19). With the constant changes in the observed Brazilian economy in the last few decades, the agricultural producers search each time more, alternatives to increase its income. When a culture does not produce well is necessary to have other to cover the expenditures. In this in case that, to identify to which the best culture for the country property it is basic to add more income, and to support the agricultural producers in possible frustrations of harvests. In Brazil, the commercial maize is cultivated large-scale. But in recent years, it comes also growing the interest for the production of the maize candy (green), a variety very used for the production of tinned conserves and.

Ahead of this the maize candy (green) is presented as an income alternative. It is an originary plant of Central America, that presents a great capacity to adapt the diverse climates, being cultivated in practically all the agricultural regions of the world (MARIN, 2007, p.18). In such a way, it is justified accomplishment of this study, to supply given to the agricultural producer so that it knows to evaluate which is the best culture, maize candy (green) or advertising, to be cultivated in its property. One still perceives, that many agriculturists are unaware of the costs of production of these cultures and finish negotiating with lesser edges of profit. Ahead of this, it is basic a study of the economic performance of these cultures that are part of its activities. 2 THEORETICAL RECITAL In this chapter is boarded excellent theoretical questions considered for the study of the financial results of the maize-candy (green) and advertising. 2,1 AGRICULTURAL ADMINISTRATION the constant changes in the world-wide scene bring important consequences for the productive sectors, mainly for agriculture.