The basic technique for the construction of buildings and structures can be provided extra. devices. Compressors also have their own additions. One such mechanism is complementary compressors – air receiver is (born receiver, letters. – The recipient). In essence, the receiver is the main tank, which is not difficult to notice. Some compressors distributed without the receiver.

Receiver is used to cluster the compressed air after the filing by the compressor. Also, one of its functions – it is the withdrawal of moisture and oil from compressed air. It can be fitted with pressure gauge for measuring air pressure in the tank, emergency air relief valve. Receivers must be checked after production quality. Check the pressure is higher than working for security reasons. One of the essential functions of the receiver – is the stabilization of pressure, non-appearance of the pulsations.

Then the air went out of the receiver to the consumer more smoother flow. Among other things, the compressor can be offered by the compressed air dryer. During compression, the air creates a condensate. A consequence of this need and drier air which depends on the price various reasons. Compressed air dryer through air cooling removes moisture from it. More dry gas is required, for example, in order to reduce rust, then at the objects that were not available and no condensation bred organisms. Purchase equipment from compressed air, such as a screw compressor Remez, possibly using web Market. Of course, correct to see the goods live and check it out. And among other things it would be cool know the characteristics of the equipment that will be required in order to not have to be content, for example, exorbitantly expensive and productive equipment or with the minuses. Moral: compare, try, ask, Watch, learn more about the modifications, warranty, quality, productivity, company name, how old she is, how easy it will then make a repair of the compressor and other necessary data.