The human beings have been fascinated for the gold have thousand of years, for the way that never spot and for its original color. Unhappyly, the gold is useless in engineering terms, except for covering electric contacts, to guarantee that they never to spot and to lose its condutividade. The metal is very soft, with very low tensile strenght of a used being for very beyond necklaces and rings. As an investment, however, the gold is a completely different history. Why the people to buy gold? It has an intrinsic value zero. Fall of the prices of the gold and to go up, in accordance with great part of the fear degree that the people have on the future. When the war is imminent of the prices of the gold goes up.

When good the economic conditions are inflation, low and raised job tax, the prices of the gold to fall. In these conditions it has investments that they are, probably, goes to produce one better return of what holding bars of gold. The people buy gold, because they fear the inflation and fall of prices catastrophic parts that normally the war folloies and of the uncertainty politics. They buy gold, because they find that the gold will go to carry through its value. Historically the gold has some value, while the actions can all lose its value during the night. However, who purchase gold in the high price associated with the war almost certainly will go to lose money, when they vendem to an inferior price.

Conclusion – to buy gold when everybody is saying to invest in the shareholding market. Vender gold when the things are looking at sad and has many purchasers is there. If you to buy gold that you need to perceive that this investment has risk. The price of the gold will be able to fall. It can take years before you can vender its gold in a profit. Until recently, many countries had become illegal for the individuals to keep the bars of gold or gold. Individuals could buy gold currencies and other item however. The African South Krugerrand was brother-in-law to explore this chance and to very gain necessary verge for the country during the years of economic sanctions. Nowadays you can buy gold currencies, silver and platinum in many denominations, including Canada and sovereign dollars of U.S.A., crowns sterling and. As Vender Gold, Vender Gold