Scient. Proceedings. Vol 1: Problems and Prospects of contemporary Russian law (search for new ideas). Voronezh: Izd-vo Voronezh. Press, 1998.

P.56.). There is also the problem of the relation of bank secrecy with other kinds of secrets. AA Fatianov notes that on the one hand, banking secrecy – a special case of trade secrets, on the other – one of the faces ensure privacy, with a third – performs a protective function, providing the unavailability of financial position of businesses and individuals (Fatianov AA mystery as a social and legal phenomenon. Her views / / State of and pravo.1998. N6. P.12.). O. Oleinik said that, according to U.S.

experts, banking secrecy is related to 3 kinds pravotnosheny: between bank and client, between client and government, between government and the Bank (OA Oleinik Legal the problem of banking secrecy / Hawse-in and right. 1997. N6. P.134). Legal regulation of bank secrecy is being implemented regulations HA FZ "On Banks and Banking Activity in the RSFSR ', CC (Article 183), Art. 16 of the Customs Code, as well as a number of instructions of the Central Bank and tax authorities. It should be noted that between st.857 CC and Article 26 of the Federal Law 'On Banks …' There are a number of contradictions, which indicates AY Vikulin. (Vikulin AY bank secrecy as an object of legal regulation / / State of and right. 1998. N7. P.66.). In particular, the CC entity is obliged to keep secret, called the bank, whereas in the law – a credit institution in the GC, which relates to operations on the deposit, and the law – all of the operations.