The pentecostais seitas, the spite of the reveses politicians, function the full vapor in Nicaragua. Costa Rica always was a species of open Zona Franca to the religions, over all for the multiplicity of transconfessionais organizations of the United States that make base in the country to act in Central America and the Caribbean, over all oldest, as ' ' Central office American Mission' ' (CAM) and ' ' Latin American Mission' ' (LAM), both with headquarters in San Jose since the first decades of this century. Other powerful faith missions, as ' ' Trans-Word Mission' ' , they give courses of preparation of missionaries for work in some Central American nations there, also centering the financial project of support to the diverse entities that operate in the region. Presently, 60 percent of the costarriquenhos protestants (about 8 percent of the population of the country) are pentecostais, sobressaindo it Church of God of the Evangelho Complete with, approximately, 250 houses of conjunct, the Assembly of God, with more than 200 and the Church of the Quadrangular Evangelho, also with more than 200 temples. Panama is the country that has the biggest number of protestants of Latin America, almost 14 percent of the population. This if must to the influence of the American occupation of the Zone of the Canal, in 1904, and to the immigration of black workers of the English islands Caribbean, already converted the Christian faith, during the time of that workmanship. But the pentecostais seitas, that already were 50 percent of the protestants of the country in 1965, had jumped for 71 percent 20 years later, with possibility to reach fast the 90 percent, due to immense force of its proselitismo. The Church of the Quadrangular Evangelho is strongest and keeps 300 houses of conjunct more than spread by the country, followed of the Assembly of God. Delcio bibliography Hunter of Rasp; The DEMONS GO DOWN OF the NORTE.1987 Francisco Alves.