Art washes away the dust of everyday life of the soul, Stefan Stockfleht presents Pablo Picasso in collaboration with Galerie ART CRU Berlin the exhibition here at the border with 20 medium – and large-sized works on canvas. With his art gives us Stefan Stockfleht on his eventful life and opens a far piece of his soul. He painted since he was young and lived through many artistic phases. He feels his work as a constant flow, he changes techniques regularly, wants to further exploit his painterly oeuvre. Often, through he painted whole nights to complete images and compares himself to a hunter who can find no peace without made catching. Stock Fletcher found his workplace and home since 2005 in a social-therapeutic residential project (STW). There in the Maghrebi str at Pro seniors, art is an integral part of the work for years with mentally affected adult women and men in the age. 18 and about 60 years ago.

The overarching therapeutic objective of which is to promote personal development as well as the social participation ability. Art offers the opportunity to paint the node of the soul itself, making it a good building block on the way of life of Stefan Stockfleth. Now starting exhibition is an another mosaic of his life. Opening reception: Thursday, 06.06.2013, 19: 00 duration: 06 2013 13.07. 2013 / Tue-sat: 12 18: 00 venue: Gallery ART CRU Berlin, Oranienburger str. 27, d-10117 Berlin greeting: Barbara Friedrich Pro seniors gallery type CRU Berlin is since 2008 Berlin’s only Gallery of so-called outsider art. This term (“in 1972 by Roger Cardinal as a translation of the term in 1945 by the painter Jean Dubuffet Art Brut” introduced) referred to the art of people with mental disorders or intellectual disabilities.

The main objective of the Gallery is to minimize the distance between established art and outsider art. In addition, you should enable a network of artists and the associated scene. Located in the art farm in the Oranienburger Strasse, brings the gallery works by people with disabilities not only in the art scene, but also visible to the public. The non-profit Gallery ART CRU Berlin is the Association PS-art Berlin (various psychosocial support network) with the family-run tips from Alexandra von Gersdorff-Bultmann and her son of Nikolaj Bultmann.