Providing services assess the commercial real estate and chattels. U.S. mortgage crisis has forced U.S. banks not only have big losses, but also had a significant impact on the lending market in Russia, to be exact – made much more difficult to attract foreign loans to domestic banks, forcing them to increase lending rates and reducing mortgage programs. Analysis of the crisis has revealed some of the reasons that have had the resulting impact on the U.S. market mortgage-backed securities: an increase in the number of not very well-endowed borrowers risky loans because of excessive confidence in the reports of rating agencies, increasing the growth of mortgage decline in housing prices is mainly led to the bankruptcy of borrowers, as well as organizations and their lenders. However, such a default, like the U.S., according to some objective reasons are unlikely to happen in Russia, Yet he has much to teach all the participants of the mortgage market: both borrowers and lenders. It is about increasing the responsibility of investors and the credibility of the analysis conducted by the insurance and appraisal companies, because it provided records to insurance and credit risk assessment of medium-sized businesses account for the basis for issuing zayma.Otsenka profitable real estate or business carried out by appraisal companies, carried out to determine the financial viability customer definition of the loan – it's just a small part of the work undertaken by the evaluators.

The general case – valuation of business at its bankruptcy or liquidation of the company, reorganization, merger or division and allocation of subsidiary company, selling or buying. Sometimes the assessment of business and the recourse to such a company is necessary for the nationalization of enterprises, as well as upon redemption or Seizure of property owners in the state. Often, asset valuation and appraisal firm of securities held by insurance, the additional share issue corporatization of office when you need to set the amount of insurance premiums, as well as for forensic purposes. Business valuation – it is an analysis of financial and economic entity enterprise, the valuation of its assets and liabilities: Intangible assets, movable and immovable property, stocks, cash investments, debt. In addition, evaluation of business support market research, which has a company, its prospects and potential investor interest. The use of special techniques assessment and comprehensive approach to help come to a conclusion about the profitability, competitiveness, the present value of biznesa.Nelzya forget about one of the most common types of evaluation are – an assessment of income (Commercial) real estate – valuation of property rights. Rate profitable real estate need in making decisions about investments in real estate whose value is influenced by such phenomena such as inflation, economic, functional, and functional deterioration, fluctuation of the market (demand, supply). That is why an evaluation report of commercial real estate is a powerful tool for determining investment risks in the market kapitala.V Currently, the number of transactions with the companies (their actions) is growing by leaps and bounds, as well as increasing the number of calls to companies that are engaged in the evaluation real estate (apartments, cottages), securities, intellectual property, vehicles and much more. It is important to not only make the wrong choice.