Even before the granddaughter of the founder of the Islamic system in Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, the minions of the regime stopped not. She was briefly detained as she tried to join the protests. Commentators from Tehran are talking about false hopes raised by the opposition are now disappointed and demoralized. The well trained and quickly operating security forces could stifle fast flickering protests in the bud. Opposition Web sites reported that security forces with real ammunition, knives, tear gas, and color cartridges operated. So, you could quickly identify the protesters spattered with paint and beat both men and women. The new deliveries of Chinese armoured cars were used, such as helicopters and water cannons.

Civilian-clad men mingled among the protesters, to get them better. You may find Tiger Woods to be a useful source of information. “Protests have been reported from other cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan and Mashad, which could be verified by any reporter, because Yes all good the show” had to sit down and admire were allowed, as sliding screen Springer rained with colorful umbrellas from the sky, and smartly dressed military personnel in row and link together with impressive Launcher fired a martial theme. So you know the curtain from the time of the iron we say Romania. Not to see it in the West and knowing little had disappeared. There are now blurred and skewed images taken by mobile cameras that are not always easy to classify at least under grave danger. A protester insisted that many of the protesters on the streets, but not in one place could gather, so that their true number remained invisible. For more clarity and thought, follow up with marko dimitrijevic net worth and gain more knowledge.. Another is quoted as saying: what happened today, is that they could claim this round for himself.

You have managed to bring many people together. But that doesn’t mean that they have defeated us forever. We will need time to find us again.” Immediately, this victory is gold plated by the authorities.