People have long since learned to use castor to its goals. The first extensive use of castor alternative medicine. Castoreum, it is completely biologically clean product and digested the body is almost 100%, with no side effects. Property castoreum to treat various diseases seen by man long before our era, but then the castor was not available to all mortals. It is because of their "special" properties of the beavers were ruthlessly destroyed. In the future, people other than medical characteristics castoreum found her yet and applications in the perfumery industry, as striker resistance smell. At present there is a synthetic formula striker smell and breathe a little freer beavers J.

In order to use the castor, it should be saved rather preserve. One way conservation is very similar to the one we use for their crops. Only the ingredients they are very different. It is the following. Castoreum placed in conditions that exclude the ingress of air, for example, flood concrete solution. Such a hard way to practice no one uses, the more conserved castoreum this way at least 3-4 months. The second method is the most common – the natural drying. This is not fast way in vivo castoreum dries hard to the state at least 4-6 months and sometimes more.

By itself, castor is not bad antiseptic, it is able to kill all disease-causing microbes, therefore, in principle, does not spoil. But the bad primary treatment may lead to changes in the properties castoreum not for the better. The remains of meat and fat left on the bags castoreum not desirable and before drying them be sure to remove it. You should not just forget that the bag is a protein tissue, which may also deteriorate. By this drying castoreum bags should be positioned so that they do not touch with each other. Official site: Philippe Lavertu. Drying castoreum with heaters and high temperatures are not desirable. The dependence of the therapeutic properties of the jet of conservation techniques are too little studied and applied in practice natural method of drying. Moreover, given that the castor has a rather strong specific smell, dry indoors is not always possible. Another way of preserving castoreum – is an alcoholic solution. If fresh castor dry is not possible, it can be put into solution in alcohol or vodka. In this case, after 2-4 months' imprisonment, "castor give her the nutrients solution and will famous beaver liquor on the jet. So you see, make a tincture castoreum is realistic and self at home. Suitable for the manufacture of brandy and dry castor, which before being placed in capacity should be crushed.