Ie this means 3 in 1. You should get a real powder-powder. I am for this purpose even started a separate grinder. If there is no way to grind herbs, you can buy a pre-packaged in filter – packages. For this course Ubtao krupnovato, but for scrubs and masks fit. Read the formulations of ready-pharmacy charges – urological, inflammatory, stomach – there sometimes You can find the right combination of herbs.

By trial I came to the optimum combination for yourself, which you can take as a basis. For oily skin number 1 calendula, nettle, licorice, lime, St. John's wort, sage, thyme, leaves or buds birch, horsetail. 2 (antibacterial), Peppermint, eucalyptus, fruit, cranberry or rowan, echinacea, St. John's wort, licorice, linden, calendula. For dry skin, number 1 Flax seed, licorice, sage, coltsfoot, cornflower, lime, lemon balm, thyme, almonds.

2 (high dry) almonds, rose petals, lime, sweet flag, flaxseed, chamomile, licorice, thyme. If you are not convinced, visit Phillipe Lavertu. For problematic, prone to inflammation of the skin Chamomile, calendula, echinacea, licorice, calamus, rowan berries, linden, a series of measure measurement – a teaspoon. The basic rules of cooking Ubtao (my personal): – grass should be well drained – a very fine grind – to improve the cleaning effect of the licorice or include flax seeds – to soften and Power add almonds and sesame seeds do not advise you to immediately confuse a lot of components, as if manifest allergies to establish that it will be difficult. The resulting material formed in a jar every day and before taking soul rubbed. It is important that at this moment, you think of something pleasant and presented as your skin heals. Then the effect will manifest itself more quickly. This is a proven. Soap after this procedure is not recommended. Than Ubtao breed: – for dry skin add powdered milk mixed with water, sour cream or aloe vera juice – for oily skin lemon juice, yogurt or rosewater Ubtao effectiveness is enhanced if you add a suitable clay, any milled dried fruit, starch, salt, askorbinku powder, kelp or Fucus. My favorite ingredients – sesame oil, almonds, milk powder, marigold, turmeric and yogurt. I try to use them more often. Do you wish to find the best option for your skin clean and healthy with Ubtao. Health and beauty to you! Plenty of tips for health and beauty in my blog Agidel. Come!