According to Article 66 of the Law of Ukraine "On Companies' total recognized such a society, where participants engaged in joint business activities and are jointly and severally liable for the obligations of society with all its assets. With respect to joint-stock company, according to Article 24 of the Law of Ukraine "On economic society '- a joint-stock company is recognized, which has an authorized fund is divided into a certain number of shares equal to par, and shall be liable for the obligations of only the Company's property. Based on the forms of ownership of assets and levels of autonomy Action, joint stock companies are divided into two types: 1) a public company, ie company whose shares can be distributed through open subscription and sale on the stock exchange (Article 25 of the Law of Ukraine 'On economic societies'), 2) closed joint stock company, ie company, whose shares are distributed between the founders and may not be distributed by subscription, bought and sold on the exchange. Closed company may be reorganized into open by registration of its shares in accordance with the legislation on securities and stock exchange, and changes to the company's charter (Article 25 of the Act Ukraine "On Business Associations"). In addition, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Business Associations", there is a limited liability company, additional liability companies and limited partnerships.

Company with limited liability company, which has a charter capital divided into shares whose size is determined by the constituent documents. Participants in the society have a responsibility within the their contributions. In the cases stipulated by the constituent documents, the participants have not fully made contributions, are responsible for yubovyazannyamy society and within the unpaid part of the contribution Article 50 of the Law of Ukraine 'On business associations'). The maximum amount of liability of the participants expected in the constituent documents (Article 65 of the Law of Ukraine "On Business Associations"). Limited company recognized a society in which together with one or more persons engaged on behalf of the public business and shall be liable for the obligations of society with all its assets, there are one or more participants liability is limited to contribution to the Company's property (investors) (Part One of Article 75 as amended by Law of 12.23.1997 769/97-VR).

If a limited partnership involves two or more members with full responsibility severally liable for the debts of the company (Article 75 of the Law of Ukraine "On Business Associations"). Thus, joint stock company (public company) is the first time link the foundation for creating integrated production and trade structures. Integrated production and trade structures. Generalized form of organizational and legal registration of integrated production structures torgoelnih is a corporation. The term 'corporation' in various countries differ in the interpretation of Drachev, Liebman, 2001. Since the law defines a corporation village on the following criteria: 1) a legal person, and 2) the form of ownership and the level of accountability in charter) capital – limited liability, and 3) an indefinite period of functioning, 4) free resale of shares; 5) centralized management of the corporation, which is vested in the garden of individuals and members of the board of the corporation. U.S. corporations may have a constitution that reflects the relationship between the corporation and pevnig "state, or between the corporation and its shareholders. On the Law of Ukraine "On Enterprises in Ukraine" corporation