. Funny looks bright coloring 'Shuchi' on passenger routes within the Russian cities that are not usually full of colors.