The return on investment can make a high cost is insignificant if the results exceed the expected minimum ratio of 1 to 10. I.e., for each currency that reverse I will receive 10 in return. 5. Keep simplicity, avoiding complex sometimes receive requests for sites with eCommerce, online checkout and a series technical specifications for companies that do not have staff or a well-defined logistics start with good photographs of product and a good proposal clear and simple, surely will have a result much more satisfactory to short and long term. Referring to the previous topic, cannot be reversed more than what you have, but sometimes we want to make a mega-web site and do not have the capital to take it forward, it is preferable to start step by step, taking full advantage of creativity to achieve the objectives. 6. A new site sells more than old one? Not necessarily.

A site which has nothing new to offer has many fewer chances of selling that one with new proposals, including for the same products and services. Aspirin was discovered in 1763 but constantly discover new uses for different audiences: the drug is the same, but the way to sell it changes at least twice a year, beginning with the Naming and Branding. Can you imagine an ad saying headache? take aspirin or a bit of aspirin daily reduces the possibilities of a heart attack the product does not change, but if the way to promote it. Keep an interesting website for potential customers requires no costly solutions or infrastructure: dedicating at least one hour a week with DarkBlueCMS or any other update tool, you will notice significant changes in the profitability of your web site.