Suppose you have made a drug that cures 10 diseases within 2 weeks, daily intake of 1-2 tablets. For certain reasons, you do not have the right to assign value to such products a few thousand rubles, it's just one pack of tablets (10-20 pieces). Besides, at this price you buy this product the minimum number of people. Therefore, thinking people have decided: What if we need to reduce the cost of medicine and help people while making money, just need to specify all medications, and to abandon the complex therapy, so we can get from one medication (which treats the disease in 1910 cost of, say, 3 tr) as much as 10 unique drugs directed action (which treat a disease, and cost about 300 rubles). By Low price, total volume sold drugs, would be several tens of times more, think now about the difference in profits? Profit, money, material goods – rose to the forefront of manufacturers of medical products and because it is on their investments built the whole market today. Analyzing this conclusion suggests itself that treat people benefit, but for people to fully cured and become healthy there. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Hyundai. Think, if you buy the medicines that are for 1 year will make you a totally healthy, you will go again to the hospital? You'll fly you do not need pills? Would you recommend to friends ineffective drugs? of course not! Thus if a large proportion of the population will be healthier, it will suffer from this whole business was built on the medicine. To display the approximate sense of how big business built on people's health, presents the data figures are official figures, although the publication of which was not exposed to publicity, in 2008, the income of health facilities was more than 50 Billion usd (Dollars) only in providing services related to eye diseases, that is 50 billion cu only on operations in the eyes, vitamin sales, and consulting services. But this is the official data. Think how much your body organs, multiply their numbers for this figures for the official minimum income. Think if they really treated people and that was their goal, the income was so great? No, the point is, everyone is much more profitable to sell you pills, from which more harm than benefit to you to come again and again, and gave medical institutions all their money. That is so sad – but a realistic picture of prevailing in our society. The time has come for good news. If you do not want more spend their money in an empty, to be deceived by doctors to be healthy and strong, do not spend a lot of money, to be convinced that you do everything right, get permanent free specialist advice, and learn what it actually costs to treat your body, then you need to go to this page. Treat your body needs only a natural way. Remember: the best treatment – is prevention.