The forums are virtual communities whose members have common characteristics, interests, tastes or hobbies in common. They are characterized for being a great source of learning and information on specific topics. Many users have access to them to solve problems. These forums can be used as one form of promotion, since through them you can demonstrate your expertise as a professional, and at the same time invite interested persons to receive more information. Since there are groups of the most diverse themes, you can go to very segmented audiences, among whom you begging which best suits your business. However, before launching you this type of promotion in forums, is necesariosaber act in this area, otherwise generate the opposite effect you want to achieve: rejection. In most of them, for example, is not tolerated explicit advertising nor indiscriminate, except those created expressly for that purpose. So your promotion should be more subtle.

Steps to follow to promote in forums * first as begging a forums site that has the widest possible audience. * Search the group or discussion that best suits your product or service. It must be updated, i.e. that this asset, with continuous new messages. * You must never make a direct sale in a forum; because that would be a mistake. Always you should first give quality information, which is useful to its members, to expose your level of knowledge. This will show you how you are expert on the subject, even if not so.

* At the end of your messages must always add your signature (at least your first name) and a link to your site. Ideally, make it an active link, although they are not allowed in some forums or they are not allowed after certain number of posted messages. * As an exception, it is possible to publicize your offer directly, always in when the topic is directly related to your products and your exposure is interesting for the community. In conclusion: promoting in forums is based mainly on providing quality information for exposing your knowledge and be seen as an expert. This positive image created is that will direct the qualified traffic to your site through the links that you will leave at the end of your messages. Through the forums not only you promocionaras and earn the trust of your potential customers, but you’re always up to date and constantly learn things of interest to your business. Even this source of study perhaps more important than use them as a means of promotion, even though perfectly both objectives can be achieved.