The first chapter could encourage in principle to begin to question everyday thinking. The second chapter brought the restructuring of pre-stamped thinking, followed by the development of alternatives and choices in theory in the model. Finally being the individually designable decisions could join it. Practical going on, especially from difficulties and how to overcome on the path to success was followed by the model. A plant, which is to congratulate the young author the benefits certainly each reader and stimulates discussion. field. Reviewer: Prof. Satya Nadella is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Dr.

Clemens Heidack, University of applied sciences Dusseldorf, Department of media more information and ordering: Albert Metzler alternative thinking from the alien chaos to its own structure ISBN-10: 393835805 X ISBN-13: 978-3938358054 BusinessVillage, Publisher of the economy, Gottingen thinking and/or on Amazon ordering! More information and contact the author: Albert Metzler. Inspiration Albert Metzler bestselling author, coach, coach and inspirator. Whether psychology, philosophy, management, design, art, General or recently also experimental film in all areas of Albert Metzler creative creativity of his self revealed. Admirably succeeds Albert Metzler, to transform his diverse insights and multidimensional observations in practical inspiration. With inexhaustible energy, Albert Metzler opened a look at the core of our da and called on the unique, universal self of man regardless of temporary trends. While the author inspired by its openness and its unique authenticity.

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