Depending on the conditions of the region in which you dwell, must look for a type specific lawn so that it can deliver the best image according to the conditions of the place; so before cold weather is a species of grass which is should be resorted to the bermuda hybrid, type of grass which presents a high resistance to diversity of factors, but especially aimed at low temperatures resistance. A very important aspect to take into account in what relates to the bermuda hybrid, is that this species of plant more to be a species of grass, is a combination of different species, therefore it is inappropriate to say bermuda hybrid is a particular species of grass. So the bermuda hybrid is a mix of lawn that is acquired mixed before, which gives as a result a hybrid species of grass, which is very resistant. Among some of the species that make up the Bermuda hybrid, we can highlight the presence of the known species of cynodon dactylon and cynodon transvaalencis. This form of grass, compared with many other grass species, may be called as a lawn very recent, mostly within the Group of type lawns Bermuda that are on the market. It must be borne in mind that the bermuda hybrid, by having the quality of hybrid or combination – i.e. different species-, it is a type of grass which does not have the ability to reproduce, therefore its sterility leads to that the only way to get this grass, is resorting to a vegetative reproduction and not through the seeds as it is the case with most species of grass. Within some characteristics of the bermuda hybrid, highlights that it is a type of very dense grass, which provides a picture very nice to the place in which you sow, also presents a thin sheet, giving way to a soft surface and pleasant to the touch; It should be added that the surface is homogenous color featuring bermuda grass hybrid, is a nice dark green color, which with the aggressive growth and the dominant coverage creates a beautiful environment, you must add that when you successfully take a good body, he manages to acquire a great resistance to several factors, of which stands out the low temperatures and droughts, there saying that bermuda grass hybrid is ideal for various regions. It is important to say that the best conditions to which be exposed to lawn bermuda hybrid is to those resulting from the warm seasons, there is especially suitable for areas with a Mediterranean climate; do however this does not hinder him his presence in cold climates, since the loss of its usual colour is given if it is exposed to temperatures lower than 5? Celsius, keeping her life and waiting for a better temperature for regrowth, reaching resist up to 20? centigrade. Original author and source of the article