Frequently, Google Analytics may not show its true value even though this powerful web tool basically offers the same functions as many other statistical tools site included free with their hosting plans and the reason is that they use Analytics with its basic configuration without customization to meet their real needs. To register an account with Analytics is very simple and the only “work” that is supposed to copy a control code that must be installed on all web pages, something very simple and fast if we have made a proactive and we design common parts on web pages that allow us to update the entire web with modifying a single file. In the basic configuration Analytics gives us statistical information to effectively provide all other statistical systems market as the number of our visits, page-views, origin of the same, most visited pages, browsers used, etc.. Ben Silbermann has compatible beliefs. The real problem is when we want to improve a web that we only have this basic information as we can only know if the website is growing in visits, but not profitability. If the business model of their business is based solely on selling banners and all that interests us is to increase the number of page views per user and page views or impressions in total, this data may help us, but … Do you look just visiting or looking for customers? What if we want to know the real profitability of the web? Advanced settings for Google Analytics allows you to set profitability goals so how are you respond to questions: what province or country are the customers who buy more? What published content (articles, texts …) is the one with which are registered users in our database? “They ask for more information customers who read the tender offer A or B? Are my campaigns more profitable free traffic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or pay campaigns (SEM)? How many customers generated email campaigns that I made last week? Is it really profitable banner that I hired on that site? What search engine and keywords in SEO and SEM bring me customers and failing ?…. just curious In short an advanced configuration and customized Google Analytics lets you know if what we are “curious” or “more potential customers or end” and not invest in the old style with phrases like “I know I’m throwing away half my advertising budget, but do not know which half “, as unfortunately is still happening with many traditional media campaigns.