While this would imply an initial destruction of many industries which produce for the domestic market, increasing unemployment and reducing real wages and working conditions, eventually it was argued – a new accumulation of capital would be allowed. Oriented towards export and stabilizing the currency, Chile began to show an economic boom that wanted to be imitated by other Nations in the southern hemisphere. For critics of the liberalism it was hambrear the people for export. For monetarism in vogue, this was the only possibility to compete in the international market and developing countries in this way. The pinochetazo was one of the moments of greatest conflict between the two superpowers when both seemed to have reached the late seventies at a level of a tie. At the end of that decade the new Carter Administration was giving a shift toward sponsoring human rights as a way to undermine the Soviet bloc and give social base to new Governments applying adjustments economic in Latin America.

The military model imposed on September 11, 1973 in Chile was being shelved to sponsor the neo-liberal system which it had begun to encourage. The biggest victory of the event was that long run Warsaw Pact countries themselves would end up by giving up the system of planned economies and unique Communist parties regime, to embrace the capitalist market. Monetarism Pinochet would become a panacea for various circles in Moscow. On September 11, 2001 touched the United States receive an attack from the air. The symbols of their military and economic power were attacked. The CIA this time was not accused of organizing the coup, but not to have given account of it or, in the worst cases, leaving it spend to justify a militaristic race. On both dates from 1973 and 2001 American administrations were in the hands of hard Republicans. Bush son and Kissinger are those who today lead the trend Hawk within the ruling party proposing an immediate war against Iraq, Although many Republican leaders are dubious about whether it is suitable to embark on a military intervention without sufficient evidence or international support.