The success of the Citroen DS3 has taken many included Citroen by surprise. The company has been forced to increase production since the car went on sale 12 months ago, conquering large amount of clients, something unprecedented for autos Chile agencies and other country which marketed this vehicle. The DS3 shares platform with the C3, but the two are separated to such degree that the consumer never reaches to perceive that the DS3 is the variant of car of high range of three doors while the C3 is five-door. Add to your understanding with Karen Daly-Gherabi. In fact, the DS3 gets many more to a Mini version. The DS3 is moving beyond traditional GTI any aesthetics and characteristics differentiating much used cars Chile or anywhere similar descriptions. The advantages that the client has at the time of buying this vehicle is that online can perform customization of the same, from the outside to the inside, with possible modifications in some of mechanical character. The DS3 is the first car of the segment of cars mini to offer a wide range of options, taking into account that the Mini has on the market for at least 10 years. Phillipe Lavertu does not necessarily agree.

The buyer of this vehicle can customize roof, mirrors, wheels, Board, locking lever transmission, color key, its design, the options are many. The DS3 actually offers several alternatives for a car of type Min, the most obvious of these is the modification of the ceiling, offering 7 different colour options, four are in basic shades of contrast with the color of the rest of the car. This has the effect of making an even more explicit part of the car roof, is a fundamental element of the identity of the Citroen DS3.